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31 Jul 2020 16:29:

Maybe it's Peter Kay calling.....lol

Thread: Problem with Telefonica Fija (landline) Phone Incoming Calls last only 3 rings

31 Jul 2020 08:29:

I have a close friend who owns a Mortgage Brokers in the Uk and he says that no UK financial institution will offer you a mortgage for a Spanish property. The main reason is should you default in the UK the process for them to repossess is fairly straightforward, however for a UK company to repossess in Spain would entail many hurdles. As Kav has suggested you would be better re-mortgaging your UK property.

Thread: Question over using a UK bank to take a mortgage on the purchase of a Spanish property ...

21 Jul 2020 16:41:

Hi Steve.

I don't anything about Corvera golf however I do know a little about La Tercia. Reading your post I feel your worries are exactly right. I have passed La Tercia golf many times and it looks like a ghost town with many of the apartments empty and as far as I am aware there is no golf course any more. It's just my honest opinion but I would follow your instincts and save up to buy somewhere NOT on a golf development, (the community charges are usually far lower as you are not paying for 24 hr security and the upkeep of all the facilities). If you go to visit any development ask them to see a copy of the community finances

Thread: La Tercia or Corvera Golf holiday property

11 Jun 2020 17:47:


It's not a rumour, it's has always been that way as far as I am aware. I believe that you can only stay up to 183 days a year, if you stay longer than that you are classed as a Spanish resident and all the implications of that such as tax etc

Thread: Residents

08 Jun 2020 17:56:

Pjplastering - Quite a few low cost airlines don't have winter schedules to what they consider low volume routes. For instance Jet2 dont fly in winter to Murcia from Leeds Bradford. I think that Ryanair will be the same for Almeria from Manchester

Thread: Flights


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