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25 Feb 2017 22:51:


This film tells every reason why we were right to vote to leave the EU.


Thread: BREXIT

24 Feb 2017 12:26:

"Free movement is a corner stone of the EU. Weaken it and core values will be lost. That is not intransigence it’s called principal."

If it is a cornerstone why wasn't it there when the EEC was founded in 1957?

I believe it was introduced in 1993. This is just one of the reasons for Brexit.

Overwhelming freedom of movement does not contribute to any society and is the cause of many people wanting to leave the EU.


Thread: BREXIT

23 Feb 2017 20:22:

Wow, I can't believe it, I agree with you Tadd

"Apply the same logic to UK citizens and change the system from resident based to contribution similar to what Spain has"

The best suggestion on this forum for a long time.

I also agree that 6 months would change nothing - it should be that you can't get out more than you have paid in, the only exceptions being people unable to work through genuine disability.


Thread: BREXIT

23 Feb 2017 18:07:

The biggest problem that has been stated on here and many other places is not immigration but un-controlled immigration. There are many of our towns and cities that cannot cope with the number of people that have arrived here. Some peoples answers to that is to build more hospitals, schools etc but who pays for all that? Migration will reduce if we can stop paying extra benefits to people who have not paid into our system.

Thread: BREXIT

23 Feb 2017 17:47:

In my opinion the biggest draw to the UK by low paid migrant workers from the EU or anywhere else is not that they are better off by a lot financially when on minimum wage, but the benefit top ups to which they are entitled which make them far better off than staying in their own countries. (Child benefit, Working tax credits, child tax credits). The UK government tried to stop these payments to people coming from the EU to work in the UK, but were overuled by the EU.  UK People have paid into the system all their lives yet someone from the EU who has paid nothing into our sytem can come to the UK and claim these benefits immediately.

Thread: BREXIT


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