Moving from UK to Spain Oct - which removal company is best?

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25 May 2010 12:00 AM by lisajb57 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Hi Guys

Moving to Spain in October and wondering which removal company you would suggest or what method you would suggest for a small amount of furniture to go ie 20 boxes and 1 bed?

If the company doesn't have a website can you please provide me with a phone number.

Also if you are looking for a long term tenant (12 months) then we might be interested, minimum of penthouse/top floor apartment and 3 bedroom as we currently have discussions with an owner around this type of property.




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25 May 2010 11:39 AM by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

It's a big country - any idea where?

Most removal companies are cowboys and by that I mean they load and unload your boxes many times so if you have fragile items be warned.

That's the main difference between the big players and the white van men.

and forget the "fully insured" hype most of the cowboys are not insured or offer very limited insurance like EUR50 a box so no good claiming when all your expensive china arrives chipped! and sometimes the small print say not covered unless they do the packing etc.


Use plenty of bubble/faom wrap and make sure boxes can withstand being thrown around!!!!!!

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25 May 2010 12:47 PM by lisajb57 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Sorry going to Murcia.  So basically you don't have anyone you can recommend.  Well aware of the issues around fragiles but really looking for the name of a company someone has used that they weren't disappointed with.

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25 May 2010 1:04 PM by Team GB Star rating. 1245 posts Send private message

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This company is highly regarded. I personally haven't used them but I know two good friends that have and sing there praises





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25 May 2010 3:26 PM by cazzy Star rating in Inland Andalucia. 180 posts Send private message

If you don't mind driving down try oneway van hire pick the size van you want up in the UK and return it in Spain. I think it is about 500 euros for a week.

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25 May 2010 3:35 PM by malcolmandlinda Star rating in playa golf 1. 45 posts Send private message


I used elite european they charge per square metre i found their service first class find them at


regards malcolm  

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25 May 2010 3:56 PM by claire T Star rating in Torremendo, Orihuela. 689 posts Send private message

EOS Supporter

Hi - I used David Dale and they were excellent.  I only had a small load of 13 boxes and they delivered them one hour after I arrived!

you can find them at

They are not the cheapest but, as previously said, you tend to get what you pay for!

Good luck with the move.


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05 Oct 2010 10:51 AM by lostinspain Star rating. 10 posts Send private message

DON'T use ** Edited - Name **. We moved here 3 years ago and am still waiting for compensation!  Because of my husband's job, we have moved back and forth from Germany/Holland to the UK 4 times and never had a single problem.  ** Edited - Name ** were dreadful.  Moving to Murcia, they overcharged us by about 1000 Euros, they created volume by packing the contents of drawers into boxes half filled with screwed up packing paper and they damaged expensive furniture including a piano which by the time we received it in Spain had been stripped down (creating more volume) leaving all of the internal workings exposed. They even removed drawers from units and a desk, emptied them and wrapped them seperately. I could go on and on but then there were the missing items, which included  a small hand carved table, marble slab, bedding and so much more. We have been to the OMIC who said we needed a solicitor who has written to them asking for a copy of our contract as they took our copy (by accident??) with them on the day we were allowed to have our property back.  We disputed the inflated price as they said the volume was more than they had quoted for. Strange how they managed to get it in the removal lorry which already had someone elses furniture inside! Our solicitor was told that all contracts are destroyed after two years - apparently even those relating to any ongoing disputes.  Not exactly good businress practice!  Incidentally, we should have realised that they were dodgy when the firm they used to collect our things turned up at the wrong time with a couple of the packers reeking of stale beer!  As I said, DON'T USE ** Edited - Name **!


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05 Oct 2010 11:10 AM by esteban19120 Star rating. 182 posts Send private message

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try Mathew james removals.

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05 Oct 2010 1:51 PM by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message

Try  It's a website that lets you get quotes from different delivery companies around the UK. 


Read my blog: Spain Money Saving Tips and Offers 

Use TransferWise to send money abroad. A lot cheaper than the bank and other online currency exchanges!.



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05 Oct 2010 3:43 PM by Poppyseed Star rating. 897 posts Send private message

Don't use Brittannia, my story about them is on here somewhere.  They are a nighmare, will lose your stuff, damage it and treat you like doo doo.



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07 Oct 2010 5:48 PM by patriciasufli Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

** EDITED - Self promotion **

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08 Oct 2010 11:49 AM by enelsol Star rating in Mijas Costa. 24 posts Send private message

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I have used UK Spain UK  who did a good job (they happened to have space in a van going the day I called so did me a great deal andf the goods arrived as promised. 

I have also used Matthew James to deliver some new furniture from the UK to here in Southern Spain and they were great - arrived at 9pm and the guys helped with not only the unloading, but also the assembly - great service. 

I have used Roy Trevor recently and would not recommend - the first time I tried to use them their quoted departures dates kept changing, and then I recently used them and the item arrived over a week later than they had quoted.  NHo notification and when I chased no apology.  A take it or leave it approach - they had the goods so I was stuck with 'take it'!

Enelsol Worlds Biggest Activities & Experiences site

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27 Oct 2010 11:06 PM by MoveMan Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

To Poppyseed,

With all due respect please don't generalise Britannia. The group consists of over 50 family owned removal companies and you are making them all look unprofessional because you had a bad experience with one member. There are channels to go through to claim for damages but slagging off the whole group doesn't seem to be very constructive in my opinion.

There are many well respected moving companies on the Coast and I'm sure people have the common sense to know what questions to ask the representative of the removal company and to visit their depot/offices to get an idea of how trustworthy and professional a company really is.

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21 Nov 2010 4:01 PM by cleaninglady Star rating in Benidorm & Oxford. 3 posts Send private message

Hi There

I used Trevs Removals & Transport when I came over. They are a fully insured Man And Van mover who do Door 2 Door removals. I had previously used a larger company but they sub contracted the job out and I had items missing and damaged when they arrived. I tried to claim on the insurance that the company offered but the two companys were just blaming each other so I got no where!

Trevs Removals did a great job. No damages or worries. Trev collected my stuff and did all the paperwork. Gave me a full inventory of what he loaded and arrived on the day he said he would. Highly recomended. I have used him since then as well as his minimum space for booking is just 1/2 mtr.









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06 Jan 2011 11:24 AM by AltonMurry Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hey bro..wats th ei am found you...nice thought..but one thing They even removed drawers from units and a desk, emptied them and wrapped them seperately. I could go on and on but then there were the missing items, which included  a small hand carved table....So enjoy ..have gre8 day....

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15 Jan 2011 8:38 PM by Rob in Madrid Star rating in Madrid. 274 posts Send private message

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In my very limited experience I found British companies to be more expensive than local firms (German and then Spanish) but of course if you speak Spanish or German it is a problem. And yes pack very very carefully as they really bash things around


Decided after all I don't like Spanish TV, that is having compared both.

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12 Apr 2011 3:50 PM by bishopsmove Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

** EDITED - Self promotion **


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12 Apr 2011 6:58 PM by Piltonian Star rating in Madrid. 36 posts Send private message

This may depend on where in the UK you are moving from. I've just moved from Devon to Madrid, my employer got three Spanish firms to quote, I got three UK firms to do the same. one of the UK firms was cheapest - wotton dot co dot uk.

They also did an extremely good job. Nothing damaged, happily came back to collect something I'd forgotten about, very polite and helpful, diassembled and reassembled the furniture, packed and unpacked boxes.

One thing, incidentally, that makes a big difference to the cost is whether you opt for full or part load - it's, as you would expect, cheaper if you send your goods along with someone else's, but that can mean you are hanging around waiting for them to arrive.

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26 Dec 2011 4:00 PM by manandvanremoval Star rating. 1 posts Send private message


I have told that the best moving company in London which I have used moving man and van and am happy with their services.

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