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17 Jan 2022 10:04 AM:

I came across a Facebook site called Brexpats in Spain..and was shocked at the way the members of this outspoken Facebook group with  ( anty UK stance ) and

Seemed to blame BREXIT..for everything that they didn't like ...i asked this group a simple question that basically said if you lived in Spain legaly pre BREXIT and you are now living in Spain legaly post BREXIT then surly nothing has changed for you so why are so many of this group's members constantly moaning and complaining about the BREXIT..the only people that the BREXIT effected directly was Holiday home owners withe the 90 /180 rules and the illegal Ducker and Diver's that had been forced to become legal Tax paying Residents..so I can't see what the problem was with this group..I was duly band from this site after only a couple of post..




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Thread: The BREXIT has it affected you living in Spain

14 Jan 2022 1:04 PM:

No bank in any country will lend you the money to open a business up.. (especially a business in Spain) the only way they would consider a  loan is if you had a property that you owned outright .. they would offer you a mortgage against you property...if your business failed and you couldn't pay the outstanding mortgage  they would simply repo your property and sell it to recover the dept..

Thread: Personal loan

12 Jan 2022 7:19 PM:

Johnmcmahon are you a resident of Spain or a holiday home owner...as I said before residents need to take a Spanish driving test to obtain a Spanish driving license otherwise you can't drive a car in Spain ..if you are none resident holiday home owner you only need a up to date driving license..you don't need a IDP to drive or hire a car in Spain.

Thread: Driving in Spain UK licence

12 Jan 2022 10:06 AM:

Johnmcmahon...as you said if you intend being a resident in Spain you need to exchange your UK license for a Spanish one... immediately after being accepted as a resident. .but it doesn't end there as you need to take a Spanish driving test...if you are a holiday home owner like myself all you need is a up to date UK license  .

Thread: Driving in Spain UK licence

29 Dec 2021 6:03 PM:

Antonio 1..if your community has a committee that runs the maintenance and so forth..they will hold a yearly meeting when they will vote on such matters ..if they get enough votes then the motion is passed simple as that.

Thread: Proposal for Community to supply phone, TV and internet.


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"Hi I have just got back from Spain after spending a week at my holiday home I have not been over to my villa for 9 months due to business commitments hear in the U.K ,I was shocked to find that only 2 villas out of 120 had full time occupants and all the rest where locked up it reminded me of a ghost town why are so many expats leaving Spain."
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