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12 Jul 2011 23:21:

Hi bringiton.

I can only speak for myself, but we (Me and swmbo) are in the same situation, the short answer is 'yes'  4 sets of forms in total for us.  The IBI bills will have a valor catastral for each of the 2 units.  But, we are making the assumption that we do not own 2 properties which would require (by law)  the services of a fiscal agent. 

I'm fairly confident that if I am wrong we'll hear fairly quickly. 


Thread: Is a Carpark space counted as a second property from la renta tax perspective?

09 Feb 2011 00:18:

@ fyfin

I'm surprised that nobody has replied yet.  I (we) have an apartment with a separate parking space having its own escrituria and Suma (local tax bill).  We have self-submitted 4 sets of tax forms ie 2 x 2  for the past few years and had no issues with the tax offices.  So my amateur advice, whether right or wrong, is save your money and do it yourself.   Complete and print the forms on-line, get the tax office to your apartment/villa etc and our bank, Bancaja, has in the past provided envelopes and sent the stamped and countersigned forms to the tax office for us. 

Thread: Completing & Submitting Modelo 210

14 Aug 2009 14:41:

Maybe the people who don't update the web site calendars are trying to fool the tax man.  If they show a year with full availability then they don't owe any tax on rental income. 


Thread: Trying to book a holiday rental online, not a good experience.

30 Oct 2008 11:11:

So the Tabacs don't sell the envelopes any more, that's why I got confused looks earlier this month.    
I'll come clean, I got most of my information from FibbyUKs tax guide (Thanks for the info) this saved us the 70Euro each our solicitor wanted to charge us.

Thread: wealth and income tax

29 Oct 2008 18:05:

Stickers and the envelopes for your tax forms can be obtained from the tax office in person. To find your nearest, at the aeat dot es website,  botom right hand corner, click on Direcciones y telefonos,  Delegaciones from the menu, click on the map and follow the trail to your local tax office.  There are other locations you can get them, I've been told that some town halls with a tax sub office can print them also.  If you don't speak much Spanish or a dialect of it, write down the translation of what you want and practice.  You will need proof of NIE plus your address for the stickers, again easier if it is written down perhaps on the prepared forms you will have with you.  Or, you may be able to get envelopes from the tabac shops and stickers from the aeat website, trusting to the postal system.  Sorry, I can't remember the links to order the sticky labels.

Thread: wealth and income tax


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