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19 Sep 2021 8:45 AM:

I describe the law. If people decide to behave otherwise that's their business. Residential rental contracts within the law protect both side's interests. Holiday lets are not residential agreements.


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Thread: ending a rental contract early

18 Sep 2021 1:32 PM:

12-month rental contracts are not legal in Spain. The rental law for residential use is 5 years for a private owner or 7 years with a company. The law also requires a 1-month deposit, not two. Since your contract is not legal I suggest you negotiate with the landlord for a refund.

Some agents and owners make their own rules up. Always use a lawyer in property transactions.

Thread: ending a rental contract early

25 Jun 2021 7:20 PM:

Windy. I don't think you understand irony.

Thread: Gone in 30 minuets, car taken by police

24 Jun 2021 7:07 PM:


I think in Oil Drum Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne you are safe. smiley

Thread: Gone in 30 minuets, car taken by police

24 Jun 2021 12:11 PM:

I have some sympathy for this gentleman. The law regarding abandoned vehicles in Spain is very clear. Firstly the local police fix a green notice on the windscreen warning the car is considered abandon and will be removed in 3 months time. Then in 3 months, a red sticker is attached warning the removal is imminent. The car is then taken away and scrapped.

These procedures do not seem to have been followed. So I suspect something else is going on here. Like all laws in Spain there are always exceptions and if the car was considered a danger to other road users then the police would remove it immediately. I suggest the poster goes to his local police station and have a chat with them before the car is scrapped.

Thread: Gone in 30 minuets, car taken by police


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