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21 Dec 2021 12:06 AM:


I do know what IBI is, Local Council tax. This must be paid.


The discussion is about Non Resident Tax and Rental Income Tax..

Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

20 Dec 2021 9:43 PM:


Thank you for your explanation which sticks to the facts and doesn't get clouded by complainers.

Simply if it's not your main residence, and you let it out, you have to pay a tax based on the rental income.  I

f it's not let out you have to pay Non Resident Tax which actually means 'not occupied' and this also applies to Spanish nationals who have holiday homes.



Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

20 Dec 2021 11:48 AM:

WindTalker / Maridev.

That is my understanding, 

You don't pay non resident tax if you are paying tax on rental income. 

My question is do I have to do quarterly returns, is ther a limit.  I paid tax in the first two quarters on rentals but not in the second two, so I think i am in the clear as no rentals this winter. 



Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!

19 Dec 2021 9:22 PM:




Thanks for the link.


Will be in touch,



Thread: Mortgage Floor Clause Question

19 Dec 2021 9:22 PM:

The quesstion was:

I am fully registered for rental of my property in Spain and have paid tax on rental income during teh first two quarters of this year. Do I have to do nil returns for no rental income during the second half of teh year.

I believe I am exempt from NRT as I pay Rental income tax.

Seeking clarification.

Thread: Non res tax- ouch!!


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