Anyone know about property prices in El Galan, Villamartin?

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24 Sep 2008 12:00 AM by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Hi all!

Just looking for info here.  A friend of ours has been looking at property in El Galan, Villamartin and has, stc, agreed a price of 120,000 Euros for a three bed townhouse, with private pool (taking up whole of back garden by looks of it) in El Galan.

From what I can see (totally from research on the net), it looks to be a good price, but then I don't know the area at all, so just wondered if anybody could advise?  Please??? 

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24 Sep 2008 7:58 PM by bobaol Star rating. 2255 posts Send private message

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It's a good price.  Same type of properties are being advertised about 150,000 plus in that area judging from adverts in local estate agents.  And that's without private pool.
Be careful, though.  A lot of the property in that area were built by TU (search the forum for the company) and, depending on which part of El Galan (Blue Hills, Blue Lagoon, Bosque de las Lomas etc) have had a lot of problems.  One area was given planning permission for 80 house and they built 120.  At least three of the communities have had problems receiving deeds after 6 years (me included, thankfully sorted) because the builders still owe mortgages on the land which they haven't paid.  Some parts are not yet on mains water or electricity supply (Yes, even after 6 years) and suffer cut offs due to unpaid bills by TU.
This is a very good area, lots of bars, restaurants etc and in good proximity to lovely beaches and schools if needed.  Not far from Torrevieja or San Pedro with great golf courses in the area as well.  Only 20 minutes from Murcia airport and 40 minutes from Alicante airport with the motorway (AP7) very easy to reach giving great access to roads to Elche, Orihuela, Murcia and even Madrid.
Pubs are good, can highly recommend a couple of the restaurants in the area (2 chinese, 2 indian, several international and a couple of Spanish plus fish and chip shops if that floats your boat.  Mercadona supermarket very close along with several other smaller shops.  Crime rates are very low compared with Villamartin just a k or 2 away (heard of some but never experienced it myself, lots of permanent residents in the area)
Just make sure you get a good solicitor to check out the paperwork on the house.  Also advise that a 20 or 25% mortgage is taken out even if they can afford the full price in cash.  That way, the bank gets involved and won't part with cash until all paperwork has been thoroughly checked,
About a year ago, that 120,000 wouldn't have bought a 2 bed flat in the same area.
Best of luck.

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24 Sep 2008 8:09 PM by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Many thanks for that, Bob!

Will pass info on and check out exactly where it is.  Am searching "TU" right now!

This property is being sold furnished (if required).  Would you think that indicates that everything might be okay, as someone has, in fact, been residing there, and that licences, etc., might all be in place?  Just asking, but I know that he has to get his own independent lawyer to check everything out.

Again, thanks!

Edited to say:  Just did a search for "TU" and I think every post that had a capital T came up!!!  What exactly does TU stand for?  Anything else I can search for?  Thanks!!!!

This message was last edited by Pitby on 9/24/2008.

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24 Sep 2008 8:22 PM by bobaol Star rating. 2255 posts Send private message

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Technologia Urbanistica.  Also notorious on other sites plus Round Town News etc.
If it is not built by them then I can't see any problems.  Just a company to give a very wide berth too.
Area, IMHO, is excellent with lots of lovely people round and a great location. 

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24 Sep 2008 8:29 PM by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Thanks for that!  Will pass it all on!  And then expect to do a swap at some time next summer - their place for ours for a couple of weeks!!!

Muchas gracias!

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25 Sep 2008 6:57 AM by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

Blue Lagoon is finally going on to mains water supply but at a very high cost.  Can't remember the exact amount but it's thousandsno hundreds for each household and they are not impressed

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25 Sep 2008 10:58 PM by bobaol Star rating. 2255 posts Send private message

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Not quite right, Semi, but almost.  They have been on mains water but the company is garbage and has provided water which has been proved to be not suitable for drinking.  Eventually, Aguagest have taken over the supply of water but, and here's the crunch, they are charging the residents for the supply and the replacement of water pipes.  That means all the people in one part of Blue Lagoon (the top bit and not that bit under the arches) are being charged something like 700 euros just for the installation of water pipes which will provide drinkable water.  Bit of a disgrace really as it should surely be up to the local council (I think they come under San Miguel as opposed to Orihuela Costa like the rest of El Galan) to provide a clean water supply.  The previous company (name escapes me) are the ones who initially took the money for the supply of water to that area.  I reckon they should be forced to pay back the money they  took and pay Aguagest the  cost of providing a decent water supply.  I think that Bosque de Las Lomas 1 and 2 (apart from some flats which were built without proper planning permission) have been on mains water for some time and provided by Aguagest which have no problems at all.  BDL3 are still in the unfortunate position of being supplied by TU for water and electricity, hence the cutting off of supplies on a regular basis due to unpaid bills.  TU were also building at a place called Colina de los Lagos (it's on the road to Playa Flamenca from the AP7 motorway) but were forced to give up the land to pay off the mortgages they took out on the land at El Galan.  Colina de los Lagos now has several shells of buildings started which will never be completed even though TU (through Atlas) took deposits from people who have been fighting for ages to get their money back.  Some people were lucky (?) in that deposits were transferred to BDL3 properties also provided through Atlas and TU.
The real disgrace is that those people have been asked to pay Iberdrola (for electric) and Aguagest (for water) the amounts owing by TU before they will be transferred to mains supply.  As this includes permanent residences, businesses such as the Chinese restaurant and others, means those people who only go over for a week or so a year are being asked to share tens of thousands of euros between them before the companies will provide proper meters.  The council, in this case Orihuela Costa, will not provide LFO's or take over the official running of these areas until this is sorted or, nor will they pay off the arrears owed by TU.  Total, utter disgrace which has been taken up by several euro MPs responsible for the are.
However, most parts of El Galan are OK and being served by the utility companies with the correct meters installed.  Las Filipinas, Bosque de las Lomas 1&2 (less one street with flats), Blue Lagoon under the arches, Blue Hills and El Galan itself are all OK and have no problems. 
You can, however, imagine the distress that has been caused to many people in the area.  I have heard that court cases are pending against the builders and developers but this has been going over for over 6 years now.  A lot of people are moving out because of these problems (freezers being off for several days, water that causes rashes let alone the harm it is doing to health, false promises from suppliers, builders and councils for a start) and I, for one, can't blame them.  It is a real shame because the area is so nice but blighted by certain parts which are, literally, builders dumping grounds. If you search for posts by Fly380 on this site (and others) you will get a full history of the problems in this area (search for Colinas de Lago and Fly380).  Fly380 has been a great advocate for bringing these problems to the forefront and has organised petitions and meetings to the local council but I feel he has come to the opinion that he is banging his head against a brick wall and is extremely frustrated with the way the councils appear to be washing their hands of the whole business.
I bought there (BDL2)  back in 2002.  2 years ago I found out that I had no deeds to my property even though Atlas had told me (lied to me) that I was signing the deeds when I went before the notary.  I have finally got my deeds on the property as TU were forced by the courts to pay off the mortgages they paid on the land but it has taken many visits to the solicitors, many letters and extra money to do this.  This is why I advise anybody to take out a small mortgage on any property they buy (I was in the fortunate (?) position of being able to pay in full for my place there) as the banks will ensure all paperwork is correct before advancing money.  All those in my street who had a mortgage got their deeds straight away.  Those of us who paid cash have waited 6 years plus (and some still haven't got them despite the court orders) just to get the deeds. 
Don't be put off by all this, though, if you are thinking of buying in the area.  It really is a great place and is absolutely ideal for holiday visits.  Ample bars and restaurants, great access to anywhere, close to beaches and golf courses, lots of shops and lovely people around the area.  The residential committees have been let down by the developers with regards to landscaping etc but have done a great job in landscaping the swimming pool areas and public parks (which are still a bit scrubby but getting there).  I have every admiration and respect for those permanent residents there who have struggled but have made the area a lovely place to visit.
Anyhoo - as they say, always end on a joke - Ryanair provides a great service at cheap prices (just put the "extras" down to experience)!!!!

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