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08 Dec 2017 11:55 AM by RastaRockett Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hey everyone,

The wife and I are looking at moving to spain, and Im wondering what it was that convinced everybody already over there that it was a good idea. We're both getting on a bit and we want to retire somewhere where we get sunshine more often than a couple of months a year! Not to mention how much cheaper everything is over there We're just a bit uncertain of ourselves is all. Weve taken a few trips over at different times of year just as part of our lives, holidays and that.

So yeah- what made you finally want to move over? what clinched it for you? thanks in advance everybody. I look forward to hearing your answers

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08 Dec 2017 12:40 PM by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1836 posts Send private message

Buenos Hasta Rocket

It's always a good idea to make positive changes in your life. Bon courage!

However just ask yourself if you can easily live without the regular contact of family and familiar friends. Living in Europe separates you from them eventually in many ways you don't envisage at the start, despite your best efforts.

It is the one single issue for older people that creates loneliness and in some cases forces people to go back to UK.

If you can afford it you can overcome that potential issue by keeping a place in both countries and sharing your time between the two. If not consider the implication.

Time is the school in which we learn Time is the fire in which we burn. Delmore Schwartz.

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08 Dec 2017 1:03 PM by hughjardon Star rating in Jaywick Sands. 418 posts Send private message

hughjardon´s avatar


I am probably the most qualified to answer your question as I have experienced both considerably and have lost my rose spectacles 

I had an amazing 15 years living the dream in SPAIN but I could see the WRITING on the wall MORE people are leaving than arriving at a ratio of 1 to 3 now that says it all ,all but one of my FRIENDS has stayed on but he is not short of a BOB or TWO 

So if you have GOOD PENSIONS and you dont CARE about your FAMILY then go for it, if NOT forget it 

A LOT of people on here would tell you its GREAT but thats because they are NOW STUCK and could not afford a HOME back in the UK and have LOST touch with FRIENDS and RELATIONS

Hope that HELPS of course I WILL GET the HATERS saying Im wrong 

Love Hugh xx


Done the Spain thing Happier in the UK

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08 Dec 2017 1:16 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1902 posts Send private message

Rent before you buy...I loved the bit in your post ...its so much cheaper over there ..the only things that are cheeper in Spain is your council tax /unbranded alcohol and fags ...thing's like electric are more expensive than the UK water is on a meter ..the standing charge's for both are expensive ..food is more or less the same as the UK ..second hand cars are extremely expensive /new cars are approximately the same price as the UK ..but what do I know with only 10 years of ownership in Spain ..most people that return to the UK do so because of lack of money and poor health  ..so in my opinion if you are as fit as a butcher's dog and well healed go for it . ( you will not survive in spain on a UK state pension) good luck but please take in what I said RENT BEFORE YOU BUY.


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08 Dec 2017 1:56 PM by DazzaJ Star rating in Spain. 46 posts Send private message

As we have recently moved over the biggest problem is missing the family

I disagree with windtalker as we find most things cheaper 

Our monthly grocery bill has dropped considerably since we moved over 

Utilities are similar  (water and electric). We are in a smaller house and maybe we don't use as much never really looked

council tax is so much cheaper. 

Second hand cars hold there value but new cars are on a par if not cheaper so we bought new. We did check for the same model in uk and it was cheaper in spain so we are happy




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08 Dec 2017 3:27 PM by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 798 posts Send private message

RR , yesterday I went on a coach trip to Caravacca Medielval market.

Age of our Brit group 65-80. Over 3 hours of walking up and down narrow cobbled streets all done without the aid of a walking stick or zimmer frame between us. Healthy and active body= a healthy and active mind. That is what living permanently in Spain, or other warm dry clime affords,  is all about that those on this thread who either neither live here at all or admit to only do so 1 week in every 6  don't realise. Consequently they give negative responses.

No-one can tell another what to do  but if being a pensioner means keeping safe is only going out during the day light hours and belonging to the local day centre will be your only source of entertainment ...then relocate to Spain.

Whether one chooses urbanisation or individual living, life here is great. Lots to do and many friendly expats to do it with. As long as you accept that buying Uk type food is going to be VERY expensive cost of living here is approx 20% cheaper. Mainly because IBI ( rates ) is a fraction of UK and dining out incredibly cheap but on the downside the " necessary heating" is more expensive. Takes about  a year for blood to thin to realise how cold it is here especially in houses built to keep the heat of the summer sun out.

If missing family, especially if there is a new grandchild,  is a priority then rethink . However know many  lonelier pensioners in UK .

Only reason I have known people to return to UK is because they were unhappy in their choice of location in Spain.         So research, research and then double check.


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08 Dec 2017 4:08 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1902 posts Send private message

I don't really want to get into a argument with anyone on hear but sometimes this can be difficult.... for instance in the UK your council tax gets you public services like street lights and includes rubbish collection / street cleaning and OAP care in the community...in spain you IBI .council tax  gets you what .... the  council gives no services in return ..in my area of Spain I pay for my rubbish tax through my water bill and when you add the IBI and rubbish tax together its only £210 per year cheaper in Spain... its a known fact that electricity is atleas 20% more expensive in Spain up against the UK as far as groceries all these Price's can be checked out on line.anyway I really could not care less what you do that is up to you ..BUT RENT BEFORE YOU BUY ....that's enough on this subject from me ...as I am packing for my cruise that I am going on tomorrow morning.

Flossie I spent 178 days in Spain this year and have returned to the UK only last week due to the very high taxes that I would have to pay the Spanish government from my UK investment's....if I am not qualified to give you some free advice then who is.





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08 Dec 2017 5:25 PM by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1184 posts Send private message

Oh, you are funny windtalker. My water bill in Spain is about 70 euro a quarter and my council tax is 230 euro a year. Add them all together and it comes to €510 or £450. If you are paying £660 a year council tax in UK then you must have a caravan on some waste ground. My Mum lives in Cardif in a Group F house and her council tax is £1,916 a year. 

And your water bill in UK? I believe you are from S Wales. OK, they aren't metered but most of UK is and the water bills have just been increased to £440 a year (source: Wales Online who are complaining they now pay the second highest water bills in UK). Yes, I agree, electricity is more expensive here. Wales online is moaning that the average electric cost in South Wales is now £503 so, yes, that is cheaper than mine at around €960 a year or about £850 a year. However, we are all electric including heating and cooking and you fail to mention that the average gas bill in S Wales is now £873 a year so where's the saving now?

Yes, if you live on a community that pays for street lighting, cleaning etc then you won't see much benefit from the council tax. If you don't you get all those services included in your bill. We have libraries, town hall language and other courses plus many other things provided. Don't get anything? (No, I'm not going to go into the pitfalls of living on Camposol).

Now stop making things up and omitting things. The pound has crashed so, to us, prices are more expensive because we convert it to pounds. And I have checked out prices on line. It is cheaper here but, then again, we don't live on imported baked beans and Patak's curry paste (although Sharwood's is on offer at our local deli for a euro this week). Though if you're going to moan that a can of Heritage baked beans here is a massive 45 cents then perhaps you should be questioning if you can afford to come here at all (Back Bacon (from Denmark) is €7.30 a kilo in my local deli, at £6.45 a kilo in Tesco that's almost exactly the same even with the crappy pound exchange) . Back in UK I was shocked at the weekly grocery bill my daughter pays. And going out, hubby handed over a ten pound note for a pint of beer and a glass of wine back in April (OK, it was on the outskirts of London) and was rather taken aback when asked for another 30p on top.

Oh, and it's a nice, 19C here today instead of the minus temperatures in lots of UK. Forecast for 21C on Monday so if that's not a reason for moving over then perhaps the UK being full of windtalkers would be.




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08 Dec 2017 7:18 PM by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 1982 posts Send private message

It strikes me your both playing games with each other here.  It doesn’t really inform an onlooker in the ways of the two countries now does it!

im having a walk down the micro pub tonight to meet with my wife to meet up with my brother and wife.  It’s vinyl night, great beer at £3 a pint and plenty of rum to choose from.  Will need our top coats on for sure but only 10 mins walk.  

We can help our kids out with baby sitting grandchildren through the week and can afford the council tax, electric, gas and food that we want.  

If we moved to full time Spain as we once intended we would have both pluses and minuses to report I’m sure.   But we can spend time there too if we wish.  

Best advice may be to do what’s best for yourself.   



Best wishes, Brian


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08 Dec 2017 8:43 PM by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 798 posts Send private message

Only one person talking balderdash Brian55 ...the same person who believes themself  to be the only person qualified to give advice ......then fails to give any.....!!

RR, some facts on expenditure  to assist your decision making

UK 2006....rates £2,900 pa. Elec/ Gas £1000 pa , Food bills ( Waitrose ) £100+ pw

Spain 2017....IBI/rates €420 pa.  Elec €2,400 pa , Food Bills  ( Mercadona ) €75pw

Both properties ( Spain & UK ) off Tarmac road with street lights and all services.

Car/ house Ins, Ph/Internet, water bills similar to UK in 2006.

So, Windtalker, if the ship taking you on a  World cruise, hasn't left yet, you do the maths ...

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08 Dec 2017 8:45 PM by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4554 posts Send private message

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The OP was "wondering what it was that convinced everybody already over there that it was a good idea", and sadly the only answers, as usual, seem to be to do with comparitive costs of living, and the climate. Whilst those may well have been strong factors in many peoples' considerations, there were almost certainly other far more interesting underlying reasons - such as Tony Down the Pub, who just needed to hide out somewhere for a while ;-) Or perhaps some don't really have a clear idea of what compelled them - perhaps for many it was just something they felt they had to try? If that's the case, then if you don't give it a go, you'll end your days wondering "what if?" That's possibly as good a reason as any to do it. You're only here once, after all.



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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08 Dec 2017 9:06 PM by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 798 posts Send private message

Silly me, Roberto, how dare I think that enjoying a healthier lifestyle at a fraction of the cost was a good reason for being convinced to relocate to Spain .......

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08 Dec 2017 10:02 PM by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 1982 posts Send private message

In some cases the loss of life savings and the years of penance of paying lawyers to get back to square one.  

Is not a healthier lifestyle or a frscstion of cost.  

And in some cases going back home because it’s not what was expected, is not the lifestyle they were looking forward to.  

But many cases are rewarding and prove to be right.  As I said you should do what’s best for yourself.  


Best wishes, Brian


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09 Dec 2017 1:07 AM by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4554 posts Send private message

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Sorry Floella, I didn't mean to offend anyone. But the OP already mentioned "somewhere where we get sunshine more often than a couple of months a year! Not to mention how much cheaper everything is over there", so I just thought perhaps they were hoping for a few more insights than the usual, obvious factors. Nevertheless, the thread has all too quickly become the usual back & forth bickering about climate/health & costs. Oh well.....

Climate: it's a no-brainer that most of Spain is warmer and drier than the UK, which in general is very pleasant. The climate in Spain may well confer some health benefits to some people - psychologically, if nothing else. It can also be unbearably hot in the summer months, and unexpectedly cold during the winter in a home with no insulation or adequate heating.

Health: In some instances, some people may feel they get better treatment on the Spanish health system than they would have in the UK. Some may prefer (and be able to afford) private health care. But others may find themselves at the mercy of a foreign & confusing system, not speaking the language, up against people bearing prejudices, and with no family or close friends nearby to support them in times of need & stress, which can be scary and intimidating when you least need it. 

Costs: If you struggle to make ends meet in the UK, moving to Spain is not the solution - you will more than likely still struggle. Many living expenses will be lower, but this can easily balance out when other unexpected expenses are factored in, such as flights back to the UK for weddings & funerals etc., maybe private health, translators, general bureaucratic cr4p, taxes - if you're depending on a UK state pension as your sole income, which would be below your tax threshold in the UK, you need to be aware that you will almost certainly have to pay tax on it in Spain because the thresholds are so much lower; this can easily cost you the savings in council tax, so the picture isn't necessarily as clear cut as it may seem when comparing the price of fags & booze.

All things which anyone considering making the move will no doubt have already considered, and which we can discuss (argue about) forever, but are probably not what the OP was hoping to hear about. I agree with Brian - if it's something you fancy doing, and when all things are considered the pros seem to outweigh the cons, then go for it!



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain




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09 Dec 2017 7:43 AM by DazzaJ Star rating in Spain. 46 posts Send private message

Well the majority seem to agree it is cheaper overall in spain and that is pretty much our experince and of the friends we have met 

Only one person seems to disagree but there is always one

Yes a few things to consider like in any move


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09 Dec 2017 7:46 AM by acer Star rating. 1501 posts Send private message

RastaRocket, we've been coming to Spain for 40 years - and do so for a reason!  Virtually every aspect is better than living in the UK and that includes all the basic costs - unless you insist on buying British imported goods.

The only exception is electricity, which is more expensive per Kwh, but we use less so not a problem.  Our heating bills are very low as we've extended the house to take full advantage of the sun and well insulated.

We like to eat out a lot - yesterday we went to a local restaurant in Isla Plana where we had a marvellous lunch - really superb food, with a glass of wine each for €11 pp. - we were sat out in the sun in December!  Today we're joining a group of friends for another menu dl dia where it's €12 pp - I can live with the increase (!) it is Saturday and a public holiday when prices are more. 

We don't eat out every day, but when we want to as it's half the UK price.  Food generally is cheaper, particularly fruit & veg as it's grown here.  Labour cost are less too - which is reflected in repair and maintence costs - both house & car - how anyone can say otherwise beggars belief!

I was trying to think of anything I miss in the UK and struggle to do so.  Our family visit regularly (particularly in the summer) - but I suppose there are friends we're losing contact with gradually.  A few say they're going to join us.


Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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09 Dec 2017 7:57 AM by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 798 posts Send private message

Roberto, Thought my first reply gave an insight as to my reasons why and it was only because the same old idiotic posting re untrue living costs I thought to set the matter straight.

As I stated in my first posting..( did u actually read it ) ?  no-one can tell others what to do and OP must research,research and then double check.

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09 Dec 2017 9:27 AM by Mickyfinn Star rating in Spain and France. 1836 posts Send private message

The one single thing which makes a country enjoyable to live in is the indigenous people. Spanish people are warm hearted, tolerant, kind and patient. They make every effort to communicate with foreigners who struggle with their language and have none of the prejudice found elsewhere in some European countries. All this despite their coastal country being heavily populated with people from almost every nation on earth.

The only negative for me personally about living in Spain is dealing with the bureaucracy. I find the cost of living compared to France very similar except for healthcare costs.

Time is the school in which we learn Time is the fire in which we burn. Delmore Schwartz.

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09 Dec 2017 9:47 AM by briando55 Star rating in Yorkshire. 1982 posts Send private message

Morning.    Back from the pub!

some very good postings on this thread, it’s very suitable for EOS I reckon, very close to the core of resettling in Spain.  

I respect Floela's comments and I can feel that it’s been a good choice.   Roberto has some good checks and balances, I’m a bit more of an emotive person.    

I,m lucky in so far as I live in a non city spot with great cities close by, I can see from my windows across the valley to holmfirth, my golf course is on the next road and walking distance if I want.  Yorkshire Dales and Derbyshire National park within 40 mins.  I have good pubs and resteraunts close by, all affordable.   My family are close by in Sheffield and Leeds, my mum is 94 and in decent health considering.  Close extended family.   Long Heritage in the country.   

We worked hard and made the choices to get the best from where we live and considered moving abroad to Spain for climate and the dream.   But all things considered, it would be a bad move for us and would be a lonely place to exist in.

So research yes.....but keep in touch with reality, look at what you have got because  'grass is greener' and all that.    

Make long term plans, not snap decisions.   


Best wishes, Brian


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09 Dec 2017 10:39 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1902 posts Send private message

So that's in then..Spain is Utopia and not the number 1 country in the EU for scammers trying to take you for every penny /everybody walks about smiling including the 25% of the Spanish population that can't find employment/ the sun Shine's every day everything is cheaper than everywhere else on planet earth the Spanish NHS that the UK tax payer is picking up the bill for is second to none...and let's not  forget your health because as soon as you arrive ...all ailments known to man will be cured immediately ...you will be able to through away that zimmer frame and start running up hills...you will  also be able to live like royalty on  a UK State pension so what's keeping you sell up in the UK and get yourself over to Spain.



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