Car depreciation costs / Easiest make to repair.

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25 Sep 2008 12:00 AM by davethetaller Star rating. 28 posts Send private message

Hello from a new member!

In the UK, a small hatchback would be worth about half its original price, at 3 years old.

I realise that in Spain, it is a very different market, that used cars are worth more,and discounts more hard to get on new ones.

As we now have a new holiday place near Murcia, it may pay to buy a car,  rather than rent.

I think that I would rather buy from a dealer, as I have read that debts or speeding fines,  can be unknowingly acquired !

So there we have it, can anyone recommend a dealer that is good value, give me an opinion on which cars are the easiest to repair in Spain, which are the most reliable (Japanese)?, and generally where to get the best package.

Almost forgot, are the ex rental cars worth buying, I expect that they are regularly serviced, and where do they hide out?

Any part answers to the above will be welcomed.....Thanks .

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25 Sep 2008 10:58 PM by ayrez Star rating in La Marina Oasis. 379 posts Send private message

Not sure where you are in Murcia but in Cartagena most of the main dealers are along one stretch of road near Eroski. Most Spanish towns seem to have all the dealers together. Much better than have to travel from one dealer to the next in England. 

Cannot tell you about repairs etc as I never get involved. I do know from hearing others speak that spare parts are much more expensive here so OH brings filters and other bits back from UK. He still has contact in car spares back in Sheffield, luckily. I would expect reliability to be about the same as UK versions as there is not really much difference.

We looked at ex rental when we wanted to change our Focus but decided to go for new as prices were not so much cheaper considering the treatment they could have had. Also some guarantees were not very long. Having said that if you are near Camposol then F & C Car Hire sell their ex hire cars and usually have some advertised in the window and also on the website I believe.

To put it cash terms when we bought (from new) our Fiesta Ghia diesel my OH said we had saved about 4000 sterling against the UK price. I had to make do with a second hand Twingo! Both bought 2.5 yrs ago and no problems with either apart fom mice nesting in the engines.

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25 Sep 2008 11:28 PM by davethetaller Star rating. 28 posts Send private message

Hi Jean,

Many thanks for your lengthy reply.

Some good info there, I did not know that the used car lots are usually together in towns.

I was really surprised to read that you got a big discount on the new car, was it perhaps a discontinued model,..... that may be the sort of deal that I could do with.  Do Spanish new cars have a 3 year guarantee, like the UK ones?

So he got a new Ghia, and you got a second hand chocolate bar and some mice....Doesn't seem fair.

Thanks again.... David.

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26 Sep 2008 8:57 PM by ayrez Star rating in La Marina Oasis. 379 posts Send private message

Hi Dave,

No the fiesta wasn´t a discontinued model. it was the (then) fairly new style with the sticky out headlight s ( really techy description ) and radio etc operated by voice control and bluetooth. Got a good deal ´cos my OH loves to haggle. Drives me to distraction as it takes for ever but needs must.  Even with my Twingo he got price reduced and a new radio/CD player. 
They will also do all the paperwork for you.

Fiesta had 2 yr warranty but could have extended  if we wanted.  Think it was a 6mth warranty on mine. As always i got short straw. I just spoil that man far too much.


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