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Soy... un hombre

Sobre mi... Married, 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 9 months UK 3Months Spain pa.

Vivo en... Hertfordshire & Punta Prima

Me gusta... Golf, sailing, bridge, astronomy, Spanish and sitting in the sun

Trabajo de... Retired Communications Engineer

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19 Sep 2022 10:47 AM:


We used to do it, and it was cheap, 200E pa (6 years ago) but we only came out twice a year so it was much better value for those that came out more often. But then our firm went bust and the new people who took over charged nearly twice as much and they used to put the car in the airport parking lot for collection. It was never where it was supposed to be and you then had to pay to get out. In addition the decals were removed from the wheels and odd scrapes appeared.

Now the people who look after our flat arrange for us to be collected at 50E (was 40 for years). As we normally only come twice this is a much cheaper option and the car is safely kept in our underground parking.


Thread: Long term Airport parking

03 Jul 2022 12:10 AM:

I agree with Acer. But, if only an electric one will do, then that is what he must have. Have a look on ebay. you might be able to pick up both!

Having destroyed my mothers portable radio using it as an amp I soon got an acoustic one when I was young.

Be careful about what music you buy if you are tempted. Someone bought me Bert Weedon and nearly put me off for ever. (Not that there was anything wrong with Bert but I would not have been seen dead with his music!).


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Thread: Best Guitar for Kids?

02 Jul 2022 11:52 PM:

Some magazines have a price printed on them even though they are free to members or subscribers to organisations..

Thread: customs duty on magazines

02 Jul 2022 11:10 PM:


Spain is a member of NATO.

Spain has taken a large number of Ukrainian refugees.

And remind me where was the recent NATO summit meeting?

Thread: International AVAAZ petition

02 Jul 2022 10:48 PM:

 I don't understand your defence comment.

And I never suggested that any western country should attack Russia.

Are you going to serve the arrest warrant on Putin?

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was almost certainly the real winner of the last elections in Belorus although Lukashenko claims to have won.

 She would also be highly likely to run fair internationally observed elections unlike Lukashenko.

Replacing Lukashenko with Tikhanovskaya would be both democratic, and highly popular in Belorus.

I repeat.

Ucraine has to be given the power to attack Russian supply lines or Russia will continue with the destruction of the country. If we do not do this we might as well not help at all and hope that Russia does not kill to many. We have to be decisive one way or another or this meatgrinder will continue.

And now is the time to forment trouble for Russia in the other areas recently oppressed by Russia, while Ucraine is weakening the Russian war machine.


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Thread: International AVAAZ petition


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