Using a british television in Spain

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27 May 2009 00:00 by gillian Star rating in Colchester and Altea.... 181 posts Send private message

Hi there,

I know that lots has been written about using a  uk bought television in Spain but I cant seem to find the info on this new (new since I last used it ) web site.

At present we probably only want to use our  tv  for playing DVD's but may want to get it hooked up to main tv in the future.Will one bought in the UK be ok ?

Thank you,



Gilly & Ralph

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27 May 2009 18:18 by dominick Star rating. 35 posts Send private message


   definitely .we took tv/dvd bought in uk , works perfectly,tuned in seconds

                          regards dominick

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27 May 2009 22:02 by conrad Star rating in Milton Keynes and Dr.... 298 posts Send private message

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Remember though that virtually all of spain is going over to digital tv like our freeview then you will need a digital set top box as well

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28 May 2009 08:16 by gillian Star rating in Colchester and Altea.... 181 posts Send private message

Hi there,

Does that mean a digital tv will do the trick or will we need the box as well ?

Thank you,



Gilly & Ralph

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28 May 2009 14:58 by brenjam Star rating in Renfrewshire Scotlan.... 11 posts Send private message

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Hi there,

We took over a new digital ready TV/DVD combi in April and it works perfectly. We also really just want to watch DVD's but have got tuned in to Spanish TV stations including their digital ones.



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28 May 2009 15:06 by GuyT Star rating. 491 posts Send private message

I bought a Sony Bravia 26" TV in Comet last month (£499). It works fine and picks up around 15 Spanish digital channels (incl Sony/Disney channel in English). It also picks up a number of analogue stations. I've seen the same TV in Madrid stores for similar price, so I'm not sure t's worth the effort of buying in UK especially if something goes wrong. Can someone pse confirm what extra  I'd get from a "digital set top box"?

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28 May 2009 17:39 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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If you've got a built in digital tuner, it does the same thing as a set top box so no need to get another one.  You only need one if you haven't got a TV with a built in tuner.  Nowadays, all new tellys will work anywhere in Europe as they are sold to the same market.  It;s only the older type TVs (probably older than 7 or 8 years) that need extras like tuning through a recorder (to match the sound and picture) or a set top box (if no built in tuner).  Also, the majority of digital tuners you buy in UK also use channel 69 which is not used in UK but is used in Spain for the same international market. 

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28 May 2009 17:45 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2565 posts Send private message

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We bought a TV in Argos and took it to Spain earlier this year. The DVB tuner didn't scan channel 69 though, so doesn't pick up all the Spanish channels, but stil got a lot of them. Ideal for our Spanish renters that don't want to watch the satellite cannels and the poor terrestrial reception.


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28 May 2009 19:48 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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You surprise me, Markfish.  Even the 10 quid special from Tescos I bought has channel 69 on it.


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24 Jan 2010 18:34 by evebrady Star rating in We live just outside.... 26 posts Send private message

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We own two apartments in Guardamar Del Segura which we let all year round. We recently had a chap come in to link us up with the communal satellite dish (both apartments £780) but its not working at all...this is a long story and for another forum but I have to tell you that I am really disappointed, since the system was only fitted first in one apartment in June and in the other in October and despite a two year guarantee the engineer is winging about haven’t to go back to ensure that its working for our elderly guests who are currently renting the apartments. We have been chasing him up for two weeks now since we have no TV in either apartment but calls go through to voicemail and e-mails/texts are not being responded to!

My...point sorry! My point is that I have just bought two 22" TV's here in the uk with DVD and freeview and I am going over to Spain on Wednesday this week to see if the problem is with the old Spanish TV's which we have there, since our neighbors who had the same system fitted in October by the same chap to the same dish is working on a flat screen British TV which is the same spec and the two which I am going to take over with me...are you still with me or with the woolwich ha ha!?

I have been assured that these TV's will work but will I be able to receive the freeview like we do here in the UK in Guardamar? Also does anyone know a good, reliable, honest satellite engineer who works in the Guardamar region if so please would you give him my telephone number and ask him or her to call me. I must have the TV system sorted and up and running for our guests before we I leave spain on Sunday as I am not returning again till may! My telephone number is +44 07778163901, I always have my mobile with me but I am a community midwife here in the UK and if I am duty when I receive a call from the engineer, I my have to call him back!

Looking forward to hearing from whoever can help me... Eve


Kind Regards, The Bradybrunch! (

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24 Jan 2010 18:42 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2565 posts Send private message

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 Freeview isn't available in Spain, but TDT is (the Spanish equivalent). You won't get many programmes in English (Disney channel and Sony Veo are two exceptions I know of).

When you say communal satellite, that is a dish provided by the community of one owned by someone else you have connected to? Not sure how it would work at your place, but if satellite you will probably have a decoder box which the satellite cable should connect directly to with coax. We have sockets in the wall at our place marked up as satellite, but they are in fact radio . Is it possible your tenants may have pulled out a cable or something?


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24 Jan 2010 20:03 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Have to agree with Mark;

Your new Brit TV's should work out here with TDT but you may be restricted if they cannot successfully tune Channel 69 where some of the TDT channels like Antenna 3, Antenna Neox and Antenna Nova are located.

If you cant get these stations (and want them!) then I'm afraid a trip to Carrefour, Alcampo, AKI or your local Ferretaria is neccessary. Purchase new TDT boxes and couple those to the TV's via a Scart cable, which should be supplied with the new boxes.These boxes cost from around 30 Euros.You should couple the existing normal TV antenna to the TDT box, just like you would at home in the UK.

A facility exists on the remote controls of TDT boxes to switch betwenn Spanish and the original language that the watched programme was made in. From what I recall of Freeview the only language options via the handset are English and Welsh! Note that neither TDT nor Freeview will give access to BBC or ITV over here.

So far as satellite TV is concerned if you havent got a digibox or similar satellite receiver then there is no way that you will be able to use that service.

Can I suggest you try this link to 'satandpcguy'; he is a regular attendee on this forum and will be able to answer all your questions; he's on the Costa Blanca so even better!




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25 Jan 2010 00:19 by evebrady Star rating in We live just outside.... 26 posts Send private message

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...thank you, I will follow the link!

Kind Regards, The Bradybrunch! (

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27 Jan 2010 00:01 by satandpcguy Star rating in Gandia, Valencia. 399 posts Send private message

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from reading the post, is sounds like you are not connected to the communal system correctly.

as mentioned, for the spanish digital TDT service, you need either a TDT set top box, or a TV with a digital tuner integrated. plus these into the aerial socket, and as long as its all been connected up then you will have TDT channels.

For satellite - ideally you will need a seperate cable and connection to the communal dish system...if they have been lazy and "mixed" the satellite in with the spanish digital then all sort of things can happen - to a satellit ereceiver.

if your reception on this satellite receiver is not similar to your neighbours (rememeber that different satellite receivers perform differntly 0 they are not all the same performance wise) then there must be something wrong with your connection.

I hope the price of £780 inluded receivers as well, but even then that does sound alot to be connected up to a communal system.....

sorry, I operate in the northern CB, so cannot really help you with a good honest reliable installer in your area. but if you want more advice, pm or email me.....

_______________________ Satellite TV & Sky TV in Spain installers. Costa Blanca, Azahar and Valencia areas.

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