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02 Feb 2023 12:49 AM:

Anyone thats having problems getting a Spanish  NLV or a Digital Nomad Visa should look at the Portuguese D7 Visa ..if the Portuguese can introduce such a Visa then what's stopping the Spanish government from having a equivalent. 


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Thread: Portuguese D7 Visa / Spanish Visa for 3rd country nationals.

16 Jan 2023 6:02 PM:

Your appointed  lawyer will  work in conjunction with your estate  agents. 

Thread: Sale documents

04 Jan 2023 12:09 PM:

Catsby ...I have owned properties in Spain for the past 17 years...the only properties you would get €800 per week for in peak season are large detached villa's  with a pool...so you would be looking at a outlay of €350,000 ++++ to buy in a desirable  area you would need to maintain the pool and the property to a high standard... you will need a management company to source your holiday renter's they usually charge  approximately 20% finders fees per rental you will  need a Touristca license  / liability insurance  / pay income tax of 24 % on any income you will also needa Spanish accountant..I owned a 3 bed 3 bathroom Detached villa with  its own pool that  I sold back last year due to the high maintenance cost involved in running the swimming pool this came to over €2,000 per year including the water / electricity / chemicals and a once per week pool clean....which is expensive when you take into consideration the pool can only be use approximately 4 months of the year your management company will also charge you for cleaning after you renter's have vacated this will come to around €100 per hand over..I know 2 people that are in the holiday home rental game and the only way they  can make it work is by sourcing the renter's and doing all the maintenance themselves..due to the fact that Spanish holiday home rental companies can't be trusted to hand over all the rental proceeds  it's common for these companies too not inform you of all the rentals and keep the proceeds themselves..if it was as easy as buying a a property and sitting back and counting the money thats rolling in we would all be doing it ..Me included as i own a number  of rental properties in the UK...Good  luck  you have been warned. 



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Thread: Advice on Buying a property

15 Nov 2022 9:14 AM:

 All manufacturers are only  obliged to repair or replace  faulty goods up to the expiry of the warranty any parts they supplied to carryout a repair are only guaranteed up to the original  warranty period...after this you are on your  own. 


Thread: New Car Warranty….rights

14 Nov 2022 3:11 PM:

You would need  proof that they didn't repair the fault properly during the warranty...unfortunately this is going to be difficult for you to prove..

Thread: New Car Warranty….rights


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