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24 May 2023 1:12 AM:

Well identified Kavanagh.

Until this is dealt with by EOS the best solution is for everyone scammed in this way to bin the messages in the interim.

Thread: Scammers on EOS by Private Messages

13 Apr 2023 1:18 PM:

Dear  Maria

Please can you advise how long can Spanish courts hold claimants money that has been deposited into the courts safe keeping following a successful Bank claim, and not process a court order by the procurator?

Can this be an indefinite delay or are there legal time limits in place to protect from excessive procedural delays of this nature?

What would be deemed an " excessive" delay by the legal team?

Do the courts gain interest on claimant's monies held in the interim?

Given the Bank having deposited monies owed is no longer liable for interest on these monies, can the legal team reclaim any interim interest accrued by the courts, as part of the delayed court order process, or is there no facility to do so?

In other words are Spanish Courts under any legal obligation to return any additional interim accrued interest due as a consequence of procedural delays which are not of claimants making?

Has this impact on final enforcement to the ACTUAL RETURN OF MONIES to client accounts, according to successful judicial rulings, now become a major problem for legal teams and clients alike? Are claimants effectively financially protected from excessive delays in this regard?

Many thanks in anticipation!

Thread: Question for Maria. How long can Spanish courts hold claimants monies and what are the rules governing interim interest?

05 Mar 2023 4:18 PM:

Oh gosh this is hard work Kavanagh.

For goodness sake I'm not looking for problems just clarification of what is required and how you prove it!

The inference from baz is that this would take the form of a bank statement, but not everyone have statements on their phone, nor do they carry large sums of cash in their person. 

 So the detail of what is required as proof needs confirming to eliminate ignorance in this regard , wouldn't you agree? 

I would suggest stop looking for problems or intimating any other agenda, when it doesn't exist!

This is so silly!

P.s. Just seen your posting Mariedav.

Much appreciated, thanks.


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Thread: Spain to apply to the EU for the abolition of the 90 / 180 rule for British citizens

05 Mar 2023 2:37 PM:

Yes and sincere thanks for that but please don't underestimate the impact of divisive or inciteful language in this educative process. That's all I'm saying. 

Moving on, it would appear that there are also other new rules in the pipeline coming  for 2024…namely ETIAS (the European Travel Information and Authorisation System). So it’s important to comprehend this too. And I wonder how many are aware of this?



But this is confusing….

Border officials may also ask to see a return ticket and/or proof of financial means to cover the entire trip, passengers should have this information to hand.
So I wonder what form will proof of financial means to cover the entire trip will this take?  So even more need for detailed clarification I’m afraid.





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Thread: Spain to apply to the EU for the abolition of the 90 / 180 rule for British citizens


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