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06 May 2021 13:45:


Thread: Vaccination certification

04 May 2021 15:51:

update. I've heard from the parking company. No need for paperwork, the ITV stations have an electronic checking system. That's a relief ! Thanks anyway

Thread: ITV and insurance documents

04 May 2021 13:02:

the parking company's insurance won't do for the ITV. I've asked them about the documentation and am awaiting a reply.

Thread: ITV and insurance documents

04 May 2021 12:25:

My cars been parked at Alicante for over a year. The ITV is due but not having been in Spain since last February my insurance documents in the glove box are out of date. The car is insured it's just that the documentation is not in the car. The parking company will get the car to the ITV station but what can I do about proof of insurance ? Is there a register of insured cars the ITV station can access electronically ?

Thread: ITV and insurance documents

25 Mar 2021 18:29:

I think it's only residents who are on the padron

Thread: Padron Update non EU Citizens


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