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21 Feb 2017 23:17:

You mean like the 1999 act that removed hereditary peers (except for 92 that the other Lords voted to stay)?
The papers at the time reported it as:
6 November 1999: The names of hereditary peers who will remain – for a while – in the reformed House of Lords is read out. 800 years of history ends in seven minutes.

Or go back to the Reform Act of 1832. Up until then, a parliamentarian represented a borough which could consist of just a few landowners to vote the MP in. It also stopped one person representing more than one borough (the Duke of Norfolk at the time represented 11 boroughs).

Or the Reform Act of 1867 which allowed landowners and those who paid more than £10 a year in rent to be able to vote (doubling the number of voters from 1 million to 2 million).

Or the reform Act of 1884 which gave rural dwellers the same voting rights at city dwellers.

Or even 1918 which gave the vote to non-home owners and set a number for those who could sit in parliament.

I'll think you'll find there have been quite a few major changes have been made since Cromwell's day. Unless you want to go back to a time of a dictator whose sole reason for reform was in name of God as a Puritan.

Thread: BREXIT

18 Feb 2017 15:53:


to save the driver getting out of the car at a tollbooth, isnt it easier for the passenger to wind their window down and pay the toll? just a thought...........

But anna8108 said

But I won't be able to go with him. Is it possible to pay the motorway tolls in a British car? He's worried he won't physically be able to collect ticket/ pay the machine in a right hand drive car on his own!! 

So, if you have no passenger............

Thread: Driving to Spain and paying tolls!

15 Feb 2017 21:55:

In a previous lifetime, I made friends with a Sgt (E6) in ASA which is was the US Army NSA branch back in the 70s. A more right wing guy you couldn't meet but even he has been telling me (by email from Nebraska) how up in arms he is about the things Trump is doing. The de-regulation of the finance services is his main point but the sucking up to Putin and casting doubt on NATO is way up there.

Sounds like fun and games in the old US of A at the moment. 


Thread: Donald Trump immigration ban

15 Feb 2017 21:08:

There are 5,309,580 working age benefit claimants in the UK (as of 2015). Of those, 4,914,160 are from UK, 264,430 from countries outside the EU and 130,990 from EU countries. 

There are 3,989,100 home grown UK claimants of family tax credits. 413,500 non-EU claimants and 302,300 EU claimants.

Using words like "uncontrolled" migration seems to imply that those from the EU are the worst offenders.

A small proportion of these benefits would be saved if the repatriation of EU migrants were to be enforced. Benefits for UK born is 92% of the total welfare budget, 5% of non-EU citizens and just 2.5% (those figures from 2014).

Jusr imagine if they rounded up all the Brits in Spain who were living on the black economy, living in Spain but not telling UK so they still claim pension credits and WFA by giving a son or daughter address in UK. 

People getting all frothed up about things and the amount of housing, NHS access, benefits and welfare paid to those from both the UK and outside the EU are not going to change on Brexit. 

DWP figures, by the way. 

Thread: BREXIT

15 Feb 2017 19:52:

So, according to you then, ads, if a Brit goes and works in Poland and then gets laid off, he should be able to collect the same amount in benefits as someone in UK does? Or does it only work the other way round? Surely the cost of living in each of these countries needs to be taken into account on what benefits people should get. Or should we allow someone looking for work to starve whilst he gets a few zlotys a week but being expected to pay UK rents?


Thread: BREXIT


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