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25 May 2009 00:00 by eddiecyprus Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

I was contacted by Ready Rental Property to list my property with the "On Holiday Group" for a fee that included two guaranteed weeks bookings. I duly paid the fee in early December 2008 completed the requested paperwork and handed over the keys to their agent. I was promised the listing would be active within three weeks in time for the summer 2009 advertising program.

Despite several emails and numerous telephone calls (mostly unanswered, and when answered never anyone of authority there) the property remained unlisted.

I requested my fee back by email and telephone call and unsurprisingly received an email with a link to "HOLIDAYNIGHTS" part of the On Holiday Group at the end of April 2009. The link did not allow the property owner access to the booking calender for management of the property and there was not the two guaranteed weeks booked within the period May-October 2009 allowed by the site.

On further investigation I discovered that my fee had been paid to a company called DAY COOPER ADAMS LIMITED.   On further investigation of this company I have found that their authorisation has been suspended by THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE in London. You will find a link on Google search to an article by Tony Hetherington of This is Money (readers champion Daily Mail) who alleges that this is a scam operation run by conmen. The owner and sole director of Day Cooper Adams lives in Fuengirola, a former director of the company lives in Mijas Costa a former address of RRP. Both these directors have been involved in other companies that have had the same fate as Day Cooper Adams. Both these directors and companies have ties to Rochdale, Lancashire.

On checking the Companies Register at Companies House, There is a company registered as READY RENTAL PROPERTY LIMITED, their status with Companies House, is Proposal to Strike Off, two of the directors addresses are Rochdale, Lancashire.

I would suggest that as a property owner you should not be comfortable with any organisation that have proven links with Day Cooper Adams and their directors. While I am not suggesting that the ON HOLIDAY GROUP have any ties with Day Cooper Adams I believe they should be made aware of the link with RRP. As far as I am aware the ON HOLIDAY GROUP are a reputable company but I assume they are contracted to forward the rentals for your property to RRP this is addition to any fees you have already paid RRP for listing your Property.

On the past history of Day Cooper Adams I would not be happy that the rental returns of my property will be paid to RRP.

I suggest that you check where your fee was paid, if you are unhappy with the result reclaim through your credit card company or bank. If you have had the same problems as me, then complain and advertise the fact, as otherwise other innocent property owners will be fleeced by these organisations



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25 May 2009 12:27 by benros Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

I advertised with RRP, having paid a whopping fee. I did get 8 weeks bookings at suicidal rates. I had to email 11 times and withhold the keys to my property to get any payment. I have since cancelled all their bookings and am now left with empty properties for the summer. They say they are going to sue me for ruining somebody's holiday. Huh?

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29 May 2009 13:36 by frankierey Star rating. 29 posts Send private message

Day Cooper Adams Limited

The London Gazette, March 23, 2009 (Nbr. 59013)

Corporate Insolvency
Permanent Link:
Id. vLex: VLEX-54123584

Hi All,

I too was foolish enough to get involved with Ready Rental Property.  They never answer emails & now don't answer the phone. I have instructed the key holder to not let anyone sent by RRP into my apartment.

Please note the above listing found when I searched for "DAY COOPER ADAMS LIMITED" - they have applied for insolvency.

The address for RRP in Fuengirola looks like an apartment not an office when I looked it up in Google maps -  Avenida Clemente Diaz, 8,  Fuengirola, 29640.

I don't know if anything can we done collectively to try & get our money back.  if you are interested in a collective approach please PM me.






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29 May 2009 14:18 by frankierey Star rating. 29 posts Send private message

temporarily removed ... watch this space

This message was last edited by frankierey on 01/06/2009.

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11 Jun 2009 15:08 by margesimpson Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

A bit of research  and a meeting with someone who actually worked for RR - has thrown up  the following:

1. Ready Rentals are a front for a more sinister activity - money laundering/prostitution

2. they work from a 2 bedroom house in Mijas so that they don't have to face angry customers - they have no contact numbers either

3. They will not pay you any rental at any time

4. they will try every sales trick to get you to part with your money to join their website which only has 4 properties! So anyone looking for a property will not find what they want.  They do not have partnerships with thousands of other suppliers, nor do they have millions of hits to their site - it's all a lie!

5. They trawl all the legal rental websites to find your details and then call you with irresistible offers

5. they will use your property for their own means and for their own people - that's why you will never see any rent!

6.  You will be landed with huge water, electricity, cleaning and any other bills.

Lydia is the lady who fronts the operation. 

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16 Jul 2009 15:22 by mollydogs Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

eddiecyprus, I have sent you a PM regarding this company.

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16 Jul 2009 20:21 by JASSER Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


 I have also been caught out by Ready Rental Property but mine is a property in Portugal .Soon after paying the money to them in May to market my apartment I have discovered as well that they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. When all my efforts to contact RRP failed I did enter the website of  their sister company Ready Rental Travel and found a ' Enquiries No.' which I rang and got an answer. It was answered by a gent called Alastair who had telephoned me previously and left a message . He announced that he worked for Key Lounges who are based at Malaga airport and they offer a key handling service at Malaga and Faro airports.He had been told that Ready Rental Properties were having telecommunication problems and which he hoped would be solved in about four days. I have been unable to contact him since about 25th June or their UK office in Coventry.

It looks as though Key Lounges are linked to Ready Rental Property.  Ready RentalTravel were advertised as part of the On Holiday Group but they state that they are no longer working with Ready Rental Travel and do not have a valid contact for them either.

I have also contacted Moneycorp who handled my currency transfer. A young lady there told me that she had been advised by a colleague two days earlier that Ready Rental Property were going through a restructuring process and that they were not in administration.

My credit card company, after examining my documents, advise me that at the present time they cannot do anything. RRP have not broken their contract although that is hard to swallow considering  they cannot be contacted. They can only reclaim the money if RRP have gone into receivership or have not given a service over the twelve months of the contract.

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17 Jul 2009 11:16 by eddiecyprus Star rating. 5 posts Send private message


Thanks for the email, sorry to hear that you have been caught as well.

As far as I am aware Key Lounges and RRP are one and the same, run from the same officies with sales staff dealing for both companies, I have been told that ** EDITED - Personal name ** runs both companies with various unsavory characters involved with these and other companies.

When I last checked the Companies House Register in London, RRP were no longer in exsistence.

I am not sure by your email if your money went direct to RRP or was directed through a third company, KL, Day Cooper Adams(in my case) etc. If this is the case your credit card company should refund you, as you cannot wash money through a third party. If this is not the case I am sure you you will find RRP are out of business and you should be able to reclaim from the credit card company that way, don't give up, the more fuss made hopefully the authorities will take action.

Hopefully you will have read the other thread on EOS, "Has any one heard of Ready Rental Properties" where other people tell their stories on RRP, KL, Worldwide Furniture Direct, Resale Strategy all with the same conmen behind them.

Good luck.


This message was last edited by EOS Team on 17/07/2009.

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26 Jul 2009 14:07 by nigellondon Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Ready Rental Property, Key Lounges, Glovista Red, Furniture Worldwide.... they are all the same  people.

The owner Mark Chadwick, his friend Roger and her sister Alison are on it. They move from scam to scam, from office to office.

At the moment, they are in Mijas Golf, next to a restaurant called Someplace else. They don't have a name on the door or nothing, that's how dodgy they are. It's a shop that looks closed from the outside, covered in brown paper.

They own also a Restaurant called El Potro, in La Serrezuela, Fuengirola.

El Potro restaurant's address is:

  • Dirección: C/ Principal 384 A, Mijas 29649, España
  • Teléfono :  +34 952470284

Alison's number is: 0034664117374

I will make sure that they get what they deserve


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15 Aug 2009 15:41 by stant Star rating in cardiff wales. 48 posts Send private message

thanks mate i was about to give them £1500 for a rentall property you saved me a lot thanks .can you recomend someone els  

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16 Aug 2009 21:57 by JASSER Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Dear Stant,

                     I am pleased we all managed to save you some money. I am surprised that RRP are still trying to get money out of people because as you can see from all the correspondents to this  site, we have all had problems contacting them..

                    I cannot honestly recommend any other company to you because I have lost all trust in these companies, although I am sure there are a number of reliable and trustworthy companies in existence.

                   I live in Monmouthshire.

                                                                       Best regards,


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16 Aug 2009 21:57 by JASSER Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Dear Stant,

                     I am pleased we all managed to save you some money. I am surprised that RRP are still trying to get money out of people because as you can see from all the correspondents to this  site, we have all had problems contacting them..

                    I cannot honestly recommend any other company to you because I have lost all trust in these companies, although I am sure there are a number of reliable and trustworthy companies in existence.

                   I live in Monmouthshire.

                                                                       Best regards,


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17 Aug 2009 12:54 by mds Star rating. 1 posts Send private message


I have also been a victim and parted approx 852 euros to ready rentals via moneycorp. Lydia o'farrell contacted me in may  and guaranteed that i would receive two weeks rentals. With my previous experiences with those scammer MRI, i was reassured that the company had dealtwith and delivered there promise to a majority of customers. I t transpires that a majority of the staff are former MRI employees. has anyone paid through moneycorp and received a refund from there credit card company. i am currently liaising with my credit card company to see whether there is away to be reimbursed. if that fails it will be the FSO next.

I am trying to drum up support to take this to watch dog so that others do not face the same problem of these dodgy companies operating in spain. to many people sit back and accept it and i am not one of those people.

On holiday group and holiday nights all seem to be linked even though they denigh it and never respond to my emails and i have heard this from the horses mouth the owner of ready rentals.

I would be interested in your thoughts.



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17 Aug 2009 14:42 by tonypullicino Star rating. 73 posts Send private message

Hi All,

I have always used OWNERS DIRECT for my Villa rental and when I am on Holiday......good english company great web-site and always very helpful..........Also you get to speak to renters and owners alike and monies up front.

ta Tony


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20 Aug 2009 08:23 by stant Star rating in cardiff wales. 48 posts Send private message

they contacted me about 2 months ago affter reading my add on eye on spain they told me they run the best property rentall compony in spain and all their rentalls are from this web site  but when they ask for money up front so i could look at a property i sead now then i saw your add on hear

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20 Aug 2009 11:07 by sms0611 Star rating in Fuengirola. 21 posts Send private message

As I live just up the road from one of the addresses mentioned above (Avenida Clemente Diaz, 8,  Fuengirola) I would like to inform you that this address is false.

Number 6 is a hospital which has recently closed.

Number 10 is a firm of lawyers.

The only buildings(locals) between these two have never been in use since the day the building was built which was many years ago. They are literally bricked up fronts to empty spaces.

Hope this saves someone a wasted stamp or journey.

kind regards/saludos Steve Read my blog: A long and winding road

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20 Aug 2009 13:49 by stant Star rating in cardiff wales. 48 posts Send private message

i have ask virgin for a list of all calls to me if they can do it for the month they rang me i will tell you the number they rang me from

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31 Aug 2009 19:09 by Tony-Malaga Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

I have also been contacted by Lydia O'Farrell regarding rentals of my properties in the Fuegirola area. However contary to some comments made on this site, before I agreed to the Ready Rentals con, Lydia contacted me and advised me not to go ahead. She had realised that the company was not as reliable as prevoiusely thought, she had not been given her commission as a sales person for  deals she had completed and also rentals had not been paid for other  apartments listed. The people who phone selling Ready Rentals were commission only - EMPLOYEES NOT THE OWNER. The info regarding El Potro I believe to be correct, they also are connected to other busnesses being run in the Fuegirola area. Ready Rentals - Key lounges - all the same - remember buyer beware - Dont blame the salesmen, blame the owners and mangers, they make the money from conning the inocent - including the staff they employ

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14 Oct 2009 16:15 by angel eyes Star rating. 3 posts Send private message


This is to clear the bad press on this Website in respect of Lydia O'Farrell and to give you a clear picture of why this has come about.

Thank you Tony the guy from Malaga and anybody else out there who realises that I was only doing my job. 

I moved to Spain a year ago and this was my very first job having never done telesales before and certainly never having worked for a scam company before, I was unaware that what I was selling was not actually being delivered.  This only happened some months later when I realised that the poor people who had been swindled out of thousands of pounds by MRI were on a database provided by the owner of Ready Rental Properties, Key Lounges, Furniture Direct, Resale Strategy,  Mark Chadwick.  His co-workers/Directors were all ex MRI  staff who changed their names due to obvious reasons.  They also employed quite a number of ex MRI staff .  I was told that the Company was illegitimate and was asked for my NIE no and passport but never received a contract but was told it was coming.  My commission based earnings were taxed and then it was only when their merchant name kept on being changed, I fully caught onto the situation a left.  They owed me four weeks rentals for an apartment and initially owed me wages which after a few threats, I managed to only get my commission back but was fobbed off with the rentals which is around  2000 euros.  I do not expect to see this money and I don;t suppose the hundreds of people in the same position as me will ever get their money back.  I am dealing with at least ten people whom were the victims of Marks scam and if you wish they can fully verify what I have written.

The person whom everybody is confusing my name with is the Director of Ready Rentals Property Olivia which as you will appreciate does actually sound like Lydia.  The Directors all split up as I believe they were not paid either but new companies have been set up in order to maintain the cash flow.  So beware!!!!

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16 Oct 2009 20:18 by myra cecilia Star rating in Manilva Malaga. 213 posts Send private message

Angel eyes.  Ready Rental Property and MRI you have said it all


Myra Cecilia.

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