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10 Feb 2020 8:17 PM:

Many years ago, we got credit-card sized laminated colour copies of our passports made at a local copisteria at a cost of 60cents each and carry these. (Renewed as and when passports were)

We were recommended this course by an ex-police officer from Mansfield who lived here (now no longer with us). He actually had his passport stolen just prior to returning and this card was accepted at Alicante and East Midlands airports.

Frankly, I would  be most unhappy about carrying an original passport all the time as one is too valuable to risk loss or theft uneccessarily.


Thread: Requirement to carry passport

18 Nov 2019 8:19 PM:

I have now done it twice; so many people have asked me what I did I have written a pamphlet on it from start to finish.

If anyone would like a copy, pm me your email address and I will gladly send you a copy.


Thread: Importing a UK car to Spain

12 Nov 2019 7:39 PM:

Is there anyone on here have Orange Fibra, also known as Mi-fibra, for telephone and internet?

We have been with Orange ADSL since 2012 and had absolutely no trouble whatsoever. Following several emails, we decided to T lurch into the 21st century and upgrade to fibre optic.

It was duly installed last week - unlike in England where the fibre optic cable only runs to the distribution box anything up to 300 metres away and the rest of the way is the old copper cable, here they run the fibre into the property and right into the router  - and away we went!, Unfortunately, we also had to have a new number beginning with 8.

Everything was good until I discovered a problem. Basically, I can phone anywhere in the world from my landline and can receive calls - except from England! (Not tried to receive any other international calls). Any English landline calling me gets a recorded message saying that the number cannot be recognised, and any English mobile gets a message saying that the number has not yet been allocated.

Three visits from engineers, the router has been changed and the line has been checked, all to no avail.

Anyone else had any similar problems?



Thread: Orange fibre optic

24 May 2019 9:02 PM:


Sadly. the only credible candidate died several years ago - Lord David Sutch!

Thread: Who should be next UK PM?

22 Nov 2018 6:15 PM:

I am assuming that the space is YOURS - ie you bought it and pay any IBI and community charge on it. If so, have you considered investing in a couple of lockable car park posts? 

Readily available on t'internet from eleven quid each (Amazon). Just Google 'locking car park posts'.

Bolt them down on the line, 1/3rd of the way from each end and Robert's your mother's brother, as they say!

I might consider getting a third and fixing it in the middle right at the entrance to your space, just to forestall what may be her next move.


Thread: Can the community put things on my wall?


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