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27 Feb 2021 18:15:

Alexsunny123.. don't forget to come back and let us know how you are getting on with your pool.







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Thread: planning permission for a swimming pool ?.

24 Feb 2021 10:54:

Sandra ..your post is a common problem in Spain ...I keep advising people time and time again .. don't buy of plan in Spain why on earth anyone would consider this leaves me speechless .. when you can buy a property cheaper that's already built it's extremely common in Spain for builders to go bankrupt before they Finnish the site .. leaving the buyer's to fork out yet more money to Finnish the building site ... that's if they get as far as far as picking up the keys..



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22 Feb 2021 08:45:

I purchased a Villa 2 year's back.. and I transferred the money via my UK Santander account to my Spanish Santander account it cost me £15.00 to arrange the transfer ..you must first transfer your sterling into euro's in the UK .. then transfer the whole amount to your Spanish bank account in euro's otherwise the Spanish bank will charge you for receiving sterling...this is the second time I have transferred a significant amount over to Spain to make a property purchase ..the first time I did it was 15 years ago ..I did this through a money transfer company ...but I would not recommend this now due to a few of them going bust and people losing large amounts of money .. these money transfer companys are generally not regulated..I do use a company called Transfer wise to send over small amount on a monthly basis to pay the bills and so forth ..I would need to think about sending large amounts through Transfer wise.


Thread: Money Transfers

18 Feb 2021 08:58:

Villa Martin is  way inland  it will take you 20 minutes driving to get to the nearest beach... property on villa Martin is generally cheaper for this reason villa Martin has only one  area that you can go for a night out and does not compare to the the likes of Playa Flamenca if you play golf VM would suit you ..you will pay around 25% or more for a equivalent property in Playa due to being close to the beach / shopping/ night life ..I have a Villa in Los Balcones around 1klm from Playa Flamenca which although more expensive than Villa Martin it come highly recommended being close to the beach / shopping and so forth ..but not to close to the night life ..this is something you should take into consideration when looking to buy ..I personally don't mind a 15 minute walk to the night life ..I like live music and busy shopping centres and the likes but on the other hand would not like to live on top of it.


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Thread: Playa flamenca Jumilla complex

17 Feb 2021 22:17:

Google Camposol & Grupo Masa ...Masa the builders officially went  bank rupt approximately 4 year's back for approximately 30 million euros many many people lost their properties ..on Camposol the reason Masa are still trading  is due to the fact that they transferred all the bad dept's on to a sister company called Justo Y Manoli they then put JM into liquidation leaving Camposol unfinished ..if you have only put €6,000 down personally I think you should just forget about it as it would take possibly 10 year's or more to get to court ..to get it back ...think your self lucky it was only €6,000 no disrespect intended but only a mug would put a deposit on a property that hasn't been built yet ..I don't know why people do this when they can see thousands of Finnish key ready properties up for sale  many thousands of people have lost money on so called off plan property... Spain is notorious for this good luck .




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Thread: New-Build Property and Guarantee Insurance


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