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28 Jun 2017 15:50:

You can lease any car through Banco Sabadell. On their web site they have a calculator of costs and you can choose any car you wish and work out the payments depending on your average mileage and apply.

Not a cheap way to buy a car however.

Thread: car leasing in spain

02 May 2017 17:51:

You need an ad blocker Marie. Never go online without one. That and an internet protection system that blocks phony sites pretending to be real.

Thread: Ads Covering Page

14 Apr 2017 19:10:

I remember the Cuban missile crisis and debating then with Uni friends what the chances were of survival and being able  to live out our planned futures. Some things never change.

The way the world is heading Brexit is likely to be relegated to one of history's footnotes, if there is anyone left around to write it. That same sense of powerlessness I had then in the face of global idiocy is returning.

Thread: BREXIT

14 Apr 2017 18:12:

Methinks this thread no longer serves any purpose. The world is moving on towards a thermal nuclear conflict which puts the problems of Brexit in the shade.

The day Trump was elected set the planet on self destruct mode.

Thread: BREXIT

13 Apr 2017 10:01:

HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, in a sign of thigs to come has spotted some Brexit decisions already being made by its clients.

Noel Quinn, the bank’s head of global commercial banking, told Bloomberg’s Stephen Morris that some of its largest corporate clients are asking for their business to be routed through the bank’s offices in mainland Europe.

A number of our larger clients are now asking us to book more of their trade and foreign-exchange activity in their French operation through our Paris office,” said Quinn. Executives at multinational companies are looking past Brexit talks, “making plans to ensure they can continue to trade irrespective of the outcome. They can’t afford to wait for a decision that may not emerge until two years’ time.”

Quinn said some clients have also boosted their holdings of cash since last June’s referendum either because of sterling’s decline, a deferment of investment or concern about the economic outlook. He also noted some companies are evaluating whether to “flip” their regional head offices to European cities from Britain, meaning they would need to reclassify the U.K. branch as a country office.


The cost of a few migrants claiming benefits will pale into insignificance when coporate Britain loses billions of service trade to Europe post Brexit.

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Thread: BREXIT


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