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21 May 2022 3:55 PM:

Hello Emile and welcome to EOS.

If you intend to have the terrace structure removed it’s safety and planning permission will be irrelevant. Only a qualified and reputable builder who is able to examine the structure will be able to fully advise you on the difficulty and costs involved. To gain advice from a forum member you would need to provide detailed photographs and exact specifications.

With regard to Polystyrene Ceiling tiles and what’s behind them. You would need to engage a professional surveyor to take drilling samples and/or use x-ray equipment. Once you have the surveyor’s report you will then be able to get a quote from a specialist to carry out the necessary work. I doubt any forum member will be able to inform you what is behind Polystyrene Ceiling tiles on a property they have never seen.

Thread: Removing Enclosed Terrace & removing Polystyrene Ceiling tiles

19 May 2022 6:06 PM:

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Thread: SEO

06 May 2022 2:16 PM:

Hello Amanda

There is nothing magical a solicitor can do that you cannot do yourself.

All you need to do: - U.K. nationals not currently living in Spain must apply for a residency permit. Documents you must provide when applying for residency include your foreigner's tax number, proof of income (As of 2021, the minimum figure for this is currently set at €2,259 per month or just over €27,000 per calendar year. You'll also need evidence of having an additional €6,778 for each additional family member), proof of Spanish health insurance, proof you have paid an application fee, a residency form, your passport, and two passport-sized photographs. You must first apply for temporary residency, and then can apply for permanent residency after five years.

All the information you need can be found on UK & Spain government websites.

Thread: Solicitor for NLV in England

04 May 2022 4:47 PM:

Hello Sals

Part of the purpose of having a letting agent is for them to deal with and resolve these sort of problems. Your letting agent ‘if competent’ should be fully aware of the laws and legal situation regarding this issue. However if your letting agent is your friend Maud who lives two doors down and is only the key holder and cleaner, my advice would be to seek legal advice from a qualified Spanish lawyer.

Perhaps check your property insurance policy which I assume is a commercial policy for renting the property and should include legal assistance for this situation.

Thread: Tenants who won't leave

30 Apr 2022 11:58 AM:

If you have a valid UK driving licence

From 1 May 2022:

  • if you were living in Spain before 1 January 2021, your valid UK driving licence will no longer be valid for driving in Spain
  • if you moved to Spain after 1 January 2021, your valid UK licence will be recognised for 6 months from the date you obtained residence

The British and Spanish governments continue to negotiate on long-term arrangements for exchanging driving licences without needing to take a practical test. If it is imperative that you drive, you should not wait for the outcome of the negotiations to take action. You must follow the Spanish Traffic Authority (DGT) process for non-EU nationals to obtain a Spanish driving licence. This includes taking both a theory and practical driving test.

It does seem a strange law and rule considering a British tourist can drive in Spain for 90 days on a UK licence. Maybe it’s all BREXIT game playing or British intending to be residents in Spain and their investment are not welcome. Who knows?


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Thread: Driving in Spain


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