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08 Jul 2021 09:29:

Just have to interject at this point to mention the  recent news of 3 cash machines being wrenched from walls at Camposol by a gang of theives.  Seen the evidence . The destruction was brutal.  Strange how that has failed to be mentioned .

Hoping they are not part of the same marauding gang supposedly causing havoc 50km north in  Quesada ..lol


Thread: Cost of living. 2021

07 Jul 2021 14:31:

Don't know about WIND..talker but you certainly spout a basua  of hot air. 

Have no idea what planet you are on but Waitrose IS a supermarket and  M & S  have large supermarkets within their stores.

As you  so succinctly posted earlier..."keep your eyes and ears open" ....... perhaps it is time you heeded your own advice.

Will leave last words to you as it suits your mentality.

Thread: Cost of living. 2021

07 Jul 2021 11:13:

Believing in quality over quantity my preferred shops for groceries in UK were Waitrose and M&S  In Spain Mercadona. Appreciate many think differently. That is their prerogative.  But have just done a quick scan to compare and Spain is cheaper by a mile.

However, OP was requesting info on SPANISH price structure so fail to understand  why are you constantly bring UK into the equation.

Quite frankly, darling, no one who is  resident here gives a damn.



Thread: Cost of living. 2021

07 Jul 2021 08:10:

It's true. As windtalker proves yet agsin......Sarcasm IS the lowest form............of wit .

Enjoy your day

Thread: Cost of living. 2021

06 Jul 2021 18:31:

ESCAPEtheSNOW,  I am VERY cost conscious and Mercadona is my favourite supermarket and believe it to be the  cheapest over all.    Plus quality is 2nd to none because of the volume of shoppers.

Yesterday's prices in Mercadona

6 large frozen LARGE chicken legs for less than €4 will make 12 meals for 1 person. So big my husband and I have half each. And we are big eaters. 

Kilo beef/ pork mince €5.19 will make 8 thick burgers and some over for 2 portions of spaghetti bolognase.                         Burgers buns 79cents  for 4.   Packet of dry spaghetti 76cents .  Tin toms ( large)  0.87 cents   Bag of white large grain rice 0.75 cents. 5 kilo bag of pastry flour €1.35

Pancetta ( pork belly) 4 thick slices for about €2.30.  ( slightly cheaper if you buy an unsliced side of Pancetta....easy to cut using kitchen scissors ) Bacon €1.84 for 6 thin rashers

Tray 24 large eggs € 2.95 =  8x3 egg omelette.

Cheapest  cheese are actually English cheddar €2.20  and Brie/ Camenbert €1.00

So  for €20 + cost of fresh/ frozen veggies one can eat a balanced main meal  for a MONTH for 1 person.

Bet windtalker cannot beat those prices in UK. LOL

Butter €1.25,   sliced white 0.95 cents. Mermelada 0.93 cents. Jam €1.55   Carton milk 75 cents ( buy outer of 6 is cheaper ) 

Obviously one wouldn't want to eat the same things month than in and month out but if you avoid beef and lamb from a supermarket you will find you can stick more or less to this budget . Also use markets for fresh veg.

12 small cans Steinburg sin alcohol €3.24

Hope this helps 

Thread: Cost of living. 2021


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