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24 Feb 2017 14:14:

The cure for the EU is not a universal benefit system for all the reasons you identify Robert, it's to put in place an adequate factoring mechanism that takes into account the various differentials across member states, and applies controls accordingly ( an intellectual exercise and a half!),....A stabilising mechanism if you will.

Trouble is the EU has already ignored existing stabilising mechanisms so not a good track record in that regard I'm afraid! wink

Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 14:02:

It's called The United Kingdom Tadd and for Scotland to go it alone is economically unrealistic. Many Scottish people recognise this now and would be reticent to compromise themselves in this regard. 

In terms of the border with Southern Ireland, it appears to have been agreed in principle that no physical borders will be necessary ( alternative electronic mechanisms could be put in place), and in the event of any future irregular movements of EU citizens causing stress on the Irish Republic, then I'm sure they are equally capable of negotiating their own corner, given the gradual realisation now by EU Parliamentarians of the need for adequate mechanisms to be put in place as a means of responding to such irregular migrationary pressures.

Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 13:22:

No you still don't understand Mickeyfinn, it's UNCONTROLLED free movement without EU checks and mechanisms in place to respond to irregular movements of this scale and timeframe that leads to intolerance, not free movement per see.

Without the ability to respond to these irregular movements, such as has been agreed with Canada in their trade agreement with the EU, with allowance for a fair monitoring and flexible and efficient electronic visa system, you leave member states vulnerable if those movements become out of kilter, large scale and swift etc.

I agree that national Govts play their part in terms of ongoing reform, but without tackling the underlying cause, I.e. lack of ALLOWABLE effective control mechanisms where applicable, where Govts that are expected to radically change their own benefit systems which were intended to protect the most vulnerable within their own society ( tax credits and housing benefits), or change the mechanisms in place to incentivise work ( in- work benefits), then intolerance would only grow, not diminish.

It is wrong to expect a nation to radically change their benefit system within an unrealistic timeframe, without taking account of ongoing reforms, or knock on effects associated with radical and swift change.

Neither is it fair not to take into account the wage differentials, remittance flows and economic stress factors on the recipient member states, that act as additional "pull factors" that have the potential to further exacerbate the vulnerabilities. 

It's not as black and white as you suggest I'm afraid with regard to freedom of movement, and you seem reticent to accept these realities that other EU Parliamentarians are starting to recognise.


As things currently stand Freedom of movement is allied with EU trade agreements, hence the need for Canada to place provisos on this in terms of inbuilt flexible controls to tackle  " irregular migration ". Hence the suggestion this be replicated when negotiating access to the single market post Brexit, as Canada currently benefits from.

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Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 11:08:

Mickeyfinn are you suggesting that you holdfast to a principle that leads to proliferation of intolerance without seeking a solution, when the solution is to factor in and make provision for " irregular migration trends"? It doesn't have to be like this!

Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 09:54:

To repeat Mickeyfinn, the emerging intolerance you refer to is indicative of EU intransigence where the cure relies upon EU bureaucrats to make adequate FAIR provision for " irregular migration trends" .... The EU have made such provision within the CETA arrangements so it is hypocritical to deny similar provision for the UK.

Why do you suppose that Canada ensured this was an essential part of their agreement with the EU? No doubt it was to ensure in part that such imbalance leading to any proliferation of intolerance was adequately catered for. 


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Thread: BREXIT


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