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28 Oct 2016 14:23:

I personally don't have a problem with the function of the new smart meter as such, I have a Kw contract for 3.3Kw and cannot presently upgrade as Iberdrola distribution say the cables in the street are not big enough, that said, we rarely trip the IPC and cope quite well on 3.3Kw, . No, I am not infering the smart meter causes a fault on my electrical system floella, sorry if you misunderstood me.

Where we live is in the campo, we have reasonbly large plots and the meter being on the outside perimeter wall can be a fair distance from the house. I say this because the meter fitter told us the meter will not reset automatically because it is too far from the house?? puzzling. Any way, every one I know around here has to go out into the steet to press the reset button on the meter to get the power back on.

I agree the meter box should be locked up with a utilities lock, but a lot of the meter boxes around here no longer have a locking point or working hinges. One can get a utilites lock that Iberdrola and other suppliers hold keys for from a good ferretaria.

The fact remains though that some of us still need to reset these meters in the rain or not and have to access the meter box internals to do so. I am a retired electrical engineer, I know what I am doing but a lot of people are not aware that lethal voltages are present and easily accessable once inside the meter box.


Thread: The dangers of the new smart meters

27 Oct 2016 21:49:

Living here on the Costa Blanca for the last 10 years, we have become accustomed to living in a country that we like very much, but has a severely substandard electrical supply infrastructure. We quickly became used to the blackouts, the power restrictions, unstable supply etc. We just put it all down to the joys of living in Spain.

Now the electric companies are installing smart meters which on the face of it is a good thing seeing as the meters they are replacing sometime are that old they should be in a museum, probably totally inaccurate, unsafe and very easy for dodgy people to abuse.

Now, while I have no issues with modernizing the metering system, I do have issues with the safety issues which have manifested as a result.

Once you get used to the third world electrical supply system of Spain, you realize that you will probably be contracted to a miniscule kilowatt supply limit, in our case 3.3Kw but some as low as 1Kw. In the past this problem didn’t really effect most consumers as the old meters didn’t have a cut- off switch and most properties either didn’t have the dreaded ICP or it was bypassed.

The new meters now of course are set up for your contracted electrical supply, which on the face of it is okay because it makes you behave and abide by your contract restrictions.

My issue is with the dangers present when resetting the meter ICP when it has tripped and cut you off. When the smart meters were fitted in our area, stickers were placed on the meters boxes outside in the street informing you to turn off the main switch in the house when the ICP needs resetting, after 5-10 seconds the ICP will reset, well our meter ICP and anyone else’s in our area does not reset automatically, we all have to go out into the street open the meters box and press a button on the meter for it to reset. Our meter box has bare terminals with lethal voltages present where the cables enter the box, okay don’t touch them, but who is going to tell any odd kid in the street not to open these unlocked meter boxes and have a good old hair curling poke around.

The worst danger is though something else, it’s pouring down with rain (okay it doesn’t rain much in Spain) the power trips, you have to go out into the street, open a wet meter box door and touch live electrical equipment with wet hands.

Well done Iberdrola, have you never heard of Health and Safety.


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Thread: The dangers of the new smart meters

04 Mar 2015 11:31:

I know all the technical stuff, I was a electrician in my past life but don't claim to be in Spain. All I want to know is if anyone has come accress this new power shift item on the contract part of the E billing on the Iberdrola web site.

I have been in Spain for many years now and cannot believe the Spanish would make it easier to do anything to upgrade your supply.

There is a warning in the power shift section telling you it will cost more if you upgrade but nothing else.

Thread: Power shift with Iberdrola

04 Mar 2015 07:09:

It's a elecric heater I presume. You probably have a leak in the hot water system in the pipe going away from the heater. This will give you the impression of not having enough hot water as it is draining away and air can also be drawn into the system via the leak. A friend had this problem and your symptoms, it took a lot time to find the problem.

With the hot taps turned off, wait 30 minutes then hold the hot outlet pipe from the heater, it will cold if no leak and hot if you have one.

If you have a leak, call a Spanish plumber, they know where to look.


Good luck

Thread: air lock in water heater!

04 Mar 2015 06:59:

I was looking at my on line contract with Iberdrola the other day, I noticed a new section called "Power Shift", in the section your present contracted power is stated and it gives the impression that you can change your contracted power by inserting the required power in one of the boxes (ie, 3.3kw to 5.8kw etc). Has anyone done this and do you still need a bolletin.

Thread: Power shift with Iberdrola


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