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20 Sep 2011 09:49:


Unfortunately banks have been insisting on this for a long time now and indeed make it a condition of the mortgage, there are banks that do not impose their insurances on clients but only a small number.



Thread: My bank is insisting we take life assurance with them for our mortgage

10 Jul 2011 11:37:

Banks are still willing to lend - it does depend on client profile, income vs debt etc. but another important factor is valuation and this is the main bug bear for people looking to remortgage by changing lender.



Thread: Want to remortgage my property and need advice

08 May 2011 12:26:

Hi Sherrl,

This will be a combination of the banks (admin) charge and the notary fee to change your mortgage basis in the registry documentation.  Have you considered changing lenders? If it is a possibility i.e. based on your financial circumstances and the value of the property, it is possible to switch paying no costs (lender pays) and obtaining up to 5 years on Interest Only basis.


Thread: Interest free mortgage

08 May 2011 12:13:

Hi John,

It is not possible to obtain a firm mortgage offer until after the survey of the property has been done. You can however get a Decision in Principle (once you have submitted the required documentation) and this is solely based on your financial circumstances. Most lenders will give this to you in writing, outlining the basic conditions; in some instances this will be by way of text in the body of an email or it could be a letter of acceptance, lenders differ in this procedure. Again, for the actual mortgage offer, there are several lenders that will provide a formal offer, in letter format, which is binding and must be signed by the client as agreeing to the terms and conditions, prior to completion.     All lenders now base their lending on the lower of either purchase price or valuation therefore it is not possible to include the costs in the mortgage amount.

This info is relevant to buying an independent property, not on the banks books and obtaining an independent mortgage.


Thread: morgage?

03 May 2011 11:12:

Hi All,

Seems to be fixed - working fine now!



Thread: Had enough now!


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