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07 Feb 2018 11:04:

You are fortunate John. 

Whatever the outcome it's likely to be reciprocal. So if the UK government insists EU citizens resident there need apply for so called 'settled status' the same will apply in Spain. Past EU agreements and treaties will presumably no longer apply once the UK becomes a third country.

Thread: Replacement NIE card

07 Feb 2018 10:10:

Thanks Johnz for that clarification.

It follows then after Brexit all UK citizens as non EU nationals resident in Spain will need to apply for a new card.

Thread: Replacement NIE card

07 Feb 2018 08:51:

Years ago NIE cards were issued to all foreign residents in Spain. It had a passport size photo in it. They were a small maroon card, double sided. They were discontinued when the green A4 residents certificate was introduced.

Thread: Replacement NIE card

05 Feb 2018 10:10:

Last time I did it the costs were around €200. The buyer is usually responsible for the costs and you need to check if the annual impuesto sobre automóviles is up to date.

Thread: Car transfer cost

15 Jan 2018 11:45:

About €1000 depending on the model etc.

Thread: registering an imported car


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