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10 Feb 2011 1:33 PM:


I'm now in possession of an S1 in my name so I can get the healthcare. Thank goodness.

The S1 is the replacement for E106, E109, E121 and probably more for all I know. It's supposed to make life easier but has caused major problems with a catch all certificate.

Here's a link for you.


Hope it helps.



Thread: Does anyone know anything about the S1 ?

04 Feb 2011 4:58 PM:

Oh I just remembered something else.

We can vote via the internet. So perhaps the "turnout" figures won't be so crucial?

I was told this by my Spanish tutor's husband who works in the town council.


Thread: Padron

04 Feb 2011 4:56 PM:

Going back to the padron.

We registered at the town hall 3 1/2 years ago as we were advised to do so for the benefit of the council and the fact that we might need it.

When we bought a car, we needed an up to date print-out from the town hall to show that we were on the padron, to register the purchase.

Presumably, it's different down Andulucia way, but not up here in the Valencian Communidad.

We would have been snookered when we moved out here if we had no car, as we live in the Huerta..

Residency has never been a priority for us as it is not a legal EU requirement.  Although we will have to do it now for the health care, since the INSS requested it.



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Thread: Padron

04 Feb 2011 8:52 AM:

I know a lot of people who registered for health care in Orihuela without residency too.

In fact, on my previous visits, I was told to get an S1 for me and to bring passport, padron and NIE. No mention of residency until this last time.

I just think they move the goalposts.

Funny that you believe that residencia always came first. How would we have signed on Padron if that was the case?

The EHIC is okay for emergencies  but I have a long term problem and have been paying privately for medications, blood tests and doctor's appointments for over 2 years.

My husband is also in need of some blood tests and maybe an operation. He would prefer it here as there are too many bugs floating round the British hospitals.. and he could recuperate at home instead of a British hotel in an area we don't know. We have no base there.

We originally chose this area to move to, in part, because they gave free reciprocal health care. It was cancelled because the British government were bad payers.


Thread: Certificate of Registration of the EU

03 Feb 2011 10:27 PM:

We signed on the padron when we bought our house before it was reformed. We were advised to do this as it helps the town hall's funding. In those days, the residencia came after the padron. Now, I believe, it's the other way round.

I can easily go and get my certificate but my husband is away all week and has no time off until easter, at the end of April.

All his flights to and from work are booked up and paid for, for months.,



Thread: Certificate of Registration of the EU


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