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There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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22 Oct 2021 3:41 PM:

You seem to have answered your own question.

Thread: Owned Roof Terraces vs Uso Privitivo

17 Oct 2021 5:22 PM:

Hello acer, sorry it’s me again.

 ‘’needing a license is a closely guarded secret’’ 

Are there any other items that you know of that we need a license for, like, a dog kennel, a barbeque, a garden shed, garden gnomes, security grills, a letterbox, a doorbell? 

Thread: Swimming pool

12 Oct 2021 7:26 PM:

Hello my good friend acer 

Is it only the property sector in Spain you totally distrust? Is there any sector you do trust? Is the justice system, banking industry, or any regulatory authority in Spain fit for purpose?

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

11 Oct 2021 4:14 PM:

Hello Dorrogolf

You only need to see their website to find the answer.

I would like to thank Spanish Legal Reclaims for their help in claiming the fees paid more than 4 years ago for our inheritance. It has been a long process but Spanish Legal Reclaims was always at our disposal and informed us about the process until we were finally able to get our money back. Best regards, Susan Niven - Glasgow, Scotland - September 2017

The Spanish Legal Reclaims service was efficient and satisfactory. I signed a contract to build a house and made the payments during its construction. More than 10 years ago it was paralyzed and we could not claim the lost money, although we had a guarantee. The Spanish Legal Reclaims service was simple, perfect and the team has kept us informed all the time. T. Rob - UK - January 2019

I would like to thank Spanish Legal Reclaims for their excellent work, allowing me to recover money that I thought I had lost when buying an apartment in Los Montesinos. They have kept me up to date by mail, when I have called the office the treatment has always been very pleasant and they answered my questions at all times. The money was deposited in my bank, once the case was won. I can only thank you for getting my money back and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. L. Butler - Northants, UK - March, 2019

Thread: Spanish Legal Reclaims

11 Oct 2021 2:32 PM:

Have you paid them any money? or is there any withdrawal fee?

Thread: Spanish Legal Reclaims


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