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29 Apr 2018 22:09:

Your email will go direct to the web site ..they will forward it on to the advertiser personally I would not bother with any web site's ..best way forward is for you to Google estate agents in the area you want to live in ..fly over and then deal with the agent's direct ...if you and your partner are under Retirement age you will both need to take out private Health care from day one of arrival in Spain ...the UK ehic card is only for UK holiday maker's ...you will be classed as Spanish residents all this information and more is available on the NET.you will also have to provide details of your income to the Spanish authorities ...so you will not become a burden to. the Spanish tax payer.

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29 Apr 2018 19:15:

You can certainly make contact with estate agent's that are advertising for long term rentals...do not deal with private individuals ... don't pay any money until you have seen the property that is for rent ...you can make arrangement's to view via the NET ...then book a hotel for a week or two and have a good look around the area ...I am not to sure how old you are ..if you are under UK retirement age you will have a few things to take into consideration ...good luck.

Thread: Cuidad Quesada

26 Apr 2018 11:34:

Good luck....but from what I hear property owners will not let out long term ...this is due to a Spanish law that basically turns the property in to a sitting tenancy ...making it impossible for a land lord to regain control.


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Thread: Cuidad Quesada

21 Apr 2018 19:01:

If you do come across the best place in the world to immegrate to....what SKILLS do you have to offer them.


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Thread: What is the best place to immigrate to?

20 Apr 2018 23:01:

That's the way to do it ...no passports / no N IE / no Bank account / no ID..just a suitcase full of money and no questions asked ...you have got to be joking...in the UK it is against the Law ..as it is in Spain to rent a property out to  illegal immigrant's... in the EU and the UK the Landlord is held responsible for background checks and so on ...the UK is going one step further ...and are in the process of introducing a Law ...to seize the properties of rouge Landlords under the proceeds of crime ...it is now Law in the UK that all Landlord's and the properties that they have for rent are on a national  registered ..with government approved companies....(Markfish I think you should get your head looked at).



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