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21 Oct 2017 14:15:

I too have an annual excess policy for car hires. The car hire company are not losing money on your deal. The way they will make a profit is the price you will pay for the full tank of fuel, which will be considerably more than if you filled it yourself. They also in some circumstances charge a fueling fee on top of your rental price. As you point out they charge a fortune to take out their insurance, and some people pay it, which subsidises the rest of us, and stops them going broke. With regard to claiming the excess back, I have not heard of anyone having problems getting their money back.

So to answer your final question, yes you are doing exactly the right things.

BTW - Your hire works out at 4 euros per day not 1.65cents


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This message was last edited by Jarvi on 21/10/2017.
Thread: Renting a Car for 1.65 Cent a day....

20 Oct 2017 08:53:

LBA - Murcia £10.00  Nov 14th

Murcia - LBA £10.00 Nov 21st

I booked this 2 weeks ago, although I don't like Ryanair it was an offer I coudn't refuse.

Todays price

LBA - Murcia £28

Murcia - LBA £63

Thread: UK Flights

07 Oct 2017 21:36:

Hi Frank

I agree with both windtalker and Duncan, regarding renting rather than buying.

There are so many pitfalls to getting a mortgage. Luckily I paid mine off within 7 years after taking it out for a 15 year term. One of the things that some of the banks insist on is having their life insurance policy. Mine was costing me 90 euros a month!

Also there is the inheritence element of the property whereby you will end up paying inheritence tax on it when you die, regardless of your worth.

Thread: Late starter for a Spanish mortgage

05 Oct 2017 18:30:

Hello Andrew.

Welcome to EOS.

Thread: Hi all

19 Aug 2017 08:01:

What about people who are virtually uninsurable? My partner has several chronic illnesses. I tried to get cover from an insurance broker. The cost quoted for 1 weeks travel insurance was £400! Therefore we have to rely on the EHIC.

Thread: EHIC's hidden probelm


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