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25 Nov 2011 9:54 AM:


Why question me and not clarify with Johnzx or the lawyer that said this was the case?

I have told you for me that is not my experience.

Why can you not accept that to be the case?

But I don't need the grief and that is not why I participate on this forum. I have genuinely tried to help people and I have mostly enjoyed this forum.

But if you all clearly have no interest in what I have to say then I will make no further postings as I don't enjoy personal attacks of this nature.

It is now your forum.

Thread: Electric and Water contacts in old name

25 Nov 2011 9:20 AM:


I am merely pointing out it is possible to reconnect electricity without the owner of the property coming to Spain and without the agent holding a POA.

I stand by that statement.

I would suggest Johnnz contacts this lawyer to discuss and this lawyer will probably say yes it is possible ......

I had thought Johnnx was referring to a certain well know legal writer but he was not......

Whenerver I am told the name of a lawyer I have not come across before I always check he/she is registered because as we all know there are many in Spain who hold themselves out as being a lawyer when they are not and this is generally good advice.

I seek no work or instruction from this site but I do my best to give honest and practical advice and very much on a DIY cost effective basis.

I appreciate my advice may well differ form others and also practice varies from one region to another.

Sometimes at conferences speakers speak more of the letter of the law but in practice that is not what is happening.

Many on this site have thanked me for my help and advice which is free.


Thread: Electric and Water contacts in old name

25 Nov 2011 8:09 AM:

Interesting - it's a a name I have never  come across before but I see he his regisered with ICAM.

But I regularly do this type of work and get a call to say house and been disconnected can you sort it out.

I have only ever had one problem which did take 12 months to resolve but that was a fraud case on a campo property and involved many meetings with Endesa in Malaga and Endesa/Sevillana on site (many many problems which partly explained the rogue connection in the first place!) and all this was done without a POA.

With Endesa we try to avoid the public offices (if we don't have a POA) and find we make better progress over the phone. Sometimes we dump the old contract and make a new contract depending on circumstances.

Thread: Electric and Water contacts in old name

24 Nov 2011 8:32 PM:

As far as I am aware it's like all unpaid taxes and the surcharge depends on how many months late you are and eventually it gets to 20% surcharge (recargo) and Interes demora (statutory/legal interest).

Thread: Late payment of IBI

24 Nov 2011 8:25 PM:

Are you sure the person to whom you refer is a practising lawyer?

If it is who I think then he is a legal writer/speaker and as far as I am aware not holding a practising certicitae in any jurisdiction?

Also I don't believe he does this type of work (ie arranging electricity/water contracts) whereas my office does..

As regards tax I tell it as I see it and it is for people themselves to decide. Recently the tax office has been contacting some non-residents who were not filing returns. But those I have met accepted the game was up and filed and paid and they are no worse off as the letter clearly says if paid during the voluntary period there will be no penalties. I actually file a lot of tax returns and deal directly with tax offices.

The same with cars and one time I would have said no problem driving UK plated cars leaving aside the insurance issue but now I tell people this is too risky as the police have changed their attitude.

There are a lot of grey and confusing areas  ..... but I have always been truthful in what I have said and everyone knows the risks of non-compliance and that one day they might get caught.

Thread: Electric and Water contacts in old name


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