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08 Sep 2020 11:09:

When you agree a purchase price on a property ..add approximately 15% on top for legal fees and Taxes.

If you have a property to sell depending on what area you are in usually dictates the selling fee usually around 4% ... personally I would advise you to sell first and when you have the money in the bank ...then go and buy.. property at the moment is extremely difficult to find a buyer for.,.







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Thread: Tax cost

06 Sep 2020 11:52:

Property prices have generally dropped by as much as 50% in some area's since 2008 especially the larger type propertys ..so forget your heart and think with your head ..the mortgage you are considering would be classed as substantial in today's terms in Spain..no one can say what the resale value of a property in Spain is especially on the Costa's as nothing is selling at the moment due to Covid 19 so if I was you I would  wait until they find a cure for the virus and then start looking but leave your heart in your suitcase and think with your head.


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Thread: Non resident mortgage advice required please

05 Sep 2020 10:38:

If the property you are looking at is a bank repo ..then you shouldn't have any problems getting a mortgage from the bank that owns the property... especially if they are taking 30% of the agreed price as a deposit from you ...the bank has nothing to lose by giving you a mortgage.. basically if you fail to make the payments the bank they will repo the property ..you will lose your 30% upfront payment you made ... the bank will re advertise the property as a bank repo so it's a win win situation for the bank every time..I doubt it very much if you will find another bank other than the one that owns the property to lend you the kind of money you are looking at borrowing... especially the way the property market is in Spain at the moment.





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Thread: Non resident mortgage advice required please

03 Sep 2020 22:15:

£95.54 on eBay ....LCD SIM wireless alarm ..yes it will work with a UK SIM.


Thread: Hardwired Burglar Alarm

02 Sep 2020 21:23:

The alarm I have works with a sim card installed (no WiFi needed )  the alarm has a built in mobile phone ..if the alarm goes off it will automatically send a message to your preprogrammed mobile phone numbers within the alarm...you can also turn the alarm off and on with your mobile phone from anywhere ..the best alarms to buy are the ones that only require a 9 volt battery installed in the RF sensor ( no wires ) ...the main control  box just plugs into a electricity socket and has a battery backup if the power fails ...they are so simple to install basically plug & play you can buy them off eBay UK for around £100.00 for a good one.





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Thread: Hardwired Burglar Alarm


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