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14 Oct 2017 15:30:

Firstly, which region do you live (or intend to live) in? Regions have different rules on patrimonio tax. For example, the Madrid region has a 100% allowance so there is no wealth tax to pay. Most other regions have €700,000 exemption for each person (€500,000 in Catalonia) so a married couple would have €1.400,000 exemption and, if they are resident, another 300k each so wealth tax wouldn't kick in unless they have over €2,000,000 in assets. Even then, the tax goes from 0.2% for assets 0-167,000 (that's over the 2 million allowance) up to over 10 and half million in assets over and above your 2 million allowance.

If your total wealth is above the allowances, take specialist advice on exactly how it will affect you and what your options are to reduce it as I doubt many on here will have the kind of assets to pay it.



Thread: Detail on Wealth Tax -

12 Mar 2017 23:37:

Off to Barbados tomorrow. Spending the Kids Inheritance.


Thread: BREXIT

12 Mar 2017 23:23:

You don't do reading posts very well, do you. I mentioned other pensions I paid into. Two government, 1 private, 1 state. You may not be the only one who made provisions for his later years (as I'm nearly 70 I think I can count myself in on that). I also pay almost 2k to the Spanish tax man as well but, then, I did make provisions. On top of that my savings which now earn a derisory amount in interest and have to pay taxes on but I didn't pee it all up a wall when I was younger (well, quite a lot of it I did but that's another matter). It's rather more than the figures you stated but I started a pension scheme when I was 18 so I think Its now time to enjoy it. 

Of course, according to you, I could get a job but I doubt climbing ladders to communications masts or humping hods of bricks around would be suitable for me at the moment. 

So. yes, the figures do add up. 

Thread: BREXIT

12 Mar 2017 21:53:

Rot and double rot. I worked for 42 years and paid National Insurance and tax for all that time. I still pay nearly £4000 a year in tax to the UK government. If you write to the Chancellor and ask him to give me all the contributions I paid over those years plus stop charging me tax then I will give up my state pension (which is going to raised the tax I already pay by some £600 in UK).

So, over a lifetime at current money, a person who has paid tens and tens of thousands of pounds into an insurance system has no right to any payment just because he's moved to Torremolinos yet a dole bludger or SE Asian who goes to UK to live and has never paid a penny into anything gets everything going?
Bloody Little Englander attitude if I might say.


Thread: BREXIT

12 Mar 2017 20:50:


Tteedd OK let's have a compromise the UK will accept access to the single market and freedom of movement .....If we can have a controlled breading program like they have in China.

Oh, goody. Can I make my own harvesters and baps? 

Mickey, what about a pension and maybe the winter fuel grant as two things for starters?

So what about the pension? If someone has paid into the system all their lives, please explain why they shouldn't get the pension because they live in Torremolinos and not Bournemouth. If you visit Spain (or any other country) should you give up your pension for that amount of time?  Stupid argument

And, in case it passed you by, Brits (who have paid into the system) don't get the winter fuel allowance in Spain. Nor do they get pension credits or carer's allowances either. 


Thread: BREXIT


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