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03 Aug 2015 7:51 PM:

Solvia are a total shambles. I would doubt they would take an offer on that kind of price but you can always try.  

I recently showed some properties from them, it took me two weeks to get them to open the properties for me and when they did send someone out they had given her the wrong keys!  And they made their poor agent drive from Torrevieja to Alicante for them, when they have a key office in Torrevieja!  

We try to steer clear of the banks, when possible, and we are often cheaper with standard resales. There are still a few bank bargains left, but you need to research the market very carefully first.  

Good luck!


Thread: Loan for a new property

03 Aug 2015 3:23 PM:

Hi Newworld - I am an estate agent and have a few comments.

Firstly, low value mortgages in Spain are ridiculously expensive.  I had a client who wanted to borrow 20k€ and the fees were going to be 5K€.  My advice for small loans is always to try to raise the cash in the UK where there is much more flexibility.  Fees can also be very high - for things like writing the cheque for the mortgage at the Notary, so you need to ask for explanations on everything.

Secondly - regarding Rightmove.  I advertised with them until recently when I moved from one agency to another.  I cancelled my contract with them, but they are still running my ads - four months later!  

I know it is easy to tar all agents with the same brush but some of us actually do have integrity and work hard for our money!

Thread: Loan for a new property

25 Sep 2014 3:17 PM:

Hi - I am an agent and we always advise people about the problems in obtaining a Spanish mortgage.  If we didn´t then the sale would fall through and no-one benefits!

At the moment it is unlikely that a non-resident buyer will get more than 60% of the asking price or the bank valuation if lower.  We had a client recently who only needed 20,000€ mortgage and the fees were going to be 5,000€, so he proceeded with finance from the UK.

As has been said before, the banks may offer more on their own repossessions, but always check the local prices as repossessions are not always the cheapest!

Thread: Would i get a spanish mortgage

07 May 2014 9:04 AM:

Hi Batbrit - here in Spain nothing is ever simple.  The banks are an absolute nightmare to deal with and that is why many choose to go through an agent, as they will have more information about the way the particular bank behaves.  You can go direct if you want to, but you will have to find every individual bank website and then try to deal with them, usually in Spanish.

I have sold several bank properties and some of the banks do tell their authorised agents what their minimum offer is, and that is not published on their websites.  So an agent could be saving you time and hassle by letting you know that a particular offer is not acceptable.  Often a bank will take a month or so to let you know their decision, by which time you may have missed out on something else.

As for prices, you can take that with a pinch of salt.  I have dealt with a particular development for the past three or four years, where the banks have several properties.  At one point they were willing to accept 40k but now their "special offer" is over 76k.  They will negotiate a little on this, but their minimum is still way over the 40k.  In my opinion they are wonderful houses which were originally 150k, but you would need to judge what is a good price for you in the current market.

My advice, for what it is worth, is to look at the price not in terms of a "special offer" but in terms of what you think it is worth.  Do some digging, check out the area and what else is there and at what price.  Come out and look and talk to the neighbours.  Talk to agents and maybe you will find one you feel you can trust.  Look at resales too, as they are often cheaper than the bank repos!

There are still a few real bargains left, but you do need to know what you are doing and you absolutely need a lawyer to check all the paperwork, as the banks really don´t check and don´t care either.

Happy hunting!

Thread: The truth or lies?

31 Mar 2014 8:52 PM:

No problem Mr Kevin, no offence taken. I know some agents who are dreadful and they give us all a bad name.

Hope your friends get their problems sorted out.

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