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11 Mar 2018 13:10:

Spanish Builder's.

Thread: Fancy a laugh? Post your best joke

09 Mar 2018 14:30:

You will need to get in touch with the local council.... The best way forward is to contact a solicitor and instruct them to apply for a Tourist licence on your behalf.. you will need comply with the list of requirements necessary before a licence is issued.


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Thread: registration for rentals

04 Mar 2018 15:05:

The people of the UK voted to leave... This vote has given instructions to the political establishment that change must be made... personally I think you should not have had a vote if you no longer live in the UK especially if you have taken up residence in another part of the so call EU.





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Thread: EU Referendum

04 Mar 2018 13:05:

55 year old one legged roofers ... From Eastern Europe  that are flooding into the UK .. should bring their benefits with them .. this is why we in the UK have to work longer ..it is rubbish to suggest that people are living longer ...the population is getting bigger by the day with uncontrollable emigration from the EU... Think what you like the government only has one pot of money allocated to benefits/OAPs ....

Thread: EU Referendum

04 Mar 2018 11:45:

I have been working since I was 15 year's old...I left school in 1971 and have paid into the system since ...I am getting on for 63 and should be retiring at the age of 65 ...I have now been informed that the retirement age is now 67 and could rise  .WHY.

Thread: EU Referendum


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