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15 Oct 2021 21:43:

Your bank will have the deeds/Escutura ... your solicitor can get the information off the Escutura .

Thread: Swimming pool

14 Oct 2021 23:14:

 Google it .

Thread: Patio door repairs

14 Oct 2021 23:05:

I sold a villa back last year the villa was completely legal ..but the pool that was installed by the same builders that built the villa did not apply for planning permission so it wasn't on the Escutura ...so I had to have a survey / architect to inspect the pool and apply for it to be added to the original Escutura it cost €1,500 for this service...your pool should be on your Escutura .



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Thread: Swimming pool

12 Oct 2021 20:33:

Jimbofinn..you should have told them to shove the property and voted with your feet..I sure you would have found another property.

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria

11 Oct 2021 22:04:

Jimbofinn..I have bought a few properties in Spain via estate agents..I have never paid a agent for purchasing a property .. only the estate agents client that is selling the property is eligible for any costs... without a buyer you don't have a sale so why would a estate agent risk losing a buyer by trying to charge them 2% finders fee .

Thread: Selling property without estate agent /good Gestoria


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