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13 Jun 2024 11:14 AM:

I take it this property is really cheap and is so for a good reason so if you want to take someones problems on at great expense to yourself then carry-on.. but I really can't understand why you would want to do this when half the property's on the Costa s are up for sale at a reasonable price. 

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07 Jun 2024 11:13 AM:

 Madrid and Barcelona Citys are full of illegal immigrants sleeping on the streets / Looky Looky men / Romanian pick pockets and Hookers .

Thread: Barcelona or Madrid

31 May 2024 11:54 AM:

Torrevieja city might be the answer 🤔  to your inquiry.. you will get a 1 bedroom apartment or studio for your budget in one of the older type apartment blocks .

Thread: Location advice

07 Apr 2024 10:21 AM:

If you are very lucky you might get what you are paying for in the glossy brochure.. but unfortunately Spanish Builders  / property developers have a history of going into administration before the project is finished.. speaking of past experience I personally would not advise anyone to buy off plan. 

Thread: Buying an off-plan apartment

07 Apr 2024 10:04 AM:

The the estate agent is probably fed up with stupid people dreaming and the easiest way to get shot of a dreamer is to ask them for a returnable deposit .. a genuine buyer will pay up whilst the dreamers will turn on their heals and carry on dreaming. 


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