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30 Apr 2021 09:49:

Roberto..the EU is firmly to blame for the UK leaving the so called European union..Junker point blank refused to listen to the concerns of the British government and the British public .. when David Cameron asked for a temporary halt to uncontrollable migration into the UK ..the EU treated the UK government in a contemptible way ..the EU answer to the UK's problems was you  eat of the same table when you join the Union...this attitude is fine when all the members have the same on there table to offer ..but they didn't hence the Brexit.

Thread: Eu 90 day rule

29 Apr 2021 08:10:

It sounds to me that you are reading and looking at glossy pictures on the net.. personally if I was you I would book a couple of weeks holiday in your choice of location first just to test the water ...with a view to renting first then if you like it maybe think about buying ..life in a Spanish village does not suit everyone ... firstly you will need to speak Spanish fluently and be extremely patient with the way Spanish people live around you and be prepared to live with very few amenities that we take for granted... finally it is not uncommon to see property in Spanish villages for extremely low prices and when you have owned a property in Spain for the last 16 years like myself on the Costa's it doesn't take you long to realize why this type of property is  what you call cheap so think twice and part with your money once.

Thread: Buying in Fuente de Piedra?

29 Apr 2021 07:42:

What I can't understand is why the UK is allowing  a EU citizen spend 180 day's in one go in the UK..but the EU are refusing to allow UK citizen the same rights...why are the EU being so difficult .


Thread: Eu 90 day rule

28 Apr 2021 21:42:

The only people I have come across that are moaning about Brexit and the 90 / 180 rules are the ducker & divers that have been working cash in hand and living below the radar...in Spain.

Thread: Eu 90 day rule

28 Apr 2021 07:54:

Kavanagh..you are completely right about the length of stay in Spain befor you are required to register as a resident it has remained the same as pre Brexit ..the only difference now post Brexit is that you need a income of approximately €27,000 per year as apposed to a income of approximately €7,000 per year pre Brexit everything else has remained the same.

Thread: Eu 90 day rule


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