car hire at Alicante airport FULL /FULL

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26 Sep 2008 12:00 AM by debbie 1964 Star rating in Stoke-on-Trent Staff.... 63 posts Send private message

Try Econorent  www.hirecarspain  for the cheapest car hire. Just booked them for Aug 09  £401  fof 31 days full/full . Good price or what? No cancellation fee and no deposit, you pay when you pick it up.


Debbie & Nigel W

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02 Oct 2008 5:50 PM by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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Hi Debbie

Many of us EOSers always book Econorent through www.hirecarspain

Excellent service. Wouldn't use anyone else. 

They operate out of Murcia & Alicante only though. (Full/full at both).









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02 Oct 2008 6:37 PM by barbarah Star rating in Surrey and Alicante. 15 posts Send private message

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Can't say that's any cheaper than anywhere else.  We booked for August next year and it was only 350 for the whole month.

Happily living in Spain

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02 Oct 2008 6:53 PM by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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Perhaps it would be helpful if members say what group they booked as the price differs, obviously. 
Depends when you booked too & at which airport. 
We used to check with doyouspain, carjet & hirecarsinspain & there's pretty much no difference between carjet & doyouspain, with it cheaper with Econorent. 
Up to us all to check & make our own minds up really.

At least with Econorent you don't have to fight for the full/full, it's guaranteed.









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07 Oct 2008 11:38 PM by debbie 1964 Star rating in Stoke-on-Trent Staff.... 63 posts Send private message

Hi All

We have booked a Berlingo ( group C1 ) dont know if that helps any,I am happy with the price for the month anyway and as you say we are 
guaranteed full / full.

Debbie & Nigel W

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13 Oct 2008 3:53 PM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

I've just returned from Spain and I've written to HirecarsinSpain as I was really impressed with the service I received from my recent car hire with Econorent.

The young man who dealt with my booking was very professional and the paperwork was soon dealt with.  Whilst I loaded up the boot with our cases he went to get the ticket to get us out of the car park.  From arrival at the van to leaving the car park took less than five minutes.

I was given a Corsa TDI and it cost around 32e for half tank to fill it up on my return.  Dread to think how much the other companies would have charged for a full tank!

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13 Oct 2008 4:17 PM by la-calma Star rating in Wiltshire, Playa Fl.... 13 posts Send private message

Just returned from an 8 day break.  Auriga-Crown charged 135 Euro for a Clio at Alicante but gave us a Seat Leon, with a prepayed full tank but will refund the fuel cost if you fill up before returning.  Others had the same deal both in the arrivals hall office and in the car park.  There wasn't any mention of this when booking.

Just seen my statement, the fuel money was back on my card the same day as I returned the car to the airport.  Very Good service.


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09 May 2009 3:42 PM by donapepa Star rating in Durham and Quesada (.... 16 posts Send private message

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Hi guys

we too have used Auiga and got the same deal, pay for full tank and then got a refund.

Just been on their website and it quotes :

Tank of fuel
- For rentals up to 3 days there will be a charge for the full tank of fuel, which will be refundable at the end of the hire if the tank is returned full.

- If the rental is for 4 days or more, there will be a charge for the full tank of fuel, which must be returned as empty as possible. No refunds will be made for unused fuel.

- Fuel will have to be paid at the beginning of the rental period.

- The amount for fuel depends on the model of the vehicle and ranges between € 40 and € 85.

Has anyone used them this year ? advertise full/full option but when i try to book, my order is placed with Goldcar who again do not do the full/full option.

Many of the UK agents advertise the option but when you get to the details of the supplier its not the case. I only use the car to commute to and from airport but need in case of an emergency, i normally fill up with between 5 and 10 euros, i do this 6 times each year and to buy a full tank every time is not an option.

Anyone know how to book direct with Econorent ?



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09 May 2009 5:00 PM by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2602 posts Send private message

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Where are you flying into? Econorent only do full/ full at Murcia and Alicante. I believe HCiS have also just negotiated a deal with someone for half/ half at Malaga airport, but can't think who it was.


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09 May 2009 5:27 PM by FibbyUK Star rating in UK, Surrey & Playa F.... 2349 posts Send private message

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Hi donapepa

 You will only get full/full with Econorent if you book via hirecarsinspain.

If you book direct via Econorent's website you will get full/emprty and to pay for the a full tank on collection.

This is because, hire cars in spain was set up by some Belguim property owners who wanted to always have the full/full option.

They got a deal with Econorent to do this, that's why when you book via their website, you get Econorent.

But as Marksfish said, this policy only operates out of Alicante or Murcia airports.

If you book vie hirecarsinspain at any other airport, it will direct you to any of the operators that have a car available.

I hope this helps



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09 May 2009 6:05 PM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

I booked a flight out at end of May last week and when I went to book Econorent as usual I found that they were fully booked.

I tried Carjet and clicked on the Budget prompt.  I have got another firm who operate out of the car park and they offer 1/2 tank of fuel.  I'm only out for 10 days this time so probably will not even use 1/2 a tank but it's definately cheaper that paying for a full tank.

Now that Easyjet fly into terminal 2 at Alicante I prefer to use the hire firms who operate out of the car park also the price was very reasonable.

Will write a report on my return.

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23 Jun 2009 10:00 PM by peteranne Star rating in York & Los Montesino.... 111 posts Send private message

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Re: Econorent

We have just returned recently from the Costa Blanca and for the first time used Econorent car hire from Alicante airport.
We proceeded to the van which they work from, with the map supplied, someone waiting for us, he filled in the forms I paid with for the hire with the additional 2 euros per day (max of 30 euros per trip) insurance on a full /full hire, he went to pay for the exit car part ticket, we were off in about 10 minutes. Beats the queues inside at the desks.
On returning the car, parked near the van and popped the car park ticket and keys in the letter box of the van as instucted.
Great service and have already booked for October, would certainly recommend them and cheaper than our previous rentals through carjet.


Peter & Anne   -


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23 Jun 2009 10:20 PM by tonynault Star rating in Stockport & Cox!. 88 posts Send private message

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We've just returned from completing on our property in Cox! We used the cartrawler web-site and were ok with the price of 101euros when we booked in the UK.

When we got to Alicante we went to the CENTAURO desk and they said there weas a 300euro deposit and 45euro fuel charge, but we could return the car empty.

When we got home we found that they had charged our credit card in Sterling!(£304) When they returned the 300euro deposit however they returned it in euros!! So a car that was quoted at £87+fuel actually cost £139inc fuel.

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23 Jun 2009 10:46 PM by Goldie Star rating. 154 posts Send private message

Hi Peteranne

Could you please tell me what econorent cars are like and payment terms.


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23 Jun 2009 11:03 PM by peteranne Star rating in York & Los Montesino.... 111 posts Send private message

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Hi Goldie

We booked a group C car which was a small 5 door car, we were given a VW Polo diesel, the car was clean and fairly new about 5000 km on the clock.

We booked through with no deposit required, we paid on pickup at the airport by credit card.




This message was last edited by peteranne on 23/06/2009.


Peter & Anne   -


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23 Jun 2009 11:20 PM by bobaol Star rating. 2253 posts Send private message

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Econorent are brill!  I have used them many times and never had a problem.  However, if you are looking to book for this summer they have no cars available.  (See other threads).


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24 Jun 2009 11:12 AM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

Here's my feedback for Carjet Basics.

Picked up the car from Dickmans, I had to pay for 1/2 tank of petrol 32 euros.  They operate the same as Econorent whilst your loading the car they pay the car park fee.  When he returned I pointed out the marks I'd found on the car expecting him to mark my car hire document.  He said marks where normal on hire cars, he probably thought I was complaining rather than protecting myself from future claims on my return.  Unfortunately I received a key without a zapper for opening the doors which as a female travelling alone I hate, also once I'd left the car park I found that the radio/cd didn't work. 

On my return I found that they had left a pen by the post box, very handy for writing in the car park space on the parking ticket.

Econorent is still my first choice for rentals but I'd try Dickmans again as long as they still had the 1/2 tank of fuel offer.

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25 Jun 2009 1:15 PM by the toffees Star rating. 35 posts Send private message



I've never heard of 'Dickmans', what is their web-site please?

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25 Jun 2009 1:46 PM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

I didn't book throught Dickmans direct, I used Carjet and logged onto the Basics option.  I googled Dickmans to see if they had a website and it looks like they are mainly come up when you book through an agent.

Have a look at the various threads that are listed, perhaps a direct website will come up.  Someone mentions that they managed to get a car through them when they were let down by other rental companies.  May be different now with the current shortage in available cars.

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