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23 Dec 2018 1:35 PM by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

Does anyone have any views on a NO DEAL scenario for expats as I have only read about the loss of Health care

Also what if you own a holiday home how will that be affected



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23 Dec 2018 2:06 PM by CostaBlade Star rating in Riviera. 115 posts Send private message

In my opinion nothing will change, I said that to my wife after the referendum in 2016 and i still hold that view.

The UK has no where been negotioating hard enough with the EU, it could have been settled months ago. If the UK had started from the premise that "we are happy to walk away" then the EU might have focused their efforts a little more. only now is that happening.


What worries me most is that the EU is thinking they have at all costs to keep the UK on board otherwise other countries will form a queue to exit the hugely corrupt and misguided vision of the EU.


Just for the record i am one that would change my mind if there was a second referendum (which there won't), i voted to stay in, now i would vote to leave.

Whatever happens me and the special one (wifey) will still be in the EU as we live in Spain. laugh


Best wishes for Christmas and the new year Rod.


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23 Dec 2018 2:34 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1863 posts Send private message

In all Fairness' The PM Mrs Teresa May ..has not been able to put her full waight against the EU far as deals are concerned due to the fact that she has to put up with the likes of the SNP/ Labour/Lib Dem's partys that just don't seem to want to accept the fact that the majority of the population of the UK voted to leave and will not agree to anything that has been proposed ...and are trying to force a general election to overturn the Referendum via the back door...if she was left to get on with it a deal would be struck in no time...she might just get that chance now as all or MPs/prophets of doom and gloom are now on 24 days xmass  holiday all paid by the UK Tax payers the very people the MPs are refusing to listen too.





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25 Dec 2018 9:01 AM by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1193 posts Send private message

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We had a democratic vote and the majority voted out of the EU. The vote was never for a deal. It was in or out. We have got exactly what we wanted. The government gave the public, tax payer or not, a free vote and listened. We will soon be non EU citizens and have the same rights as all other non EU citizens. Different EU countries have different laws and rules for non EU citizens, so you will need to research each country separately.

We cannot be non EU citizens but retain all EU citizens rights and benefits. That is for the fantacy land brigade. 

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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25 Dec 2018 10:41 AM by richard0291 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

A democratic vote --- not sure  lies and fairy tales constitute democratic, illegal overspend / manipulation by face book / Russian interference and ex pats denied the vote as were the europeans who have lived and worked in the UK and who are the most affected and who were also denied a vote ... there were no details of no deal on the ballot .. which leaves ex pats and europeans  in limbo land, likely hood of medicine shortages and no cancer treatments in uk  which make the risks of deaths a probability which the gov have admitted.

Nothing will change -- maybe not immediately if there is an interim deal but after that everything will change .. we will be outside the club with no special privileges with all the rest .. no longer at the top table .. .we can do trade deals with Saudi Arabia who know how to look after their citizens who disagree with them ...

Why is it undemocratic to have a second vote now we know the real consequences , if you buy a car and don't like it why not trade it in for another one that is better ... if people want to stick with the same car then that is agreed and fair then .. i know that many will blame the EU for the mess .. not the instigators of it .. they have their rules and why should they bend them for the UK except for Ireland because they want to preserve the peace they helped establish. 

We still have freedom of speech and can show each other respect for having different views .. we are not enemies of the people .. 

peace and harmony for 2019 , happy Navido ...

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25 Dec 2018 11:14 AM by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1193 posts Send private message

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It was a democratic vote. Everyone legally entitled to vote under the UK constitution were given the opportunity to do so. 30% could not be bothered, that is their choice.

Of course there were lies and fairy tales, what do you expect, that’s the real world. When it says on the TV advert that Persil washes whiter than white do you run off to the supermarket to buy it.

It would be undemocratic to have a second vote now because you were on the loser’s side unless you think the democratic minority should be the winner, or perhaps the result just doesn’t suit you.

You like everyone else had their vote, it’s now time to respect the majority who are grown up people with the intelligence to recognise the usual pack of lies from both sides, we get it at every general election, so what's new?

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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25 Dec 2018 12:43 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1863 posts Send private message

Richard 0291.

Freedom of speech is part of The Democratic process...this is something that the Remoaners like yourself are trying to take away by. demanding another vote .

Lie's name one political party that will not lie to you...Just to be in control...what they should have put on the side of that big red bus was STOP THE 290,000 EU CITIZENS CLAIMING THE DOLE IN THE UK...a fact that was available at the time ..but was hidden from the UK public.

Russian interference ...Rubbish .

Facebook interference..Rubbish.

Give European's the right to vote in the UK. .why.

Give expats a vote that have not lived in the UK for over 15 years ...why would any expat want a vote in a country that they no longer live in...and there for no nothing about the political problems it's having... Come the 29th of March 2019..... I have read that the Spanish are going to take away expats residents voting rights in Spain ..DEAL OR NO DEAL.

The UK won't be able to import medicine /food ...The UK is one of the most prosperous countries in the world ...with that little Bank backing it up called the (Bank of England ) that has enough money to buy in anything it desires... its called business...come the 29th of March the EU are going to order all it's membership that they are no longer permitted to export to the UK ...if its Riot's across the EU you want (take note).







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25 Dec 2018 1:24 PM by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1193 posts Send private message

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The democratic vote stands. We cannot go back to the good old days of the Scargill mob rule minority of if you did not get your way cause pandemonium through any means. People need to grow up and stop grousing. You had your vote, it's now over.

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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25 Dec 2018 3:28 PM by richard0291 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

It is not undemocratic to have another referendum ..Spin ... Winners or Losers... it is about ALL our futures and our children's whom it will affect deeply and who have now come of age to vote ...they  should  be given a chance  to influence their future whether they want to or not ... many people have changed their minds because the reality is sinking in and they don't want to lose there jobs settle a dispute amongst  the Tory party . ..

.Europeans who are living and paying taxes in the UK such as the many European doctors and nurses  who we are dependent on for running our NHS and who  are contributing to our country should have a say in their future .. just like the expats in Spain who are in the same situation / crisis...


Re  claiming the dole there is a European rule that  if you hadn't found a job to support yourself within 6 months you can be expelled and sent back home ... the UK didn't follow this through ... shame we have enough of our own scroungers , in any event many have and are leaving  because of the hostile environment and will be replaced by workers from third world countries to fill the void at some point ..if we do trade deals with other countries we will have to include free movement thats how it works ... 

I would be surprised if ex pats didn't want a vote over this matter - no cheap flights , lots of paperwork to stay , work , drive a car, pensions no longer being paid , devaluation of the pound affecting the value of their properties , potentially losing access to free medical services .

The UK is not growing as fast as other economies in Europe due to Brexit it is going the other way , we are wasting lots of time and money arguing with ourselves  , not dealing with the real issues facing us...  we have spent millions turning Kent into a lorry park ... money that could have gone to the NHS 

Nobody wants riots or wars .. there are no winners ...we have had them in the past and. the EU was set up to deter this .

This is  something that affects us all and we should be working together across Europe to tackle conflicts  together such as terrorism, people trafficking, crime which is impacts us all .. on our own we are a lot smaller and weaker, .. little Britain .. no doubt Trump will come to our rescue with no strings attached ..

Russian interference ...rubbish .. maybe ... maybe not obviously know everything ......Putin wouldn't do such a thing .. he just pulls the strings ....  

peace and joy to you enjoy your Christmas we are all patriots ...



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25 Dec 2018 6:18 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1863 posts Send private message

Richard 0291... If we did have another Referendum ..and the remain party  win by the same margin as the leave party had first time around ...would the Remoaners give the leave party another referendum vote ( think about it.)...Please answer the question a simple YES OR NO WILL DO...and I made a mistake in my last post what they should have put on the side of that big red bus... is stop the (390,000 )EU citizens claiming dole money in the UK  ..this is official government figures that was hidden from the public by the government at the time of the IN / OUT referendum....the UK government has spent the last 2 years and god knows how much of Tax payers money trying to pacifie the Remoaners ...when they should have been organizing withdrawal from the EU...the government could not care less what you think as a individual ...they asked you to democratically VOTE  IN OR OUT... as part of a collective and that was it are wrong trade deal's are not part of free movement of people ...the UK has been trading with countries the likes of USA / Canada / Australia....yes you can go on holiday in these countries with the appropriate visa ...but you are not permitted to stay and work unless you have a Profession that's in demand and job offer  ..and with a meens of supporting yourself ( this is a reciprocal agreement  )..No other country in the EU would have put up with the uncontrollable mass migration that the UK has had the Remoaners would call me a Racist... When the proper term is a Realist... A realist is someone that has the capability to think for them self well as being part of a democracy.












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25 Dec 2018 9:27 PM by richard0291 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

I appreciate your sentiment they are made with conviction and concern for our country .. .. i am not a remoaner i voted leave ..yes its true ...but the government is lead by a group of remoaners who surrendered straight away to Europe and failed us all constantly thats why we have no proper deal on the table and are in such a mess them ?... who voted for this ..? even leavers are starting to think about this ..they should listen to the  people ...perhaps if we have two more referendums we will be third time lucky ... as long as  we can get the right or wrong question to start with ... yes you are right we have always done trade deals all over the world even when we were part of the EU its just that the EU have high standards around workers rights and how animals are treated ...the Polish i work with are all hard working and their ancestors many of them fighter pilots died defending our country .. i don't know any who sponge off us ...i dont always believe anything people publish it might be fake ... i would like to leave the country but after brexit i will lose my freedom of movement, i don't earn enough to  go to Aus or New Zealand .. i know this will rumble on and on but hopefully we can get a good deal sorted out as soon as possible and we can all move on and enjoy life ...



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25 Dec 2018 10:34 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1863 posts Send private message

Some people will say we need another Referendum vote for the sake of our youngsters...and some people like myself will tell that they voted leave for the sake of our youngsters...if unrestricted migration is not stopped our youngsters will not have a pension when they get old ...since this unrestricted migration from the EU came about especially in the last 15 years the age that you can claim a pension has risen for someone like myself to 67...I am 63 at the moment and have been working for 48 years..the government will try and tell you this is due to people living longer ...I am convinced that it is down to paying out DSS benefits to people that are unemployed does not help the situation when official government figures tell us that approximately 390,000 EU migrants are claiming long term DSS payment's can call the pot of gold that the government has to dip into to pay pension/Dole money and the likes what ever you only has one and it was put in place for the people of the UK ...not the population of the EU that has not paid in to it.




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27 Dec 2018 8:42 AM by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 405 posts Send private message

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Quite right windtalker. We have been milked and had for years. Partly because we allowed it, but the public eventually said enough is enough and voted OUT. And OUT meant OUT, not some Micky Mouse half in, half out deal. We’ll bat on our own and only time will tell. Those Euro lovers that won’t accept the democratic vote or be part of British democracy still have time to migrate to Moldova, Ukraine, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Belarus.

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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29 Dec 2018 8:08 AM by hrespana Star rating. 31 posts Send private message

We will be treated like any other non-EU immigrant in Spain unless anyone expects Spain to treat us differently (whether better or worse).  

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29 Dec 2018 8:48 AM by butch499 Star rating in Sant Cugat del Vallè.... 2 posts Send private message

I cannot understand why anyone living,, working or owning property in Spain would have voted to leave the EU. 

The deal will not be accepted and no deal, for those horrified by it, will be like being a passenger in a slow motion car crash. You see it coming but unable to get out of the way. 

Ultimately if no deal is the outcome, a change of nationality will be the only recourse to those wanting to be able to enjoy the benefits currently on offer instead of the unknowns of an isolated UK. 


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All the best, Dave

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29 Dec 2018 9:43 AM by Dave11 Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

NO WAY will the UK ever totally leave the EU. That is impossible, and all those who voted to leave the EU will keep moaning about that to the end of time (I have to laugh at you lot) Hahahaha.

One other thing to those who keep on re EU migrants, do you really think France will stop all the migrants from Iraq, Syria, Africa etc crossing the channel - of course they WON'T,  they will be giving them boats to sail to the UK, as has now started - or perhaps you don't  read the news. As they say "be  very careful for what you ask for" Hahahaha :-)

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29 Dec 2018 10:52 AM by morgan52 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

What we must have is a #peoplesvote on the deal to put an end to this self harming nonsense once and for all and whichever way it goes, the outcome should be final.  Those who voted out should take this democratic opportunity if it is eventually offered, as all we keep hearing are complaints about the brexit deal that has actually been negotiated, they say we will become rule takers, well we will!..... so that means that we must have been rulemakers as part of the EU, that in itself proves that the authors of the leave vote lied to the people, that's without the rest of the rubbish spouted at the time, which I won't go into, so as I said at the beginning in my view a #peoplesvote is the only democractic solution to the mess that the vote to leave the EU has got us into, orchestrated by a very irresponsible, self serving government.


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29 Dec 2018 11:00 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1863 posts Send private message

I see this thread has been highjacked by a couple of REMOANERS....i think you should hope and pray that a trade deal is put in place...the EU has allready admitted it will be Trucked if the UK does not give the EU the 39 billion ..the UK quite rightly so will not hand over the money unless a trade deal is on the table...the EU needs this trade deal more than we do otherwise how are they going to stop the rioting that will come right across the EU when the EU mafia orders farmers/factories/fishermen and the likes to stop trading with the richest country in the so called EU think about it.


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29 Dec 2018 11:09 AM by angeleyes1 Star rating in Camposol & Bradford. 405 posts Send private message

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Hi butch

I very much doubt anyone resident in Spain would or did vote leave. Why would they want uncertainty to their welfare and status? People tend to favour what’s best for them irrespective of others well being.

It is difficult to ultimately know what the future holds in the long term, however this forum is not short of Mystic Meg know all’s.

It would seem the illegal migrants risking their lives fleeing Calais to Dover have no concerns about BREXIT.

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

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29 Dec 2018 11:46 AM by ravahu Star rating. 6 posts Send private message


Your nickname says it me you are a populist and talking nonsens.

The total amount of foreigners/ immigrants in the UK is 14% of the total population (source:

That is including everybody; also people from other EU countries etc, so beiing afraid that the youngsters will not have a pension or other future is bulls..t, like a lot of your other comments..

Furthermore the UK is certainly not the richest country as a matter of fact it's even not in the top 10 list off rich EU countrys at all !!

A lot of your postings are just gibberish and false information.

I can bring up more facts but that will make no sense; a lot of people have digged their heels and are not sensible for a a substantive discussion abvot the pro's and cons of the EU...I am really asking myself how many UK citizens realy do realize what the consequences will be of a hard brexit...

One thing is certain; the great old England no longer exists and never comes back. In the new world order we are much more dependent on each other than we might like and that will not change either...

Times have changed forever but many people think they can go back to the good "old" time which in fact was not so good at all...

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