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06 Sep 2016 08:33:

And then it depends if the provider has enabled recording on their service. Quite a lot do not, as they have programmes on the catch up service.

Thread: Recording TV programs from a MAG250 box

28 May 2016 08:39:

Not all area in Spain need a "a 7 foot wok bolted to their house" for satellite TV. Some areas can use a 3 foot wok!

And these days most poeple agoing for wireless internet systems are having a 1ft wok attached anyway!

Thread: humax freesat.

18 Apr 2016 07:53:

From a laymans point of view, those eu rules you quote state

"It is not acceptable to make the installation of a satellite dish subject to systematic prior authorisation or completion of a complex and expensive administrative procedure."

If community rules state no dishes, then I dont think that is classed as "complex and expensive administrative procedure" or "undue technical, administrative, urban planning or tax obstacles".

The article you quote  states "Simply put, it is within your rights as an EU member citizen, to receive your own language television in a fellow EU member state, via a satellite dish - without planning permission or taxes." - but then even in the UK dishes can be subject to planning permission and local rules, so maybe it is down to how this "rule" is interpretated...

Thread: TV problem with community 'rules'. Help?

09 Mar 2016 07:56:

If you want to know your legal rights re a situation best get a lawyer.

But as I understand it the president can request the removal of many satellite dishes and replace them with communal satellite dishes.

How this works with internet dishes I do not know...

Thread: TV problem with community 'rules'. Help?

30 Jan 2016 08:54:

UK TV, like BBC ITV C4 and Fives, does not come any cheaper than subscription free via satellite,which is still available in many areas of Spain.

There are some areas where satellite signals have got weaker, requiring people in those areas to get larger dishes than they had to use before. But some are reluctant to have a larger dish, so they look for alternate "third party" means of receiving their TV. (Prior to 2012, in the Costa Blanca the normal sized dish for BBC ITV etc was a 1.8 or 2.4m dish, and people were happy installing them for their free UK TV channels. But people in the weaker signal areas seem to be reluctant to do this, and  instead go for internet solutions - filmon (some quality issues), android boxes (faffy menus and some quality issues), mag boxes (pay for your free tv channels?).

But rememeber that the UK broadacsters have no obligation to provide live TV for expats. But there are a few EU rules. Expats in EU must have access to news and evemnts in their own language - which is why most EU countries have a fre eto air news service that covers Europe - for the UK SKy News International, and BBC WOrld News covers this.

But then soon, the EU will open up the rules a bit, for holiday makers. ie broadcasters must allow their content to be made available for their "clients" when they are in another EU country. This will have time restrictions, and is designed for holiday makers, and not permananet residents. Until the rules are changed, and all EU broadcasters buy programme rights for the whole of europe, (veyr messy to sort out), then VPNs re the only way to access content via the internet direct from the broadcasters and not a third party.

Thread: TV content from 'home'


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