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26 Aug 2022 3:12 PM:

If you're not using the car for months then it's wise to have the battery disconnected. Parking company will do this for 12 euros. They also service your car and get the ITV done wnen you're at home.

Thread: Long term Airport parking

26 Aug 2022 10:54 AM:

the 350 euros includes , picking the car up at the airport, dropping it off and the parking. Unlimited pick ups and drop offs

Thread: Long term Airport parking

25 Aug 2022 5:02 PM:

we pay 350 euros per yeat to park at Alicante. Seguro parking. For an extra 40 or so you can include Corvera

Thread: Long term Airport parking

04 Jul 2022 12:51 PM:

I don't think Bert Weedon did tab. I learnt from Stefan Grossman. "How to Play blues guitar!  It was originally an LP with a tab book but that later became a video with same. I would recommend it

Thread: Best Guitar for Kids?

01 Apr 2022 4:42 PM:

when we came off the plane, wearing masks all the journey and distanced, we were thenherded on to the bus at the terminal. Crammed together. A few passangers refused to get on the bus. That was back in December mind you.


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