looking for the low down on PEINSA please

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19 Feb 2007 00:00 by maur/ger Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Hi there

I've been reading through lots of your letters, and its great that no matter what question is thrown out,

somebody will have an answer.   Well i've been a bit worried about peinsa and the fact that without a

by your leave they can up and CHANGE THINGS ON A WHIM, Has anybody seen anything, or anywhere

they have been building,? if so  what are there standards and quality like ? do i need to start worrying yet?

Do they think we British are pushovers,  

Hoping some kind person can put my mind at rest, i'll look forward to some optomistic views thanks

                              regards maureen & Ger

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21 Feb 2007 16:58 by lapalma Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

¿What is it specifically that troubles you?

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22 Feb 2007 10:54 by COLE Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

We purchased a house from Peinsa at Playa Paraiso near La Manga some four years ago. Everything went well & the snagging list which was only a few items was dealt with promptly.  In the years since we have had some roof problems during heavy weather but the builders did return & put things right.  Some of the neighbours have had other problems but these have eventually been corrected albeit in typical spanish time frames! We do at present have a complaint against the developer about the surrounding area as we were told that no more high rise properties would be built & yet some have now been allocated & also the local services that we were promised such as shops & recreational areas have not materialised.  I don't know how typical this sort of thing is but we have a local action group which definitely seems to be helping to prove us Brits are not pushovers.


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05 Nov 2008 10:25 by Markos Star rating. 18 posts Send private message

Hi all,

it has been brought to my attention that Peinsa has applied for voluntary liquidation today!

Please PM me if you require further details on what must be done now and the repercussions.

Kind regards,


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12 Nov 2008 06:34 by pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 234 posts Send private message

pilgrim´s avatar

We have a duplex in Santiago de la Ribera, as a permanent home, bought through Peinsa some four years ago.

We rented an apartment locally for a year to keep a eye on the building progression, bearing in mind the location was just a field!

While it was a constant almost daily journey to the site office to ensure that our wishes were adhered to (we only bought the shell) generally speaking, the standard of build was acceptable, although the Spanish equivalent of the English "clerk of the works" often left a lot to be desired in his responses to our questions re. the house and the Manzana!

We found that mostly, we were told what we wanted to hear but the reality was sometimes a little different.

We most certainly were at an advantage in the fact that my wife´s first language is Spanish, albeit Latin American, so what could have been frustrations became reasonable discussions, with me hanging on every word, waiting patiently for a translation.

So, all in all, I would say Peinsa are no worse and certainly, in our experience maybe a little better than some.

This may of course be academic in light of the blog re. Peinsa´s possible demise??



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12 Nov 2008 14:04 by Markos Star rating. 18 posts Send private message

Hi all,

I work for a Law Firm who is representing clients in lawsuits against PEINSA and our Barrister had informed us of this fact.

After speaking to the Barrister for an update last week, he informed me that the Judge dealing with the "Voluntary Liquidation" of PEINSA has rejected the application by them due to not having sufficient debts to grant it.

Please PM me for advice and reprecussions.

Kind regards,


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17 Dec 2008 22:18 by Jewel Star rating. 33 posts Send private message

Any update on Peinsa? 

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07 Nov 2009 20:56 by cemoore Star rating. 1 posts Send private message


Hi, My name is Elaine.
I have had so much trouble with this company it is now affecting my health.
It has always been my dream to own a property in Spain,  In 2007 I gathered up all my saving and went to Spain to look for a property, after a long search,  I stumbled across some beautiful apartments in San Juan De Los Terreros in Costa de Almeria. Advertised in Positiva estate agents for 144,000 euros.
I was informed that the apartment had not yet been built, so we would have to buy off plan. The apartment would be ready to move in on March 2009. I was introduced to Victor at Martinez-Abarca & Munoz Solicitors;
So I paid 3000 Euros retainer to secure the property. Then 02/08 15,408 euros (The bank guarantee never came for that transaction). 05/08 15,408, 07/08 15.408 (these two payment were held in the solicitors account).
At the end of 2008 I received an email saying that the apartments would not be ready in March and they gave a date sometime 2010. This was totally unacceptable to me, and I started to worry.  So I did a little research and found out that Peinsa the property developer for my apartment, made an application for voluntary liquidation that the courts refused in October 2008.  At this point my head was spinning, so I got back in touch with the estate agents and solicitors and informed them that I didn’t want to go ahead wanted my money back.
Sometime later Positiva emailed with an offer from Peinsa, instead of pulling out completely I take a 2 bed house worth 190,000 and they would waver the difference as way of compensation. This sounded to good to be true, well it was a week later they withdrew the offer.
We instructed our solicitor to retrieve the money back since then I have received the last 2 payments as the solicitor had them on hold in their account luckily. However I am still outstanding the 3000 and the first payment of 15,408, and 4000 in solicitor fee’s .
On the 23rd Oct 09 the solicitor sent an email to say that Peinsa has contacted the barrister to see if there was a possible way to reach a solution by giving us back our money without paying interest or legal fees. We agreed to this saying we would accept if they returned the monies within four weeks.   Now on the 6th Nov 09 the solicitor has emailed back to say Peinsa do not have the cash to pay us. The barrister is now looking for a freehold property to put an embargo on. 
On direct from developers website they are advertising the same apartments now for 190,000 euros.


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08 Nov 2009 16:02 by KP Star rating. 229 posts Send private message

Look for the developement forum on EOS  for Peinsa's site Calas Del Pinar.There is hundred's  of threads on what is going on and others in a similar situation. What exactly is Victor charging 4,000 euro's for? this is a he amount of money to say he hasn't done anything.


This message was last edited by KP on 08/11/2009.

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08 Nov 2009 20:35 by miguelcarr Star rating. 206 posts Send private message

miguelcarr´s avatar

Hi Elaine


Calas Del Pinar, in the Perfect Village of San Juan De Los Terreros is going to be a fantastic place to live. By next Easter it will be fantastic, I do not normally come on the open site (to many idiots) but KP is right 4000 Euros for your solicitor I think I would take him to court rather than Peinsa.


Mick & Pam  

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10 Nov 2009 12:32 by di55pink Star rating. 50 posts Send private message

Hi Elaine

I agree 4,000 euros seems alot especially as I feel he should have made sure a bank guarantee was in place before the deposit was handed over.

We had similar problems with Peinsa & Victor which sadly caused us to change our solicitor & pull out.

I agree it is a lovely area & I don't understand Peinsa's stubborn attitude.I am sure it leads to them losing sales.

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30 Jan 2012 15:08 by CAROLALANDA Star rating. 2 posts Send private message


which should be good news! however they have now appealed the courts verdict! and it has to go to the high court in murcia! However im very worried at the reports that peinsa has gone bankrupt, my lawyer is demanding more money to take to the higher court, but what would the point of this is peinsa has gone bankrupt?

please if anyone could help i would be so grateful!

thanks in advance!

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30 Jan 2012 15:14 by Keith110 Star rating in the UK and I am lead.... 682 posts Send private message

Did you file a Lawsuit just against Peinsa?

Or was it a Lawsuit against Peinsa and the Bank that accepted your off-plan deposit?

See the following thread for more info on this type of situation:


Kind regards



LEY 57/1968



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30 Jan 2012 15:18 by CAROLALANDA Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

im pretty sure it was just against peinsa??

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06 Feb 2012 16:04 by mojito Star rating in Cupar Fife / San Jua.... 265 posts Send private message

We heard similar stories that Peinsa were going bankrupt in 2008 and this speedened our resolve to complete the purchase of our house in Calas Del Pinar.  We love the development and the area and found no problems with snagging etc.  On the contrary, the tradesmen are regularly around to make sure everything is just so.  The quality of the finishings are superb and in traditional Spanish "olde worlde" style.  You'll see from our forum that we have quite a strong, friendly community building up now.

Victor Martinez on the other hand was working on behalf of our mortgage company and left it until the day before our moving in day  to tell us he was on honeymoon and could not be at the notary.  He had only made the appointment the week before.  Organised or what?

Good luck with Victor and sorry to hear you had problems with Peinsa.  Wish we had been offered a 2 bed house for the price of an apartment. We would have bitten their hand off.


Jo and Jim

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13 Jun 2015 18:08 by seafront Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Anyone requiring assistance can contact grupo platinum estates, a local agent in san juan de los terreros. 0034 950466112

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