Any thoughts on La Marina Urbanisation near Santa Pola Costa Blanca?

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08 Sep 2009 00:00 by Derby duck Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Hi all

Can anyone give an upto date opinion on the La Marina Urbanisation? I have been to the area and am considering buying there but have seen one or two really bad comments about it on various sites.  Does anyone actually live on the urbanisation who can give me an honest opinion? Am looking to buy a holiday home but with a possibility of moving out there in the next year or so. Is there much crime? do you feel safe?  Any comments would be great, coming in October to have a look again but it always helps to hear others comments. Thanks 


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08 Sep 2009 16:07 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1839 posts Send private message

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 Hi Derby Duck,

To be Honest, i am not a big fan of La Marina.

It is very big and predominantly an ex-pat urbanisation, with the large amounts of Brits in one place it tends to have a few problems associated with the UK.

If you like Bingo,Karaoke and fish and chips you will be fine.

In saying that, i do know a lot of people that love the place.

I suppose it depends on what you want from a home here, i would suggest a happy medium rather than leaning towards an area where there is a one Nation majority.

Hope that helps.

_______________________ still here after all these years!

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08 Sep 2009 16:12 by Derby duck Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Hi Georgia

Thanks for that info, what do you mean exactly when you say 'it tends to have a few problems associated with the UK.'?

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08 Sep 2009 16:54 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1839 posts Send private message

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 I have been told that ther are a few problems with Kids causing trouble at night,vandalism and anti social behaviour......i can't say i have witnessed it myself as i do not go up there at night.

I would imagine it is like most places,some good areas and some not so good........just not my cup of tea as they say...

_______________________ still here after all these years!

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08 Sep 2009 19:35 by Derby duck Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Thanks for th info, I'll bear it in mind. Anyone else have any comments?

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11 Sep 2009 11:21 by solostar Star rating in North Wales / Almora.... 101 posts Send private message

When you come over in October, if you have a car, drive around and look at the area. We have friends in La Marina who love it there, but to me it is just a very large housing estate. Our place is in Almoradi, which is near to La Marina, and about 10-15 mins from Guardamar on the coast. Almoradi is a  typically Spanish town, always plenty going on, it has a beautiful square which has a huge market around it every Saturday.There are plenty properties for sale here and in the surrounding areas so you can take your pick!

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11 Sep 2009 12:21 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 Hi Derby Duck, 

We have been on holiday to La Marina a few times. Although we enjoyed ourselves we found we had to use the car all the time. Parts of the resort are very hilly and some of the villas we stayed in were at the top of a steep hill, more suitable for a Goat. However, it does look a nice resort. We did find out of season it was too quiet. Being the only family in a restaurant was a bit too miserable.

We actually bought at the end of last year in Playa Flamenca. The resorts is very flat, you can walk to the beach and shops. There seems to a lot of English and Irish around although the development we bought on seems to have a good mix. The prices seemed much better for similar properties, ours is even in a gated community which seems very well run with modest charges. There is a whole host of restaurants nearby and always seems reasonably lively. Yes we are hooked and love the place. Even being so close to everything our development is very very quiet. Having had it for almost a year we would buy it again even with hindsight! 

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11 Sep 2009 13:47 by nigela Star rating. 417 posts Send private message

We have stayed on La Marina for several holidays and feel it is a really nice place.  Even in the height of the season the residential areas seam to be very peaceful.  Allthough it is veryt hilly in places this does give the advantage that many properties have excellent mountain and even sea views.  There are also several commercial centres.

When we were over in August we were quite surpreised at the number of Gerrmans and Spanish people there - there was a lower percentage of British people than I thought there would be.   I do agree that you do need a car - but then you probably do most places.

We felt that the area around La Marina is prettier than further south - it is nearer Aluicante and the North of Costa Blanca and also close to beaches which are not as busy as those further south.

We also feel the properties in La Marina are nicer that places like Almoradi and Guadamar - there are a lot of nice detached and quads whewre you dont have people above or beneath you. 

To a certain extent it really depends what you like and want - we didn't feel that La Marina was all " Bingo,Karaoke and fish and chips" - but I am sure if that is what you want that is there.  We found a lovely Spanish restaurant doing 3 course meals for 7 euros with views across to the mountains.  Occasionally they had a Spanish guitarist playing and singing in the evenings.



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11 Sep 2009 15:50 by Lauryc Star rating in Was South Devon .. n.... 520 posts Send private message

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I live a couple of miles from La Marina and can see the houses on the hill from my front door, in the distance.

We have ventured into the estate 3 times. The first for a nosy and the second two by accident. Got completely and utterly lost every time and now we avoid it at all costs.

I hope you're a very good navigator!  We went round in circles trying to find an exit to the estate for aaaages.





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12 Sep 2009 16:57 by mr.kevin Star rating in Costa Blanca. 189 posts Send private message

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La Marina is like Torrevieja, Quesada, Villamartin  and all the areas south of Torry. If you want Britain in Spain, go for it, you will not have to learn spanish and you can have all the things you have in the UK. I suppose it is good to get away from the rain and the MP's expense row but not real Spain.

Now, if you really want to come to Spain, head just a few kilometres inland, Almoradi, Albatera, Crevillente, Elche to name a few are very good real spanish places to live, yes, there may be crime as there is all over the world, but not like on the coast where the eastern europeans / morrocans will take the sugar out of your tea.

Just inland, you get lots more for your money when buying property, the best views, better deals in bars and and for meals, even Carrefour and Mercadona are cheaper.

Please avoid Catral and Dolores though, they have not sorted the dodgy houses there yet.

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12 Sep 2009 17:20 by vilprano Star rating. 56 posts Send private message


any thoughts on tabernas we are considering a cortijo just outside the town.

Any reports of neighbour problems etc.

Any info greatfully received.

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13 Sep 2009 11:04 by meggie Star rating in England. 114 posts Send private message

Mr your picture of the it yours or just a picture you like? have you managed to find a cortijo?  We have been looking for something to rent inland from the Costa Blanca coast for our Almoradi (thanks for the tip re Dolores, Mr Kevin).  We would love a small place (detached or semi) with Spanish neighbours, something with some outside space ie a garden rather than a terrace......and we can't find anything like this advertised.  It's beginning to look like we'll have to rent an apartment, which will be OK but not what we really want.  Is there anyone out there that has what we're looking for? Or is it only apartments that are left empty over the winter months when their owners are back in the UK?





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13 Sep 2009 12:25 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 What sort of period are you loking to rent for?

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13 Sep 2009 21:55 by meggie Star rating in England. 114 posts Send private message

It is our intention to spend the 6 months from 1st October to 31st March each year in Spain...and  this would have been the case this year.  However, this year we won't be there until we have sorted out Probate re the death of my husband's mother...but we are hoping to be in Spain by the end of October/beginning of November.  If we can find a place we really like, we would like to spend every winter there! 

Thanks for any help you can provide! 



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15 Sep 2009 14:37 by Derby duck Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Thanks for all your info on La Marina, looking forward to viewing the Urb. and will definitely be checking out the surrounding area as well. Still keeping an eye on this board so please add more comments if you have any. Thanks!

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17 Nov 2009 16:02 by televisiontechnology Star rating in Costa Blanca South. 165 posts Send private message

La Marina,

Very urbanised - has lots of shops and restaurants - Iceland, computers, Chinese, Indian and everything else inbetween.

Some parts of the urb are pleasant with park areas others - looking a little tired.


I'm sure you'll make your own mind up!



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21 Nov 2009 21:09 by coolrunner Star rating in la marina. 91 posts Send private message

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i live in la marina but im moving back to the uk in february for personal reasons but i wont be selling my house ,i will come back here as often as possible....i would advise anyone to move to la marina,their are very few problems here and i always fill safe if i go out at night

if you dont know where your going any road will get you their

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22 Nov 2009 18:36 by Sten46 Star rating in Hatton, Derbyshire &.... 246 posts Send private message

As Georgia says, La Marina urb is not really my cup of tea either - that said, a great market on a Thursday and we really love the beach there. We usually go down for a barbie on Christmas Day - unbeatable!

Derby duck - from your username, are you not too far away from me in the UK?

Meggie - if you are interested, drop me a pm and I will pass on the details of someone who may be able to help you with what you are looking for.

Hi again Laury - long time no see - hows things; settling in ok?





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22 Nov 2009 18:44 by coolrunner Star rating in la marina. 91 posts Send private message

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i live their ,and i know what its like ,

if you dont know where your going any road will get you their

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23 Nov 2009 20:22 by rowlandsbb Star rating in Gloucestershire &Hue.... 770 posts Send private message

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As everyone says it is a nice location if you want to be near the sea and all facilities and if you live here or have a holiday home then  everyone seems happy

Which as far as Spain is concerned is nice to hear in often all we hear is negative

My 50/50 location is Huercal Overa from Jan 2010 and the internet makes this possible for me  and a great way to start 2010 [ at my age!!]

Anyone thinking about 2010 being the time to buy something in Spain  then get in touch- we have CAM Bank reposs sales  in this area from 55K € for 1 bed 60K € 2 bed ...OK ,may not be prime location at this price but perhaps worth a look!

Also they will give 80% LTV mortgages to non residents and at Spanish mortgage rates that is very good !

Cam Bank have properties to sell on all Costas [ as you would expect] including the Islands-how about a 1 bed in Palma for 39K€! and for every budget

2010 looks like a more positive year for those of us who like the 'life style'!!!!!!!!!!!!

This loaction will always be popular

Why ?

Because for many it provides a very attractive life style   

This message was last edited by rowlandsbb on 23/11/2009.





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