Another resounding result for GM LawyersOnce our court attendance was over

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08 Sep 2018 15:53 by liztc Star rating in London. 18 posts Send private message

We are writing this in appreciation and gratitude for all the work GM Lawyers carried out on our behalf to win our case,retrieve all our deposits, full interest for the last 15 years + costs which was done in just over 2 years from start to finish and all the monies now in our bank.

Communication was excellent throughout the process, our court appearance effortless due to the perparation and guidance given to us. 

Once our court attendance was over in March we could not believe the swiftness of the staged recovery of the money.

We had held off for such a long time from making this journey for fear of losing more money, extra stress at our time of life and other disappointments.


Thank you Guadalupe/GM Lawyers for giving us back a retirement.



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11 Sep 2018 17:28 by gazzap Star rating. 39 posts Send private message

Hi litdc.  Fantastic news very pleased for you .I also have just won our deposit back plus interest for 10 year 

and court costs it took a year from start to finish and received my money within a month of the court case 

our solicitors where Mam solicitors in san Javier highly recommended 

there’s lots of good news stories coming out so if in same boat don’t give up there’s light at the end of the tunnel 


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14 Sep 2018 23:02 by sandra Star rating in . 803 posts Send private message

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'There’s light at the end of the tunnel'

Oh! I do hope so. We have been waiting ten years for the return of our money after paying our deposit in 2005.

We have been back and forth to court, first to sue the developer and then the bank. The last ruse to delay payment was to request even more paperwork. 







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17 Sep 2018 16:14 by joyjo Star rating. 116 posts Send private message


I was also lucky to have Guadalupe as my lawyer.  We also received our deposit and interest within 2 years of taking her on, after a dismal time with another lawyer who was no help.

The only thing is, we are still awaiting costs which the banks appealed. The appeal is to be heard in the SC in Madrid.

Has anyone had this problem and how long does it take for the case to be heard?









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17 Sep 2018 17:08 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9290 posts Send private message

Legal Questions? Speak to Maria Direct



Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



El blog de Maria

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18 Sep 2018 21:36 by ads Star rating. 4012 posts Send private message


Do you know on what grounds the Bank are appealing your award of costs, and until this is resolved by the SC will this affect all awards of costs going forward?

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19 Sep 2018 10:00 by joyjo Star rating. 116 posts Send private message

Hi Ads

Don't know why SGR appealled. They actually appealled the appeal decision and we were informed that it would go to the SC in Madrid. I don't understand why some people get the costs and others don't when circumstances are the same.








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19 Sep 2018 12:24 by ads Star rating. 4012 posts Send private message

It's important to gain this specific information about the appeal to the SC from your lawyer Jojo, in order to understand exactly why the Bank are appealing your costs.

Also important to gain an appreciation if this has actually been admitted to the SC (as opposed to being submitted), as sometimes the SC do not admit an appeal, in which case presumably they would inform of the reasons why this has not been admitted. Also ask your lawyer to advise how long these submissions are taking, and if it is admitted how long thereafter before you will receive a SC ruling..

It's really important to gain transparency.


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This message was last edited by ads on 19/09/2018.

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19 Sep 2018 12:57 by clieve Star rating in south wales & Phase .... 194 posts Send private message

Not all solicitors in Spain are the same, we were delighted withe Mare Nostrum in Los Alcazares who resolved our huge problems in a short time which has enabled us to enjoy our retirement in our Spanish home


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19 Sep 2018 22:30 by Chrissie1 Star rating in UK. 386 posts Send private message

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20 Sep 2018 11:50 by joyjo Star rating. 116 posts Send private message

Hi Ads

It would appear they are appealing the sentence award not just the costs, as they are entitled to do, until the sentence is no longer appealable?

Until the sentence outcome is firm, the costs cannot be paid.!!!!!!!!!!



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20 Sep 2018 13:56 by ads Star rating. 4012 posts Send private message


If it is your successful appeal sentence AWARD that is being challenged at SC level does this mean that your interest that you have already received is at risk also? What exactly are they challenging? Are they challenging the interest element of the award?

Does your lawyer consider that it is the case law relevant to your case, now recognised by many appeal courts that is being challenged and that there haven’t yet been two identical SC rulings to achieve SC doctrine, which allows the Banks/ Insurance Companies to keep challenging good existing case law until a second SC ruling has been achieved?




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20 Sep 2018 17:23 by joyjo Star rating. 116 posts Send private message

Hi Ads

Don't know anymore. What I've told you is all I was told and as far as the interest, they have no chance of getting that back! The case has obviously been accepted because we paid the court agent in Madrid last year.

Just wish it was over and done with.


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20 Sep 2018 18:54 by ads Star rating. 4012 posts Send private message

Good luck Joyjo and really hope that you and your legal team achieve a successful outcome. I would never wish to compromise your legal position on open forum but in the interim I hope you manage to gain more detail for your own peace of mind.

All we can do in the interim is to try and gain transparency re what these financial institutions are doing, identify the implications to both the justice system and individuals alike, and trust that once outcomes become firm that we can clarify if they have been made accountable in that process.

Stay strong!



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