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01 Oct 2022 2:14 PM:

Allowing a friend or relative to use your address as an accommodation address for a bank account does not make you a guarantor to their debts. Yes, letters and statements will probably arrive through your letterbox but only addressed to your friend or relative, and yes you may well get a knock on the door from debt collectors asking for the friend or relative if they default on debts, but they cannot take possession of your assets or legally make you responsible for someone else’s debts.

As for money laundering, you would have to be found guilty in court that you either knew about it or were party to it.

Thread: Barclays requesting me to close my uk account

30 Sep 2022 1:37 PM:

‘’letting someone open  a bank account using your address amounts to the same thing.’’ 

Windy your deliberate deceptive and bogus information discredits EOS

Thread: Barclays requesting me to close my uk account

28 Sep 2022 1:42 PM:

Windy, this is not UK law, it is just a load of made up rubbish by some banks who want to quote EU directives despite the UK no longer being a member of the EU dictatorship.

It’s all pie crust made up rules that is why many expats use a family or friends UK address to maintain a UK bank account.

Can you imagine Mr X in the dock at the Old Bailey, ‘’you are charged with using your sisters address to maintain your UK bank account while living in Spain’’ life in prison.

Thread: Barclays requesting me to close my uk account

27 Sep 2022 8:03 PM:

‘’this is a directive issued by the so called EU.’’

What has an EU directive got to do with a non EU Sovereign country?

Thread: Barclays requesting me to close my uk account

21 Sep 2022 12:10 PM:



Thread: Water supply with Socamex


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