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31 Jan 2022 8:43 AM:

Hi Dirk.

I would try and report your own original post as spam. When you do this it will bring up a text box for you to put your reasons why, this then goes through to one of the Administrators to review, before they decide whether to delete it or not. You can then explain in that text box what your problem is and hopefully get a reply

Thread: Eye on Spain see my email address as invalid

13 Jan 2022 6:33 PM:

Whilst colinian points out a mistake made with the monetary values the wrong way round 10 years ago. Really...

Thread: Changeover costs

18 Nov 2021 5:28 PM:


I too have an Irish passport and will be travelling from Manchester to Spain in December. I will not be having my Irish passport stamped as I am (as you have stated) classed as an EU citizen so have the right to stay up to 180 days in any rolling year. Regardless of where your flight, sailing or border originates you are classed as an EU citizen, so to answer your question I would not expect you to have your Irish passport stamped. Re windys comment about the GHIC health card they are correct that to obtain one of these you would need to be a resident of Ireland, but you can use your UK issued one along with your UK passport if you should need to.

Thread: travelling between UK, Gib and Spain with Irish passport

25 Sep 2021 6:54 PM:

If you don't have a Community of owners and don't pay any community fees (not council tax or non resident taxes) then you have no community so therefore there is no admin person to give to your Solicitor

Thread: Community administrators

01 Sep 2021 7:41 PM:

Hi Ed.  The original post is from 2008 and Roy has only ever put one post on here. I would recommend that you start a new thread with your question and someone may be able to help.

Update - I have found this website which answers your questions Safety measures | Hello Canary Islands



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Thread: Hello from Fuerteventura


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