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06 Oct 2018 16:00 by nitram Star rating in castalla. 165 posts Send private message

Could somebody confirm, with the new Data Protection Laws that came in to force in May, it is now illegal to post in AGM/EGM, callings and in the  minuets, any property that are in debt with their community fees

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06 Oct 2018 21:41 by ads Star rating. 4012 posts Send private message

Doesn’t this depend upon the community of owners giving majority permission to identify those properties who are compromising their development by not paying their debts owed to the community?


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06 Oct 2018 23:50 by MikeandHelen Star rating. 158 posts Send private message

GDPR as implemented in local law is on a country by country basis but as it's an EU Regulation there must be fundamentally simular principles across the EU.

The information held by communities is within a closed group in which members sign up to the rules. Most/All communities share information about various things and this includes non payers which is an established practice, and I would argue other community members have a legitimate reason to be given this information.

This information does fall within the definition of personally identifiable information but is not published outside the group (except maybe to Lawyers who have a justifiable legal reason for having the information) so i would say don't get too hung up on GDPR.

But of course this does not contitute legal advice....

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07 Oct 2018 09:25 by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 930 posts Send private message

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I tend to agree with MikeandHelen

However with any new law it’s interpretation can vary greatly, especially in Spain where a straight answer to a straight question is rare. Also how would the chaotic shambles of Spain’s justice system handle a dispute regarding (GDPR). What community member in debt has or would spend €50,000 in legal fees over a 5 year period because he/she was named as a bad debtor and may well loose in the end.

You can have as many laws as you like but enforcing them is not always realistic and practical.

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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