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23 Dec 2018 1:35 PM:

Does anyone have any views on a NO DEAL scenario for expats as I have only read about the loss of Health care

Also what if you own a holiday home how will that be affected



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Thread: Deal or no Deal

15 Apr 2017 11:33 AM:

La Cala is a great town my wife and are 5 minutes away the Beach is fantastic and the Boardwalk is too.

Gusto is a nice place to take a two hour lunch break make sure you ask for your steak well done ,as for schools a Spanish school is in la Cala its by the Park as you drive in from west side we often see the kids happily playing outdoors.

Its a great place to settle and pretty much everyone speaks English.

Let me know by PM if you need any help with.

Regards Rod


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Thread: Good Spanish schools in Fuengirola or Mijas

21 Oct 2016 3:45 PM:

Endesa are a Nightmare we had to go down to Marbella and it took us 3 Hours waiting to be seen

Mind you had a nice lunch next door after



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20 Jun 2016 10:23 PM:

Wont be long now then at least either way we can move on with whom ever wins good luck to both sides 


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Thread: BREXIT

15 Jun 2016 2:43 PM:

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Thread: Please shed a little tear for Christiano Ronaldo...


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