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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... Married, 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 9 months UK 3Months Spain pa.

Vivo en... Hertfordshire & Punta Prima

Me gusta... Golf, sailing, bridge, astronomy, Spanish and sitting in the sun

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25 Feb 2021 16:16:

Agents in Spain should be forced to give potential buyers a document about the problems that can occour in Spain. About as likely as finding rocking horse shit though. Brits seem to expect a certain amount of honesty. They should be aware that Spanish agents are at least twice as dishonest as British ones who themselves are not known for their veracity.

What could be done though, if campaigned for by somone like 'Martin Lewis' is that banks and finance houses operating in the UK be leant upon to give a fact sheet to everyone applying to transfer moderate to large sums of money to Spain and other countries.

Perhaps if enough of us wrote to Martin?

I was very lucky when I bought off plan, I chose a good lawyer who wanted to see the bank guarantees before she would release the money. Others on the same site got into trouble.

Some did not even employ a lawyer, a much better way of finding caca than looking under a rocking horse.


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Thread: Still Waiting.........

22 Feb 2021 16:59:

If buyer and seller are both form the UK, consider handing over a certified cheque at the notary. You could avoid two lots of transfer and exchange fees.

We did just this with a BS cheque when we sold our bungalow in Mazaron.

Unfortunately the pound weakened before we decided that we did want another property in Spain afterall!

Thread: Money Transfers

13 Feb 2021 12:21:

Hi Nicbax

I make no transfers. My UK old age pension is paid directly into my account in Euros.

As I have not been to Spain due to Covid it will be a long time before I need to make a transfer.

Can't see the actual name of the account on my doc's but it is something like 'Cuenta Experiencia' I think.


Thread: Bank Charges

12 Feb 2021 16:51:

If you are old enough to have a state or private pension and want to pay it directly to a spanish bank, Sabadell do a charge free account.

Thread: Bank Charges

14 Jan 2021 17:15:

Mmmm P W. Don't think that a few Euros amounts to 'Getting stuffed' or a 'hammer blow'. As I said, not really interested.

It's the Electricity and Water companies that are stuffing me.

However I suppose someone looking for the income to pay a mortgage, who has just lost a years income may think a little differently about 5% more tax, plus not being able to claim allowances, on a summers rental gross.


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Thread: 'New' tax on income from property.


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