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19 Jan 2017 23:31:

What, you mean like people from UK living "under the radar" in Spain? Not declaring themselves as living there? Not paying into the Spanish system? Not telling the UK so they keep getting their winter fuel allowance? Driving UK reg cars forever with no MOT or Tax (so probably invalid insurance) ?

Best you ask Hugh Jardon that one.


Thread: BREXIT

19 Jan 2017 22:33:

What's all this with the OAP? If someone's paid into it, surely they should be entitled to it no matter where they live? Or should they give up all rights to something they've paid into all their lives? Just because you live in Calle Toledo instead of Hyacinth Close doesn't preclude your right to getting a bit back to what you've paid in.

In my case, I still pay over £4,000 to the British tax man. I also pay to the Spanish tax man. And? 

This thread has been silly for some time but it is now like an untouched girl appearing in the Little Britain series. Virgin on the ridiculous.

(Oh, and you don't get the heating allowances in France or Spain, nor do you get pension credits, pension top ups or any other type of benefit unless you're one of those who think a pension is a benefit instead of an entitlement for what you've paid in).



Thread: BREXIT

19 Jan 2017 21:54:

Have a look at the footprint for the Astra UK satellite. You'll see that it broadcasts towards the UK. However, you will also see that the beam goes behind the satellite with not such a strong signal. You will also see that the Costa Blanca is directly behind the satellite so in line whereas the Costa del Sol and Portugal aren't but do get a little side beam (much weaker signal).

You'll also find all the Spanish satellites will be broadcasting to other countries as will all the other countries to each other. I'm afraid the signals are a bit unaware of borders and go wherever they can. Free movement of sat sigs?


Thread: sky tv

19 Jan 2017 21:14:

None of those channels you refer to are on Astra EU anyway. Only things like QVC, BET, Forces TV and all the stuff you normally skip over. Astra UK is spot beamed to UK but there will always be a back beam or a side beam or whatever. Its why you need a mahoosive dish to get those channels on the Costa del Sol but not quite such a big one on the Costa Blanca because they are behind the beam. Still need one a lot bigger than a few years ago, though, as the spot beams have been getting more direct and smaller.

Seems like one of those fake news items that keep cropping up all over the place.

Thread: sky tv

18 Jan 2017 10:12:

And snowing, quite heavily, here in Quesada. Must take pictures.




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