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08 Mar 2020 15:57:

Kavanagh - What should be the incentives and disincentives to crime and punishment? What is civilized and what is reasonable?

In a democratic society, laws are and should always be sufficient.

Thread: True immigration control in Spain

08 Mar 2020 12:41:

The EU needs to protect its external borders from illegal migration which is actually what over-stayers are, even if they have an income and are not a burden on the state. The problem will come when the UK migrant wants to leave and return home to Blighty. The entry stamp will clearly show an offence. Fines should then follow. Happened to me back in the day when I lived in Turkey for a spell.

Some Brits still believe nothing will change in 2021. They are in for a nasty shock.

Thread: True immigration control in Spain

08 Mar 2020 10:37:

Passports and border controls imposed by the EU within the Schengen zone will ensure any overstay citizens of whatever nationality face sanction of some kind. Usually fines. I expect the 90-day rule to be strictly enforced post Brexit transition in Jan 2021. Ask yourself can US citizens spend as long as they like in Spain without residency? Answer not.

That said the Coronavirus may yet play some part in a UK transition extension.

Thread: True immigration control in Spain

13 Feb 2020 16:37:

That may have been true back in the day Kavanagh but the 'times they are achanging'. Brexit and tighter controls will see to that.

Thread: EU registration

13 Feb 2020 11:46:

Residency in Spain for British nationals does not officially give you free movement to the Schengen zone post-transition. So presumably if you travel as I do outside Spain the 90-day clock starts ticking once in France. However, without customs control in the Schengen zone passports will not be stamped.

What that then effectively and practically means is free movement unless you enter Britain. Then if you leave the UK and re-enter Schengen presumably your passport will get stamped and the 90-day visa then applies until you reach Spain. Dog's breakfast comes to mind. As long as you avoid the UK, Europe should still be hassle-free for registered British in an EU country.

Thread: EU registration


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