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26 Apr 2017 11:45:


The EOS mods observed the following on the Brexit thread

"Now that article 50 has been triggered, there seems no point in discussing if Brexit was a mistake or not as it is going to happen like it or not. So no threads on 'regrets' as that is now a pointless discussion and has been discussed already)"

But that doesn't mean that there aren't UK election issues relevant to moving forward with Brexit to discuss. 

The issue of UK reform is of considerable relevance to the upcoming UK election, especially if we are to learn from past mistakes and seek out positive outcomes. With emphasis on the positive. All too often the emphasis on issues relating to reform are addressed from a negative perspective...Perhaps it's time to focus on striving for more positive and beneficial outcomes!

Let's see what comes from the various manifestos in the weeks ahead. The difference being I suspect the positive Vs negative perspectives will predominate! But I hope we can still retain a civilised debate. wink


Thread: UK General Election

26 Apr 2017 07:18:

Still waiting on election manifestos Mariedav so only speculation on the issues you raise so far... But of course the issue of Brexit dominates the political landscape right now, and maybe understandable when you consider the implications and the Westminster mandate the PM is seeking to realistically tackle the upcoming negotiations and beyond.

It's not like any GE we have witnessed before so it's unrealistic to assume that Brexit won't dominate the landscape as we approach June 8th ( no matter how much we all might wish otherwise).


Thread: UK General Election

25 Apr 2017 21:43:

Rob j1 you observed

I'm sorry Ads, but I dont have a lot of patience for people who cant get off their butts to solve their own problems. Sure, there are people who genuinely cant (my wife is vision impaired), but I'm not talking about people in genuine need. I'm talking about the lazy who actively chose to sign on to the dole rather than make something of themselves. Every tax payer is carrying these bums."


Whilst I understand your frustration please bear in mind that social mobility and deprivation is quite a complex area to resolve, so generalisations are again not helpful in this regard to be honest Rob J1.... 

Apparently the Govt are planning a conference

" The ‘Left Behind Britain’ conference, which is hosted by the Social Mobility Commission and University of Bath, brings together 200 political leaders, policy makers, academics, charities, think tanks, civil servants and business leaders to increase understanding, share knowledge and explore new solutions to one of the greatest challenges facing our country today."

Hopefully more reform measures to follow. Apparently the EU are also analysing this subject matter so it appears a cause for concern across Europe not just in the UK.

The more we comprehend these issues and try to eradicate the stigma attached to such, the lack of self belief, the lack of aspiration, mental health issues that can develop as a consequence of economic and social deprivation from a young age, etc, all factors that can lead  to false generalisations and perceptions....., the more chance we have to tackle the issue.

Long overdue, yes, but essential to creating  a more civilised and caring society. :)


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Thread: UK General Election

25 Apr 2017 15:28:

Here's the latest re the Labour Party's take on Brexit...


Also another informative Brexit site is




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Thread: UK General Election

25 Apr 2017 08:34:

Such an astute posting Briando,

I think you are right ( in part) in your analysis and this is important for us all to recognise and respond to.

I sincerely don't wish to come across as blaming the EU alone for these problems but we really should be endeavouring to prioritise a more harmonious way forward and work to develop the respect for one another in that venture. Easy in words but it will take those in power in Europe to hopefully heed the warning signs and as you say not enforce or bully  or proliferate division in the interim.

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Thread: UK General Election


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