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17 Mar 2017 12:10:

Hi william02

I am not a plumber and certainly no expert. However I have experienced 'whistling' in our heaters in the past.

It was mostly always a build up of calcium in the boiler/heat exchanger. So we were told. This was as the result of limescale from the water. It does that as the water heats and deposits in the heat exchanger. So we were told.

I don't know what sort of heater you have, gas or electric? but I think it is more common in gas. Also I do not know what the softness/hardness of the water in your area is. Something to do with the Clarke Scale, we are told. Hard water is more problematic.  Our water is soft but still we had a problem.

The solution for us was on one occasion was a flush to rid the heater of limescale on another the build up was so bad we needed a new boiler. I think by leaving water in the boiler, when you leave, makes the build up worse. Again this is only what we have been told by a plumber/heating engineer. I am no plumber or expert.

Hope this assists. Good Luck.  Mick


Thread: Water heater whistles

13 Dec 2010 12:53:

I have said I wouldn't post anymore directly due to technoape and another. I am just a reader now.

Just had to post though, one last time, in agreement with Julie Ann and you others.

We had ways of dealing with bullies, when I was at school, many years ago.

I will not be abused, ridiculed, accused or  bullied.

Best of luck to all, whatever your situation.


Thread: Build Quality?

30 Nov 2010 19:21:


                     Kindly withdraw yor accusations against me.

You do not know me. I do not know who the hell you are talking about being a troll.

Unless you can prove what you say, which you can't.

Kindly withdraw.



                     I havn't made any claims so why should I have to back them up.

Thread: ITV Homes from Hell / Parador Properties

30 Nov 2010 17:20:

tangledman, Will, my dear chap,

You seem to be very techy and confused.

The original post that you queried, on this thread, in an offensive manner was by Norman. Not me.

I merely tried to verify the situation by posting a copy of the original, which was by Janny on 10.11.10 at 1601 hrs. On the 'House Demolished in Vera' thread.

I do not have to verify any of the statements or admit to anything.(Ask Janny) It wasn't my arguement, poorly constructed or not. Please don't shoot the messenger.

It is very nice of you to overlook what you assume are my shortcomings.  You are obviously a very superior and highly educated person. I note you are re writing the English language (You're English is still poor) check it out. Still as I am obviously a poorly educated person I must be wrong.

Incidentally my Spanish is very good. As is my French.

It appears to me that you are involved in the Real Estate Business with your links to Spanish Property Magazine and Puerto de Mazarron on your posting. Nice photo as well. I think you look like an estate agent.

Nice touch as well on the 'Happy Spain Experiences' thread 'Pig on the Roof'. Getting Justin to post a link to your website which is "Spanish Property Magazine'..Advertising? I see this article and most of the others are by Will Needham, would that be you?

You obviously have an agenda whereas I just try to be helpful.

I have little more to say on the matter except that I will not be bullied, belittled, abused or spoken to in an agressive and offensive manner.

Justin could you take a look at this please.

This will be my last posting on here - not a nice place to be.

Hope you all get what you want




Thread: ITV Homes from Hell / Parador Properties

30 Nov 2010 00:42:

I thought I would post this before I go to bed - Where I do sleep well.

I bought many years ago and checked everything out many times - Oh yes I know you might say "But you never know" That is true but I am legal so is my property So I'll not worry too much. I am certainly not fooling myself I am fully aware of the pitfalls.

I and many others always try to help people who are in difficulties. I truly feel for anyone who has been wronged.

Those who have been members on here for some know Norman's terrible situation and wish him the best.

For the information of tangledman here is the post from a few days ago re the Police with guns. I was not from Norman

 A house was demolised in Cartama in June 2004, the owners were a young Spanish Family , neighbours and friends with their cars  blocked the entrance on the Day that the demolition was due to take place , 4th June ,(and consequently got fines for obstructing the course of justice )  it worked for that day , but in the early hours of June 7th 2004 ,5.45 a.m. with no notification a dozen or so Police (with guns ) and the bulldozer arrived ! and nothing could stop them ! It was heartbreaking, and to top it all the other 9 houses on this illegal urbanisation are still standing and the parcel of land where the House was demolished now has two wooden houses on it ??? Something is not right 

Oh, and it just my opinion, but tangledman your posting is aggressive and offensive.

Hope my English is getting better by the day.

Best Wishes




Thread: ITV Homes from Hell / Parador Properties


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