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03 May 2010 00:00 by BigAl Star rating. 86 posts Send private message

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I sent the photocopy of every single page of the passport as requested by the solicitor so he could apply for the NIE using the Power of Attorney. He tells me that when he went to the Police station they refused the NIE stating that the passport had to be notorised. He claims the rules have changed.

Has anyone very recently obtained an NIE via the solicitor using a POA and if so did you have the same issue with the Police station?



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03 May 2010 20:09 by connas007 Star rating. 43 posts Send private message

i got nie's in jan/feb using poa. which had to be obtained at the notary.

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03 May 2010 20:26 by sharonw Star rating in Coin, Malaga. 281 posts Send private message

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Hi Allan,

It seems the rules have only just changed and I understand that the passports now have to be notarised in the applicants country of residence.  






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04 May 2010 10:24 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2554 posts Send private message

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 When we got our NIE 3 years ago, our Spanish solicitor made us go to a UK notary for notarise the POA and our passports. We then had to send these off to the FCO for the Apostille (can't remember the full name) which then got sent to Spain. Our solicitor was only able to apply for a NIE on our behalf in Cartagena.


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04 May 2010 10:53 by maylin Star rating in Andalucia and Hertfo.... 71 posts Send private message


          The rules have changed. Sometimes they are applied sometimes not.

Best thing to do is this.   Take your original passport(s) to a Public Notary together with a copy. You will find a Notary local to you on the Notaries Society website. He will 'Notarise' the copy - sign and stamp it -  (cost around £50). Then depending on the urgency you or he can then send or take the notarised copy to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Milton Keynes (See their website) for an Apostille (certificate to authenticate Notary) to be attached (cost about £30). Sending takes about 2/3 weeks. Personal visit is done on the day. Then send it to your abogado in Spain, or the person who has your POA. Job Done.

It seems complicated but really is simple. I have done similar on numerous occasions.

Hope that helps - Good Luck.


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04 May 2010 11:09 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message

The rules have not changed, you have always needed either to go to the police station in person or to have your passport notarised as a true copy and apostilled according to the "Convenio de La Haya", Hague Convention.

The only thing thats has changed is they now ask fore more pages than before as before it was only the page with your photo and your details.

The power of attorney if done in the UK also has to be apositlled.  The only time the documents do not need to be apostilled is when they have been signed in Spain or the Spanish embassy.

By the way, you do know that you can apply for your own NIE numbers at the Spanish embassy and that they take less time and are a lot chepaer than doing it with a lawyer in Spain??


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04 May 2010 11:42 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

A few months ago they relaxed the rule that if applying on behalf of someone else it was necessary to also present a private contract and proof that the deposit had been paid.

But the copy passport if certified outside Spain always had to be done by a practising notary and then legalised by having the apostille certificate affixed.

I was not aware it was now necessary to copy all pages of the passport.

Joan do you know if the police station on malaga are insisting upon all pages being presented.

The main problem each police station and each person there have their own rules and a Spanish applicant is treated very differently to an English applicant - I am referring to when applying on someone's behalf.

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04 May 2010 12:31 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message


Some people i met the other night applied for theirs in Marbella and they applied for one for their son that was not here and they had power of attorney and were told they had to have the page that states that it is a europen passport, normally the second page or so, as they did not have that page they were not able to do it.


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04 May 2010 13:56 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message


Sounds like a police man just being awkward again and finding another reason to turn someone away!

The picture page gives all the necessary details unless this was a non eu passport which might be somehow different?

I would have popped back the next day go to different person and smile and try to habla a few words.

Malaga police is pretty straightforward and there's never any major queue and they don't operate the crap "meat counter" ticketing system and you can always park behind the police station. I'm always in and out in 20 mins.

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04 May 2010 14:18 by joanmalaga Star rating in Costa del Sol. 420 posts Send private message


If anything was straightforward in Spain life would be much easier.

For example: The Isle of Man is british but not part of the Europen Union and therefore they can not apply for an NIE in the normal way.

That particular page of the passport confirms if or not you actually have a passport from a E.U. country.

At least this is the information i have found on a few websites when i have been looking around and my solicitors in Marbella also confirmed this information to me this morning as we are still trying to sort out these peoples son NIE without having to go to the notary in the UK again.



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04 May 2010 21:32 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message


Might I suggest getting that page scanned and emailed over and then attaching it to the apostilled document.

The apostille is only ever attached to the last page.

I would suggest a bit of green tape/ribbon to make it look all official.

I have my own impressed seal and wafers to make documents look official........

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04 May 2010 22:30 by BigAl Star rating. 86 posts Send private message

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Thanks everyone,

The thing that really annoys me is that I had the POA documentation notorised in the UK and went to Milton Keynes in person to get it appostlised, (only about 6 weeks ago), sent it by recorded delivery to our Solicitor in Spain. Now when they have tried to use the POA to get the NIE, they tell me things have cahnged and I have to repeat the process agian for the passport.



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05 May 2010 09:19 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message


Why not just send over the actual passport?

The POA will stand.

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