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19 Jan 2017 13:51:

Mickeyfinn you stated ". It would reinforce their own Eurosceptic populations and increase political pressure on themselves'.....Is it too much to expect that they pay heed to these voices and reform by addressing serious concerns in this process?

Is it beyond the remit of EU bureaucrats to comprehend this undeniable reality of citizen discontent?

Do they seriously think that penalising the UK and in that process not only ignore their own citizens discontent with the status quo but also place additional burden on large sections of their citizens ( southern states) through their intransigence to seek mutually beneficial trading outcomes with the UK, that this is in any way preferable?

Without wishing a proliferation of discontent do you not see how this could lead to division and growth of unrest from within the remaining member states?

It sadly doesn't make any logical or for that matter moral common sense, especially when it has been stated on the world stage that the UK is keen for the EU to make progress, that BREXIT is not an attempt to undermine the EU, but to recognise that the UK are different by placing great emphasis on restoration of Parliamentary democracy, taking decisions for themselves, being.profoundly internationalist In nature, always looking globally, have been proud of being highly multicultural, etc.

We all have to play our part and not let divisive elements destroy a good relationship and we should pressure our leaders both at EU and national levels to seek mutually beneficial outcomes.

Thread: BREXIT

19 Jan 2017 11:00:

Suggest you all listen to TM's speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos...


Where she spoke of a rules based global order with greater emphasis on social inclusion but also the need for a manifesto for change.

This is an optimistic wake-up call, which if embraced with proactivity to address the need for a fairer rules based global order, where global companies pay greater attention to shaping policies to give back to communities, playing by different rules with good corporate governance, then the opportunities to diminish social unrest are boundless. She spoke with honesty and a desire for mutual benefit with intent to improve citizen's lives....


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Thread: BREXIT

18 Jan 2017 23:20:

ALL citizens should be writing enmasse to the EU Commission, to stress that if they achieved a mutually beneficial trade deal it would be to the benefit of ALL European citizens and that it's time to stop the division and threats, and stop playing political games with innocent citizen's lives.

We should hold them responsible if they fail to demonstrate a willingess to seek out mutually beneficial terms, just as they did with Canada.

Why should a neighbouring country that has expressed their desire to leave the union for legitimate reasons specific to their country be treated any differently than a nation such as Canada, that has not contributed to the EU over the years in the manner that the UK has? 

Thread: BREXIT

18 Jan 2017 14:13:

Priority given to mutually beneficial negotiations anyone, or is that now considered beyond the remit of possibility given the Bureaucrats currently leading the EU?


Thread: BREXIT

16 Jan 2017 22:12:

Those British expats acting in this illegal fashion appear to be doing harm to both Spain and the UK..... But the irony is that many of them are presumably wanting Brexit to fail so they can continue with this scam.

Any system that perpetuates and turns blind eyes to this nonsense, that fails to protect innocent citizens each side of the channel from all manner of abuses, that fails to listen to genuine citizens concerns, whether in Greece, or Italy, or Spain or the UK, etc, that fails to recognise major imbalances and ignores stability mechanisms begs all too many questions. And yet more irony when it is the country that has been constantly calling for reform that is the one being scapegoated and derided in this way.


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Thread: BREXIT


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