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16 Feb 2022 11:33 PM:

'Can I ask what other areas you purchased & which was your favourite & why?'


It was a port like Moraira but cheaper. We liked the development and were convinced by the blurb.


We decided not to buy again but we had the bug! Looked at many places where we could buy a share but bought the flat opposite the share we were looking at as it was within our budjet for the share!

Shares might be an option for you if you can find one as you only want to be there in the winter and there are many who want to be there in the summer. You get to share the on costs without the hassle of renting out.

Punta Prima

Punta Prima is OK but we did not chose it because we liked look of the place. We chose it because it was near friends, the flat reasonably designed and in a small community, bridge, golf with known nice group, sea, shopping centre and favourite retaurants.


I guess once you are there you get to know things around the area you chose. Moraira is/was nice. I think the old advice of renting for a season or two is best. Get to know the areas around and put down seasonal roots!

The two favourites originally? Moraira and San Jose beach, Cabo de Gata. But I did not speak spanish then so the second was impracticable and a long way from airports.



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Thread: Buying in Moraira - any advice please?

16 Feb 2022 7:30 PM:

Moraira was the first place that we considered buying a place at nearly 20 years ago. Now I wish we had stretched ourselves to buy the bungalow that we had only looked at out of casual interest.

The restaurants in Moriara then were good. I don't think we had a bad meal in all the time we were there.

Now we have bought three times (in other areas) and sold twice.

Get a lawyer (abogado) with good reputation out of the area.Clean hands beats local knowledge.

If you buy off plan do not part with any money without a bank guarantee given to you at the time you pay. No guarantee or escriture (title deeds) no money, and never take the keys and pay the money without going to the notary at the same time and gaining the escritura.

Don't rely on rental income to finance your purchase. Treat it as an extra. Take local advice on a good rental agent. The first summer we rented our new bungalow (not Moriara) and achieved a tidy income. Second summer should have been the same but our agent dissappeared (to the Cap Verde Isles) with the summer takings! Third summer, there were lots of properties like ours built and hence few takers.

Buena suerte


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Thread: Buying in Moraira - any advice please?

16 Feb 2022 7:03 PM:

Quite a few of the dissappointed customers at Almanzora Country Club accepted properties on Mazarron Country club.

Nice development but most of the facilities advertised were not built including the golf course.

Mind you there were a few people there in trouble also because some of the places were built where there was only permission for holliday occupation and found themselves unable to sell.

Thread: baldy

06 Nov 2021 8:31 PM:

When we bought our first place we rented out through an agent and made a bit of money the first year.

Second year went well, but the agent scarpered to the Cap Verde Isles with all his clients summer takings.

Third year was useless as there was, by this time, lots of properties of the same type available at low rent.

My advice, if you want to be out in the winter, is buy a trastero (many urbanisations have them for sale) then hire yourself in winter when prices are cheap and keep all your personal goods in the trastero. Let the owner pay all the on-costs water, electricity and taxes.


ps if you want to buy a two bed, two bath, ground floor flat (without trastero or parking) send a message.


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Thread: Location advise please

06 Nov 2021 7:46 PM:

Sabadel charge nothing for their 'Cuenta Experienca' assuming it is still available, you are of pensionable age and are prepared to pay a pension in.


Thread: Non residents bank accounts


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