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22 Sep 2023 3:24 PM:

Contact https://costaluzlawyers.es/our-team/

Thread: Spanish Personal Injuries Law Query

22 Sep 2023 12:21 PM:



Thread: Help please - looking to move to Spain

29 Aug 2023 2:42 PM:

Hello coleen

You would be better off getting the thoughts of your Spanish lawyer.

Thread: discrepancy over who owns what land -

28 Aug 2023 8:40 PM:

My advice was based on the property being in Spain and rubio75 is a Spanish resident living in the property. Is that correct rubio75?

Thread: Relationship split but joint owned property

27 Aug 2023 1:23 PM:

Hello rubio75

You will probably need a good Spanish lawyer to deal with this, (but that will be expensive). If you cannot reach an agreement for one of you to buy the other out then it will need to go to court for a ‘’Dissolution of joint property ownership in Spain’’. Be aware the court procedure can take many years, 5 years or many more. The court will order that the property be independently valued and placed on the open market for sale. If it is sold you will share the net funds equally. If it is not sold it will be placed in auction. If it is still not sold, you being the property resident will be entitled to about 60% of the court valuation of the property from the joint owner, and the joint owner is only allowed to about 40%. As far as I know, that’s the end of it.

My advice for what it is worth is to let your ex-partner do all the running and pay all the legal and lawyers’ fees. No one can evict you and if it is not resolved you can live in the property until the graveyard.

Thread: Relationship split but joint owned property


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