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19 Aug 2017 17:32:

Here's an educative article dated April 2017 titled "EU citizens seeking UK residency face health insurance hurdle", which might go some way to explain the differing systems in the UK and Spain and the need for Comprehensive Sickness Insurance.


It appears that "The UK rules on CSI originate with the EU, which demands that all European migrants take out extra insurance so they do not become a burden on their host country." and "The reason the UK has this problem is that the National Health Service is free for all at the point of use, whereas most European countries have insurance-based systems that require everyone to contribute to the cost of their care."

The article identifies

"The Home Office says that the “easiest way to demonstrate Comprehensive Sickness Insurance is through a valid European Health Insurance Card for temporary migrants issued free of charge by [a European Economic Area] member state other than the UK, or their own Comprehensive Sickness Insurance policy”.

Financially self-sufficient migrants “have always been required to demonstrate that they have comprehensive sickness insurance”, while students have been since 2011."

...  "Home Office officials privately acknowledge that asking applicants to provide sickness insurance may seem onerous, but since it is a requirement under EU law, they have no choice but to enforce it. They argue that not doing so would be a breach of free movement rules."

Could it be argued that if insurance is reqd in a temporary migrants own country then it should also apply for them in the UK?


Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

19 Aug 2017 12:39:

Many make their judgements based upon firsthand experience which for those who are relatively healthy and haven't needed to use the health system to the same extent as others, they tend to rely more upon reporting and political persuasion when making their judgements, so an open mind is necessary when coming to any conclusions under those circumstances.

On the other hand, for those who have experienced more serious health issues and depend upon the health system to a far greater extent, then if reporting is to be believed, the UK system can be a postcode lottery depending on all manner of circumstance ....lifestyle, social structures, education with regard to healthy living, smoking and drinking habits, incentive to exercise, affordability to eat a balanced diet, external pressures which affect health service funding ( a sensitive issue given those areas under growing pressure from swift influx of people, etc), centralisation of specialist care centres and proximity to research and educational establishments,  administrative competence, availability of specialised staff, etc ....  

All manner of aspects to consider within each country ( and region for that matter), so generalisations tend to ignore the complex nature to this subject.

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm

10 Aug 2017 23:59:


"From hospitals to prisons and schools, we specialise in getting the kind of access that offers the viewer an 'under the skin' honest insight into another world. We are adept at building and maintaining relationships with institutions and the individuals within them. We deliver films which repeatedly attract big audiences and stimulate debate."

Honest insight into another world..... Stimulate debate....

Quite a tall order but no doubt time will tell by the perspective they deliver.

Thread: Escape for the Winter- BBC Television Series Wants You!

10 Aug 2017 09:34:

Forewarned is forearmed when it comes to ALL aspects associated with renting so surely any program that is associated with renting should be educative as well as "entertaining" if a success is to be made of "wintering abroad".

Hopefully any such series will be well balanced in its content giving a realistic perspective?

Thread: Escape for the Winter- BBC Television Series Wants You!


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