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16 Feb 2020 13:58:

You could also add the need for respected professional associations connected with the real estate and conveyancing industries, which have the ability to speak on behalf of their members to government, agencies, regulators, the media and other opinion formers with the potential to advance standards, technological innovation and compliance, let alone seek out better dispute resolutions, which would all enhance trust and provide reassurance for consumers going forward.


Thread: occupation licence

16 Feb 2020 12:25:

There is also the situation to remain aware of that there is now the option for a 3/5 majority vote of community owners to ban renters if they so choose.
Also that debts owed to communities from unsold repossessed properties on developments have led to increases in outgoings (community fees) until such time as those properties are sold, which in several communities can be several years down the line.

Basically the need for close scrutiny to rental contracts and purchase contracts alike by independent respected legal professionals becomes essential given all manner of changes, some of which relate to Brexit and some do not.

Unfortunately many find out these realities far too late in the day given the lack of information provided to some prospective purchasers or renters, hence the ongoing need to highlight realities on forums such as EOS, until such time as the real estate professionals and conveyancing firms and media consistently advise of such realities.

But the irony also is that all of the above is no excuse for purposeful evasion of tax on both sides of the channel, (as Acer described as " freeloaders" on another thread), that do all too many a disservice in that process. Hence the desire to find a mutually acceptable system where necessary data is shared to minimise the opportunity to freeload in the first place!

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Thread: Brexit: tax on lets

15 Feb 2020 10:41:

This appeared quite an informative article dated November 2019 



Thread: Registering as EU citizen

14 Feb 2020 17:24:

I thought that was what EOS was good at...........keeping people informed and for that matter debating some ethical issues that require resolution.

Perhaps the EOS moderators might suggest that this forum is of growing need now, especially given the sensationlistic press and media that have, shall we say, not always looked to the wider perspective! wink

As for proactivity, yes I agree with you that not enough is done, but a good starting point is a forum that keeps people informed (especially where changes are plentiful, never mind the many complexities and differences that exist in the real estate industry and the justice system in Spain) and just maybe occasionally inspires them sufficiently to take action to the benefit of many, as we have seen with some successes to date..

Long live EOS!!!

Thread: Brexit: tax on lets

14 Feb 2020 17:13:

I still wonder how the UK Govt can keep a handle on citizens registering in Spain if they subsequently don't inform HMRC of stays over 183 days, or for that matter on how the Spanish tax office are going to keep a handle on tax residency for stays over 183 days in this regard ....any ideas?

Thread: Registering as EU citizen


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