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03 Jul 2020 08:49:

Kavanaugh...the original poster question was can they take out a private health insurance policy ..and apply to become Residents of Spain ...then cancel the policy I assume straight after they become Residents ....  ( which will only be granted on the strength of having the policy )... then return back to UK ...it doesn't take you to long to work out what they are trying to get up to... people from the UK and the EU have got to understand that no longer will they be able to duck and dive from the EU / UK as we are leaving the EU on January 2021 ...no longer will the UK tax payers have a legal obligation according to the  EU to pay Dole. Money and give free council houses to the likes of the 6,000 Romany gypsy family's that turned up from the EU at Rotherham councils door demanding to be housed and Dole money as it was their rights according to the rules that have been set over in Brussels....the UK has no intention of stopping so called Freedom of movement any EU citizen will be welcome to come to the UK on holiday ..if they want look employment and  live in the UK... provided they for fill the points base systems that will be introduced to stay then they will be made very welcome ...what I fail to understand is why the Spanish can impose demands from the UK Citizens that want to reside in Spain and the UK couldn't do likewise ...why did the EU refuse David Cameron's request to implement basically the same rules ...so I guess it's the fault of the EU that brought on the Brexit.







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02 Jul 2020 18:06:

The original poster is obviously under UK retirement age ...so if they become a resident of Spain they will require a private health insurance policy in Spain and in the UK...this is something that people seem to forget although you originally came from the UK .. when you emigrate to another country and  become a resident of the likes of Spain you have absolutely no right to UK NHS treatment especially after  January 2021.


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Thread: New member seeking advice

01 Jul 2020 19:38:

Spain will be your new home / country of residence anytime you visit the UK after January 2021 as a Spanish Resident you will need private health insurance in place to gain access to the UK NHS...

Thread: New member seeking advice

01 Jul 2020 16:57:

If you are on a gated community and you have outstanding debt ..the president will take you to court for the recovery of monies owed...once they win the case they will engage a debt collection company in your home country for the outstanding amount plus fee's...I am sure the Spanish Taxman is quite capable of doing the same.

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01 Jul 2020 14:43:

I have a 9x4 MTR 2 mtrs deep it cost approximately €1,500 per year to have a professional pool cleaner / the chemicals / extra water / electric to run the pump ..if you clean it yourself you would only save around €850 per year.

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