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19 Aug 2017 08:35:

If you intend looking for a job ..I would suggest you learn to speak Spanish...otherwise you are going to end up like the rest of them...working cash in hand for pocket money within the expat community... or worst still working in a Brit bar/cleaning swimming pools/cleaning holiday apartments cash in hand ...this is what is classed as normal everyday life  for expatriates....your Chance's of getting a job working  as a legal employee are very slim if you do not speak Spanish fluently ...the majority of expats I know that are working…. are self employed ...a self employment NI stamp will cost you approximately €260 per month you will have to pay this even if you have no work on..you are also obliged to charge and collect VAT for the government VAT is charged on every Euro you earn.





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Thread: Thinking of moving to Spain

18 Aug 2017 19:32:

I really don't understand why anyone would want to rely on a EHIC .....it is plain and simple it is for emergency treatment only...if you require long time care or flying back to the UK ..you need to take out private holiday insurance to cover it..... One of my neighbors has been living in Spain for over 10 years ...he is under retirement age so should have private insurance ... he did not have any ...he had a bad fall and went to hospital they initially treated him on the EHIC thinking he was a holiday maker  ....when he went back to the Spanish hospital 2 week's later for treatment again they refused and told him to go and see his doctor in the UK or pay for private care in Spain.




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Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

17 Aug 2017 12:39:

Next time you have a BBQ ..forget the Burger's try fresh fish stuffed with fresh red / green peppers and onions wrap in foil slow cook on the BBQ  and serve with mixed side salad and rice.


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16 Aug 2017 21:22:

Mickyfinn sorry if I insulted you ...but when you mentioned Manchester ...I immediately thought of Moss side and Long sight ...say no more... anyone from Manchester want to tell us more.


16 Aug 2017 20:42:

Floella  sounds good.. I will try that when I come over next months. I also have a passion for any type of sea food .



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