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23 Jul 2020 22:30:

"Unless there is a deal (increasingly unlikely)"

I bet there is one by the 31 Dec.

Thread: Things that will affect resident brits after 31st Dec 2020

24 Mar 2020 15:51:

I'd like to know if Ian finally regained online access to his account?

My wifes operation was cancelled twice and is now cancelled untill the C-19 crisi is over!

The letter I got from my bank was a statement.

Thread: Accessing Bankia Account from UK...getting desperate!

27 Dec 2019 22:04:


I hope you have accessed your account by now. My account is with Sabadell and I have been unable to access it since September.

Normally I would have been to Spain by now and able to call at the bank and sort matters out, but my wife is ill and we cannot go until she has had and recovered from her operation.

The problem started with an EU directive. All banks had to introduce an extra layer of security. The banks here in the UK have done it as well. The difference here is that they informed customers before hand and have backup for when it all goes wrong.

Sabadell introduce the new level of security by introducing a check No sent to your mobile phone. As stated here, good as extra security for costomers. Apparently they warned customers by putting adverts on Spanish TV. Spanish phone companies take your phone number away if you do not use it for 3 or 6 months. So in my case they sent the number to a defunct phone line (probably to a new phone customer).

When you ring them their only recourse is to tell you you have to go to the branch. Which of course I cannot do. I have spent a fortune on phone calls to all the Sabadel numbers I can lay my hands on (including the London Branch) and have even sent in a complaints form, sent a registered letter to my branch manager and sent my lawyer to the branch all with no result (except that they gave my lawyer an up to date statement).

I had given up, but made one last attempt before Christmas. I told the young lady at the branch that I was staying on the phone until I got some action. Eventually she gave me a branch email address (something no-one was prepared to do before). I used it with little hope but on Christmas eve I received an email saying they had sent me a letter by post.

I do hope it turns out to be a nice Christmas (or new year) present.




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Thread: Accessing Bankia Account from UK...getting desperate!

21 May 2019 01:34:

tteedd- it re-gains us our democracy and you cannot place a value on that.

Britain has never lost its democracy or political control over its own affairs.

Now you know that is B..........

Firstly at this moment we are in a situation where the biggest democratic decision ever taken by the electorate cannot be implemented!!!

Secondly a massive amount of legislation is produced which our parliament has no control over. Moreover this is produced by the commision, an appointed (unellected) body.

When all we get from you is your opinion.

That's the pot calling the kettle black. Are not forums a place for opinion. It would be a strange and dull tome to read if all that is posted were facts. I respect your opinion, I expect likewise. 

I cannot respect your opinion as you keep repeating it when it has been refuted.

Name one sovereign country that is not in the EU or a candidate for entry to the EU that has a full free trade agreement with the EU.

Depends what you mean by full trade policy. Japan and South Korea seem satisfied with their arrangements. Do you imagine the Uk will be able to negotiate anything superior to these? Do you believe Trump will hand the Uk an open door post-Brexit? I don't think so.

I said full free trade policy. You were trying to make it appear that we benefited from such with 39 countries through membership of the EU when it is not the case.

You just cannot make these statements without justification.

Minford's writings and statements are self evidently evangelical for free world trade.

Evangelists are normally taken to be people who spread religious beliefs. ie things that cannot be proven. It was ment to be a slur on that academic and I took it as such.

Patrick Minford as well as having a better track record than almost any other economic academic also comes across better in head to head argument.

Where is your justification for that statement.? Compare and contrast please his statements and other economists to support your claim.

Minford's writings and forecasts have been recommended on your previous BREXIT thread before. But if you wish to know more about him just type Minford into the 'YOU TUBE' search, You will be much elightened. I just did and got him giving a lesson in EU economics to a commons select comittee. There is lots more. Try it you may learn something but I suspect you don't really want to.

This is all an academic exercise now as very shortly the UK will crash out of the EU under a new Tory leader and the disaster will slowly come to pass. Most people now I am sure are simply resigned to the pain in order to see the thing over and done with. There is no gain from Brexit, absolute none.

Academic exercise? not really. You have already said it is all about opinion. The biggest gain from voting to leave and the whole shenanagins since the referendum may turn out to be that the electorate has woken up to how poor, self serving and undemocratic many of the representatives they have elected are. And I repeat, if we leave we regain our democracy.

Thread: Is the EU responsible for Brexit chaos

20 May 2019 20:32:

The EU currently enjoys a free trade policy with 39 other nations.

Weasel word here is 'policy'.

Name one sovereign country that is not in the EU or a candidate for entry to the EU that has a full free trade agreement with the EU.

Thread: Is the EU responsible for Brexit chaos


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