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26 Feb 2020 16:32:

I take it you are  Spanish Residents..if so then you should be able to extend your Spanish reg car insurance .. with your Spanish insurance company...if you are still classed as UK Residents you will not be permitted to drive a Fourien registered car in the UK.. even if you own it and insured to drive it in Spain...as a none Residents.



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Thread: Car insurance for Spanish registered cars

25 Feb 2020 16:44:

I don't think sand bags of any size are going to  keep a 4 foot high River that is running down your Street from coming in...if you are that concerned then  buy a property at the top of a hill ...that has been constructed with a under build ...this type of property is very common in Spain... places like Camposol has villa's that are built in this way ... around 6 years back a small part of Camposol was flooded by a Gota Freia storm some roads / garden walls got damaged and that was it.






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Thread: Flood Sandbags

25 Feb 2020 09:11:

I have built a few properties in the UK and also took on a few unfinished project's..the project that you are thinking about taking on sounds pretty big and in my opinion should only be considered by a experienced builder ..but just to give you some idea of how I would go about it...I would find out how much similar properties are selling for ..I would then add the cost of completion of the property on top of the purchase price if the completion price came in at around 25% less than I could buy a basic similar one for then I would consider it ...your proposal of heat source pumps/solar heating should then be factored in on top the equation after you get a complete price for a basic house...your property at the end of the day with all the proposed extras  is going to cost more than the same looking house next door ..and when it comes to selling your on it will probably go for the same price as the one next door due to the fact that people only take face value into consideration when purchasing .

Thread: Solar and air source heat pumps/and insurlation/

24 Feb 2020 18:10:

If you are buying with the intension of letting out to cover mortgage payments then think again...even if you could afford to buy outright you will still not make enough to cover you outlays if you go through  agency..I know of 3 people that rent out property and they will all tell the same ...you have got to find your own clients and you have got to do all the cleaning / hand overs yourself ..you will also need to have the relevant license  in place ..you will also need a tax accountant as you will be required to pay 24% on income earned...some of the rental income that they quote on programs like place in the sun are a joke ... anywhere you look in Spain you will see thousands up for rent..if it was as easy as giving your key's to a estate agents and sitting back  and watching the money come in wouldn't everybody be doing it.




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Thread: Location advise please

13 Feb 2020 21:18:

I think is involves more than just nipping in to a office and registering...I have it in good faith that you need to be financially secure in Spain apparently you need a income of ... approximately €7,000 per person for the next 5 year's before being considered.. apparently the Spanish government are going to raise this amount this year ..I am not to sure by how much...if you are under UK pension age you will also need private health care in place to cover you for the first year ..after this you can pay directly into the Spanish NHS system at the moment this is around €80 per person per month ...if you are of UK pension age you can go straight on the Spanish NHS system during the transition period .. apparently after the transition period the UK government will no longer fund your free health care in Spain.if you decide to move to Spain after the 31 .01.21.so I have read.



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Thread: Registering as EU citizen


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