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27 Aug 2021 12:23:


Now that is clear.

I'm not sure how anyone can whinge about the UK OA pension. Except perhaps that it is called a pension.

It never was supposed to be a living wage so it cannot be compared to other European pensions.

In fact we 'pensioners' have been very well served over the past eleven years with the triple lock which I fear will soon have to stop or be modified.

Now you and your employer are forced to pay towards an occupational pension if you are of working age.

But people of our age need to ask why they made no provision for thier old age when they were working. Not blame the UK government because they are hard up.

Especially if they have not been living in the UK.


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Thread: Gone in 30 minuets, car taken by police

27 Aug 2021 12:00:

I did not notice that they had put my wife's birth date on my NIE.

Bought and sold two properties with this NIE but when I bought a car I could not register it as my birthdate on my NIE was different to my passport. So the car ended up in my wife's name.

Changing it was two hours in a queue at the policia local. 30 minutes at the bank paying, then another hour in the police queue.


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Thread: Name incorrect on NIE Document

24 Jul 2021 23:35:

In the same period of time in Belgium we knew a German air force sergeant who was there because he did not speak German well! He considered himself Australian and so spoke good Australian English. His parents had emigrated to Australia when he was a baby but made the mistake of returning to Germany to visit family when thier son was eligible for national service.

Not really relevant but amusing. In the same office as the German/Australian was an Americam Master Sergeant. A new young English secretary was posted in and needed to re-organise her office. She managed to ask the American for a rubber and the Australian to hump her typewriter within about 30 minutes!


Thread: Dual/ triple nationality

24 Jul 2021 11:44:

Citizenship has obligations as well as rights. My son was born in Belguim but I soon went to the Marie and rescinded his right to Belgian citizenship.

Had I not done so he would have been called up for national service when he reached 18!

Research the three.

Thread: Dual/ triple nationality

24 May 2021 17:23:

Start by looking online/YouTube at:

Senor Jordan

Lightspeed Spanish

Notes in Spanish


Why not Spanish

Butterfly Spanish

There are many good Spanish courses on ‘Memrise’ (and some bad ones as well).

Get some dual language books (A1 is the simplest C2 the most advanced).

Let yourself search and find other YouTube videos and web pages that suit you.

As soon as you can understand and say a little seek an intercambio with a Spanish speaker learning English. There are several introductory sites. It can be fun and interesting. If is not fun or you do not get on, find another. Most want to help even if their standard of English is higher than your Spanish. Just talking with you helps their English enormously.

There are also many intermediate sites, the best of these I find to be:

1001 reasons to learn Spanish (Juan Fernandez)

BBC Mundo will be of interest when you reach this level.

There are many more and indeed advanced sites as well but by the time you are up to this standard you may be more inclined to listen to TED and BBVA (Aprendamos Juntos) talks in subjects you are interested in.

TV shows and films are difficult. But when you do feel up to attempting them look up LLN (language learning with Netflix) which will give you running subtitles, translation, speed changes and much more.

Try and do things you are interested in, don’t let it become a chore. If you buy a grammar book use it for reference, grammar exercises are good for sending you to sleep. Flash cards are good, make your own. The best printed ones I have seen are the Berlitz ones.





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Thread: What is the best way of learning Spanish at home?


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