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06 Jul 2020 22:14:

2012 we were issued with a " permanente" green card. 
From my understanding, with this, it is not necessary to change to TIE. Are you now saying the opposite. Maria?

Also have photo ID on our Spanish driving licences.


Thread: New forms for Reidency in Spain of UK citizens

21 Feb 2020 15:55:

OP mentioned their relatives believing they could get ..quote “ top dollar” ( which is far from the truth) so why Kavanagh ..is it your opinion..we should just stick to Spanish legalities. 


Thread: 2020 Situation re UK plated car in Spain and selling RH drive car in Spain

21 Feb 2020 14:26:

Could it be this is just an excuse because they don’t feel confident about a LHD car. Whatever unless they can sell to a Brit returning home the value of car is worthless especially once matriculated and the costs involved

Thread: 2020 Situation re UK plated car in Spain and selling RH drive car in Spain

05 Nov 2019 22:23:

Mojacar and immediate area , apart from the Pueblo, is not typically Spanish anymore. IMOP it is just quieter form of Benidorm and overloaded with Brits. 

Suggest you look 35 mins further north and the very Spanish coastal town of Águilas for the start of your journey.  

Many delightful small coastal villages between Mojacar and Aguilas worthy of a visit but because out of season wouldn’t recommend staying because they are few permanent residents in situ.

 The Spanish city of Lorca with its lovely castle is 20 miles inland via excellent roads plus in Aguilas one can get a most enjoyable, and inexpensive, train journey ( about 1 1/2 hours ) to the facinating city of Murcia. 

Cartegena is also a fabulous must visit Spanish City with its amphitheater and ancient buildings. This is only 40 mins further North easily accessible via toll road. 

Personally would consider Valencia instead of Denia....the latter an area where Brits are also catered for. As is Mazarron Alicante and Benidorm. 

If you do your research am sure you discover the Spain you seek. 

Happy travels 






13 Aug 2019 19:14:

Guess you would call me an old fashioned gal Roberto but I prefer cheques and by the same token abhor online banking.

Although it takes 10/12 days for the cheque to get to my UK bank it is available to me, in all but “ cash “ purposes in 7 days. Taken as cash waiting time 30 days.

Obtain business rate less .01% and a charge of €16.00 irrespective of amount changed. Until recently it was €12.00 😩 However considering UK banks and building societies charged £25.00 17 years ago. Cannot complain.

Whether this is the best rate or even the best way of transferring funds, have no idea but it suits me perfectly.

Thread: need to change uk address


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