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11 Nov 2022 10:51 AM:

It would appear that he has purposely stated his intent to reoccupy a democratic country on his border which in his mind he considers to still be part of Russia and by his aggressive stance to date is purposefully ignoring the Geneva conventions.

He tried to relinquish his responsibility by originally refusing to acknowledge this was war but " a special mission".

It would appear that he has never accepted Ukraine ( or other states for that matter ) as being independent of Russian rule which implies this was intentional non compliance of rules intended to protect, and therefore his non compliance was not in ignorance but purposeful. 

Evidence of war crimes including purposeful intent is therefore critical to this whole scenario 


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11 Nov 2022 8:56 AM:

A war crime is a violation of the laws of war.

The legal understanding of war crimes has been codified in several multilateral treaties, most notably the Geneva Conventions.

Much depends upon wantonly violating the laws of war, such things as 
Wantonly targeting civilians or wantonly destroying their means of survival such as water sources, crops, livestock etc.

The evidence from the people of Mariupol alone in this documentary speaks reams and appears to sadly identify wanton violation under the command of Putin.


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Thread: International AVAAZ petition

10 Nov 2022 4:11 PM:

BBC one Panorama program 8th November 2022 9 pm.
 Mariupol  The people's story.

Extraordinary evidence.





Thread: International AVAAZ petition

11 Oct 2022 9:13 PM:

Well done Maria.

Noticed that two of those wins were at Supreme Court level (TS), so just wondering what legal principles did you win?

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10 Oct 2022 12:11 AM:

Some good advice here.



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