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27 Mar 2017 23:15:

Interesting live debate on BBC question time tonight that covered many of the issues... Should be available on BBC iplayer for those interested.




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Thread: BREXIT

27 Mar 2017 16:47:

Yes Brian, and fascinating to learn how people arrive at their identities and what has influenced them (whether negatively or positively, or a combination of both)....what that's saying "we are a product of our environment making us the unique being we are" but I still think that genetic makeup plays a part in that equation.

Let's hope that there are enough realistic optimists with open minds with willingness to seek fair and workable solutions in BOTH negotiating teams to arrive at mutually beneficial outcomes in the immediate years ahead. Perhaps we should all as European citizens hold them to account on that premise!.

Thread: BREXIT

27 Mar 2017 14:53:

Time to make our politicians more accountable, but only acheiveable if citizens also retain an open mind and optimistic self belief that change, where required, is possible, instead of constant doom mongering, which does little to reassure those who for whatever reason ( and understandably) remain fearful of change.

Life is full of insecurities but realistic optimism helps us all move forward doesn't it? 

As for the media, that's why independent live TV debates covering wide regional areas, with fair and balanced intellectual cross questioning of the varying political representatives, intended to act as an educative tool, was and still is so essential in gaining a wide perspective of the various and complex issues.


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Thread: BREXIT

27 Mar 2017 13:44:

The skill to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes will no doubt rest with those who are able to retain an open mind to asses a variety of options ( flexibility), without divisive rhetoric and intransigence that only alienates and further divides. 

But please to goodness not just assessing this from a cold clinical financial perspective, but also encorporating a social conscience with due regard to citizen's wellbeing. These politicians are after all supposed to be representing citizens best interests alongside due consideration of financial realities and constraints....

But perhaps therein lies the problem...Insufficient regard for real citizens well being when making policy decisions that can negatively impact their way of life, or proliferate unrest if not correctly analysed and realistically timeframed in the first place!



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Thread: BREXIT

27 Mar 2017 12:32:

I personally find the whole aspect of separation of the United Kingdom in this manner sad, as there are many on an emotional level who perceive our country as one large "family of people" with long lasting traditions yes, but common values, a civilised way of life in the main, with laws and regulatory structures in place that have taken hundreds of years to develop and adjust to changing circumstances.

But on a more practical level, a United Kingdom in transition via devolution of Parliament's, endeavouring to better address the fairer distribution of common shared resources across our "family" nation.

Some may argue rightly that this has been well overdue, with a north/ south divide born from an unfair distribution of finances, but that is no reason to separate our family of people, moreover it is all the more reason to recognise that we are better off working together as one family and resolving the financial disparities in a fair and civilised manner.

The comparison to Europe is far more complex, however, given each member state at this moment in time has its vastly different evolutionary stages of development, values, and regulatory structures ( or lack of wink!), each with its own widely differing governmental structures, and economic and social priorities at this moment in time.

But more importantly, each with a need to manage effectively its own financial wellbeing, currently struggling under the existing eurozone system which denies member states the ability to adequately react to financial crises, given their differing levels of debt, their state structures and commitments, their regulatory Banking structures, etc..  , the "pure but complex economics" if you will.

And this appears where there is great misunderstanding of how these complexities play their essential​ part in the effective wellbeing of CITIZENS within the various European member states. 

An educative article may go a little way to explain these complexities and what has " gone wrong" with the current eurozone system, which we should all not be afraid to recognise or analyse in a fair and rational manner, if we are ever to resolve how best to move forward to resolve the complex issues in an orderly and civilised manner, so as to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes following the democratic decision of the UK to leave the European Union ( not abandoning Europe ).



Thread: BREXIT


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