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05 Nov 2023 8:19 AM:

You don't need to sit a entrance exam for University but you will need the relevant qualifications that the university require for the degree course that you want to attend ... also a good understanding of the Spanish language would be necessary. 

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02 Nov 2023 8:27 AM:

TFi London as a  none resident you can still buy  and sell or own as many properties as you like ..  when you buy or sell they will be assessed by the relevant authorities individually for CGT when you sell as a none resident you will beTaxed at 24% on the profit made 3% retention is also paid on top of this is and normally paid back to you within 6 months less any outstanding bills that you didn't pay before selling... as a none resident if you intend owning multiple properties you will be charged none residents Tax on each individual property none residents Tax is based on what the Spanish government has assessed the resale value at as for properties taking a long time to sell this all depends on the location and desirability and a appropriate asking price.. I have recently sold 2 properties in Oriella Costa  and they sold straight away and took approximately 8 weeks for completion of the sale.. if the new property you intend buying is brand new the purchase Tax is less than a resale property .

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27 Oct 2023 4:19 PM:

Cloudnine  it's 10 months in the first five years. as a Tax resident.but you are only permitted 183 day's out of Spain in any year or you will loose your Tax Residency. 

Thread: Temporary Residency to Permanent Residency

27 Aug 2023 9:41 AM:

You will need to buy the other owners share of the property from them ..the simple way of doing this is by divorce settlement your appointed lawyer would handle the property transfer into your name it's pointless going on about how your ex partner is not contributing to the upkeep  of the property  the fact is if no young children are involved he doesn't need to contribute and you are living in his half of the property rent free so go and see a good divorce lawyer 😀. 


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Thread: Relationship split but joint owned property

18 Aug 2023 9:24 AM:

It might be a requirement to have A/C in the Lounge and Bedrooms but I wouldn't advise anyone to fall asleep 😴 with a A/C unit running not only is it very expensive to run it is not advisable to do so ...hence the reason I have a ceiling fans running at slow speed when sleeping  to keep the air moving..incidentally all A/C units are what is call reverse cycle meaning they are capable of blowing both Hot and Cold.


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Thread: Cooling systems in rental properties


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