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28 Jul 2022 6:34 PM:

Is it also true that there is another aspect to retrieval of monies to consider? I.e. award of interest backdated to date of deposit, which in some cases where judicial award of costs was not fully met ( I.e. in instances where elements of doubt still existed prior to SC doctrine being achieved) should act as some form of additional compensation to offset the claimants costs?

Which begs the question have backdated interests been fought for in this specific case?

Thread: Court case costs

07 Jul 2022 7:11 PM:

Protectionist of the Banks? ☹️

What form of intermediaries are these referring to Maria? It's difficult to assess the meaning...


Thread: Bank´s liability on custody of off plan funds

06 Jul 2022 3:36 PM:

Hi Deeleys,

Who are the Bank implying is the " intermediary" in your case?



Thread: Bank´s liability on custody of off plan funds

03 Jul 2022 4:03 PM:


With regard to the defence comment...this might go some way to explain what I meant re NATO taking a defensive approach to the situation.


Hope this helps.

Re the choice of NATO summit venues it would appear that this is somewhat cyclical given previous venues, so it would appear that different countries are given an opportunity to host. So it appears to be decided in advance ( Lithuania for example has been chosen for 2023 apparently).

This chart shows the detail....


Re serving arrest warrants it is obviously dependent on those establishing an effective international tribunal as indicated in the AVAAZ campaign.



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Thread: International AVAAZ petition

02 Jul 2022 4:08 PM:



Your argument re not trying hard enough is applicable, but not necessarily in the way you infer, and is complex in so much as governments and states are trying to abide by an International order that has been explained in previous responses.


The argument used to date appears to suggest that Ukraine and other European States are acting in defence of Russian aggression. This is part of the International order that all states have signed up to within the Geneva Convention ( and that the tyrant Putin is in contravention of). 


The moment that any Western country attacks Russian territory, the inference is that this will play into Putin's hands as he is constantly suggesting that it is he who is acting in defence and not the aggressor. 

All indications to date obviously demonstrate otherwise, but this is the manipulative manner in which Putin appears to be trying to gain credibility to his campaign ( and this is what he is telling the Russian people). 


Tragically alongside this, war crimes are being committed under the authority of Putin, and these are also contravening International Humaniatarian Rights....yet another contravention.

This is why the West are seeking evidence to support him being indicted as a war criminal. Obviously Putin and his supporters are denying such atrocities which is why evidence gathering is so essential.


So this is what Putin is trying to exploit. 


It would appear that he is trying to goad the West into aggressive action on their own Russian territory ( in full knowledge that the West abides by such International Conventions, leaving him to do as he wants in the interim.)  And all of his aggressive actions are in complete contravention of this International  Order.


The western states have been trying therefore to curtail such aggression by all manner of defensive actions, not only by provision of military supplies to Ukraine but also by financial sanctions. But it doesn't stop there...


Putin has cleverly positioned himself over many years and has compromised the West by their naive reliance on Russian oil and gas, and failed to see how vulnerable citizens have been left in that process. Hence the current attempts to seek alternatives and wean ourselves off Russian energy supplies. Not easy and painful of course….


Putin is also hoping that such financial impacts on our own economies, which we are all witnessing through inflation, will be sufficiently financially painful to disincentivise the West from continuing to support Ukraine. 

 But the realisation now is that it is the wider world who are impacted by his actions and not just Ukraine.


Basically you have a tyrant who is not abiding by agreed International Conventions or Humanitarian Rights,  so the West and all States that signed up to this order need to act swifly as one to indict him as a war criminal and place him under International arrest, exposing all evidence to date.


The longer this requirement to indict him at International level is delayed, the longer Ukraine will suffer, and the more vulnerable all citizens around the world willl become to his increasingly aggressive and inhumane actions, let alone the risks associated with such a tyrant having authority to provoke Nuclear war.


So this campaign to get Putin arrested via a war crime tribunal and removed from power appears increasingly critical to any retention of civilised World International order. 


Re Belarus, this is equally indicative of Putin's forward planning to get a leader to support his aggressive endeavours.


To remove that leader in any undemocratic manner however would also be in contravention of the International order, so Putin is once again exploiting this Western compliance.


It would appear therefore that the only way to best deal with this tyrant who is impacting so many across the world is to SWIFTLY get him indicted and expose the atrocities being committed under his tyrannical authority. 


In other words restore International world order.


Hence it would appear that we all need to sign the campaign to SWIFTLY establish an effective international tribunal and get Putin arrested as a war criminal.



Thread: International AVAAZ petition


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