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04 Jul 2020 17:14:

Hello Adrian


It’s nice to that know some care hire companies operate honestly on occasions. I think most people appreciate they have to make a profit. It is the deceit that upsets most people. Imagine arriving at Alicante airport at 10pm with wife and 2 kids queuing for your car and then told if you won’t have the extra insurance, agree to refuelling costs, no car or go to the back of the queue. We’ll get you on the mystery damage anyway. Of course if they are busy and the desk staff wants to go home you might be lucky and just given the keys. True or false?


Thread: Car Hire & Excess Insurance

03 Jul 2020 19:04:

Perhaps this is all a silly game dreamt up by some bureaucrat. Unless a health insurance policy can be monitored and enforced for the time period needed then the requirement becomes worthless. Basically it would seem a get my residency status need then bin the insurance policy. Of course an S1 may kick in at some stage, so is it OK to say you are non resident and use EHIC illegally until S1?

In many countries throughout the world foreign residents have to visit immigration every 3/6 months with fully verified documents, if not it’s a free ride to the airport and no return ever. It may be harsh but the UK and EU don’t really know who’s who in their own country.    

Thread: New member seeking advice

03 Jul 2020 12:26:

Windtalker, I do understand your allegations regarding cancelling a policy once residency has been obtained, I am sure many do it. It’s a loophole in the system.

But all your comments about UK tax payer handouts and dole and other benefits to EU citizens seems strange since the UK taxpayer has treated NON EU citizens for many years with every benefit possible. I doubt much will change and the UK will still be perceived as benefits paradise.

Thread: New member seeking advice

02 Jul 2020 20:19:

Not actually the OPs original question.

Will they actually need anything in the UK, even if they are British citizen’s resident elsewhere? Many believe it is the World Heath Service in the UK (WHS) just walk in legal or not.

What’s the truth here, rule book or reality?

Thread: New member seeking advice

02 Jul 2020 14:28:

Perhaps communities have to abide by democracy whether all members like it or not. New members should make themselves aware of the rules before becoming part of the community.

Thread: Ownership quotas and community fees


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