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23 Mar 2017 08:22:

Mickyfinn the UK will pay for project's that have been approved and started by the EU in full thats the British Goverments way of taking care of  business  ...but should not have to pay anything towards projects that have only been proposed or projects that have not started.….  if the EU wants to give billions of EU member state's money to the Eastern Europeans to build motorway's and the likes then that is a problem for the remaining EU membership to sort out.

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Thread: BREXIT

22 Mar 2017 19:09:

I thought the EU was against Protectionism ....or am I missing something hear.

Thread: BREXIT

22 Mar 2017 11:11:

IKEA every time for me ....they will supply and deliver everything and if is flat pack they offer  assembly .

Thread: Hi all newbie er

19 Mar 2017 12:19:

William 02 have you checked and made sure you have no water Leak's ...to do this all you have to do is make sure all the toilet flush tanks are full and not overflowing check that all the hot and cold taps are turned off throughout the property then go and have a look at your water meter if the dial  is still turning you have got a water leak within the grounds of the property this kind of leak can cause a hissing noise .if you don't have a water leak then tteedd post is spot on good luck.

Thread: Water heater whistles

19 Mar 2017 08:53:

Mickyfinn you said the magic word MAJORITY this word is very important to people that live in a DEMOCRACY. and it is not the people of Scotland that want to leave the UK Union the good people of Scotland had a referendum in 2014 and voted to against leaving the Union ...it is the SNP that want dragScotland out of the Union  by trying to force the people it to referendum after referendum until they (SNP)get the result they want....if  you can remember back when Southern Ireland voted to leave the EU the so called Democratic Political Establishment  that runs  Southern  Ireland would not accept the vote so they forced the people of Ireland to vote yes by  having referendum after referendum until they got the vote they wanted the people of Southern Ireland got beaten into submission by a political establishment that did not know and still does not know how to run the country affairs themselves .

Anyway we will have another two years of this Political ( bullshit) to put up with it will be getting rammed down our throats to a point that we will be thankful it is all over so I have made a promise to myself to get on with my life and just take what I am given by the MAJORITY in this DEMOCRACY that I live in this will be my last post on this subject see you two years ( the end.).



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Thread: BREXIT


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