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28 Dec 2017 6:31 PM by Pjplastering Star rating. 28 posts Send private message

Hi my wife and I have booked flights for 17th-24th March to Murcia airport and we want to find estate agents around the area to get all the info of properties not to sure yet and what part.

we thought of staying central in Murcia city centre to hopefully see what's available could you kind people please enlighten us on where to stay.

merry Christmas to you all 

pete & Sandra 

body p

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28 Dec 2017 6:36 PM by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK and Sucin.... 758 posts Send private message

It depends whether you are inclined to coastal or inland areas. If it were me I would try to book to stay in or near an area where I might be interested in renting or buying. So unless you are thinking of Murcia City centre as a place to live I wouldn't bother staying there.

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28 Dec 2017 8:15 PM by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1248 posts Send private message

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You could try google search ‘’MURCIA HOTEL’’

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28 Dec 2017 9:18 PM by acer Star rating. 1500 posts Send private message

Jarvi is right - Murcia city is a great place, but probably good as a prospective residential area for most. 

There are lots of choices, but if you're pondering Mazarron, Bol Nuevo or Isla Plana you could do a lot worse than Playa Grande Hotel in Mazarron - it's central to the main Murcia coastal area, excellent value and right on the beach.

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29 Dec 2017 9:32 AM by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 798 posts Send private message

Quite frankly I would opt for Cartagena. A city with lots of Spanish people.

Culturally interesting. Fantastic city. Fabulous small shops. On the coast. Rail link to other areas of interest in Murcia..although would suggest you hire a car....and within easy distance of areas of possible interest to you.

Unless you want to live in Murcia City ( where parking is an absolute nightmare) would only go for a visit ( by train ) Although an enormous and wonderful it's unlikely, if you do locate an estate agent ( been to city many times and have just realised have never noticed one )  they wouldn't  have much outside the city to interest you because the Spanish don't buy and sell property as we do in UK. 

Meanwhile keep searching on www for likely places of interest . Happy hunting. 




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29 Dec 2017 10:20 AM by DazzaJ Star rating in Spain. 46 posts Send private message


A city with lots of Spanish people

Really!!! What a surprise I would never have expected that of a Spanish city

Do they all speak Spanish and is this the Real Spain peopel keep mentioning?

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29 Dec 2017 10:42 AM by acer Star rating. 1500 posts Send private message

I reckon Cartagena is a good call it's improved immensely over the past 15 years, not much in the way of beaches, but a lively place with some excellent restaurants.

Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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29 Dec 2017 11:03 AM by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1836 posts Send private message

'Murcia Airport' as the OP states is presumably St Javier Airport (MJV) which is a long way from Murcia City and will cost around €70 taxi ride. Seven days to choose a property is unrealistic unless you have a viewing list booked in advance. Simply turning up at a shop selling property will not get you far in such a short time.  Don't call them estate agents because most of them are unqualified sales people with flashy smiles and know very little. There are exceptions of course but the OP will not know who they are until they spend a considerable amount of time in the region. 

Think travelling to a city on the other side of the UK where you have never been before and want to look at property with people you know nothing about. Good idea or what?

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29 Dec 2017 1:17 PM by DazzaJ Star rating in Spain. 46 posts Send private message

** EDITED - Against forum rules **



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06 Jan 2018 11:03 PM by tricia5 Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

Hello Pete & Sandra

How exciting for you, I did exactly that 2 years ago and now happy owner of a fab 2 bed apt that we visit multiple times a year sometimes on flights costing £9.99!

I presume you are flying into MJV ( Murcia San Javier ) which is on the coastline and services all the holiday areas of Costa Calida. Get informed beforehand, what is on your wish list and your budget. Use websites like to narrow your search. 

Good luck, and enjoy your search. As everybody says, do your homework and you'll be fine. Leave it to someone else and thats when it gets risky.


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05 Feb 2018 10:05 AM by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1593 posts Send private message

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Whatever you do, don’t buy quickly.

Have a good look around the region from the Mar Menor where MJV currently is situated but talk is Corvera Airport inland may well replace it next year.

Lots of Golf Resorts plus other Communitues and private villas all over 5he coast and inland.

Cartagena is must visit, Murcia City ok to visit but not to live unless you work there.

Best advice, rent, rent, rent, rent, anything from a week to a year, prices are so low.

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05 Feb 2018 5:17 PM by johnmcmahon Star rating. 335 posts Send private message

I agree Cartagena is a really nice town but it's a good way from MJV (and Corvera). Property is more expensive on the Mar Menor coast and going even a short distance inland can be much cheaper. Keep in mind the Golf course places incur monthly upkeep charges. Inland you probably need a car.

Much of Murcia is about an hour away from Alicante/Elche which is useful since flights into MJV are reduced in Winter

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12 Feb 2018 7:03 PM by tteedd Star rating in Hertfordshire & Punt.... 989 posts Send private message

Before you leave get one of the many books on buying property or living in Spain and read it.

A hotel in San Pedro near the airport (assuming San Javier) will do as a base.

I would not expect to do any more than get a feel for the area in a week. Restricting yourself to Torrevieja in the north and Cartagena in the S will give you much more than enough to start with. I would suggest that you come again if you still want to buy when you have a real feel for the area and what you want. By all means look at some properties but do not commit yourself before you get home and do look into some of the scrapes some people get into reported on boards like this,

To give you any real advice one would have to know a lot more about your intended usage of the property, amount of time and when you will be using it and what amenities and entertainment you are expecting.

Try and meet Brits who spend a lot of time or live out there. A walk with one of the walking groups or joining in with one of the activities organised by the british community out there is a good way of meeting Brits who can give you lots of information even if you eventually choose to try and avoid (difficult) your compatriots.

We are in Spain when you are scheduled to be there. I'd be happy to spend an hour or two over lunch with you if  you want to come as far as Cabo Roig or Punta Prima. We have owned properties in Mazarron, Villamartin and Punta Prima and spend three months a year in the area. Send private message if so.


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