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One off fee to pay your own La Renta tax (210 Form)
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30 Sep 2011 2:00 PM:

 I bothered to make the post as this is now a new guideline

Before, travellers were allowed a greater quantity without question, on each trip

Now, that quantity has been halved and your previous and next date of travel will be taken into account, relevant to your personal consuption.

So it alters the goalposts dramatically and as it was not in the national newspapers, nor on the TV news, I thought it would be nice to draw travellers attention to it.

Thread: Duty Free changes when returning from EU to the UK

30 Sep 2011 1:47 PM:

 More what?!

Also, yes, the customs have always been able to stop you, but now, they are not jsu "allowing" the larger quantities into the UK without thorough questioning.

Thread: Duty Free changes when returning from EU to the UK

30 Sep 2011 12:00 AM:

 From 1st October 2011, Customs Officers can stop you in Customs and check the quantity of cigarettes & tobacco that you are bringing into the UK. The recommended guidlines have NOT changed, BUT, if you have more than 800 cigarettes, or more than 1Kilo of tobacco, questions will be asked and if Customs are not satisfied with your answers, they will be confiscated, or you will have to pay the duty.

They will also take into account how often you travel and when your next trip is planned. Here is the article from the website:


Thread: Duty Free changes when returning from EU to the UK

09 Dec 2010 2:44 PM:

 Just reading through this thread and was grateful for the advice to put foil behind the wall mounted panel heaters.

We found it extremely cold over the last Christmas visit and it was our first winter with these low energy heaters.

So I was a bit disappointed with the heat output.

I am going to give the foil a try this visit.

Thanks for the tip! 

Thread: Wall heaters

09 Dec 2010 2:32 PM:

 Hi Linda

You only need to print off one copy

Each 210 downloaded form has it's own unique bar code, you cannot fill in and print off more than one 210 form for extra copies.

There are enough "back" page copies. seven in all I think from memory, that print off, to enable the bank, tax office and yourself to have copies

So only print one copy!!!

Thread: Completing & Submitting Modelo 210


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