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15 Aug 2011 21:00:

 On a similar theme, my wife and I stayed in an apartment on Entre Narajos near Los Montesinos whilst looking for a property to buy. And almost everynight both of us had the most horrible nightmares!  aAnd every night we would close the door to the 2nd bedroom that we didn't use, and each morning it would be standing open! Now we are not the type of people who subscribe to "things that go bump etc" but it got to the stage that we dreaded bedtime because we would wake up shouting!

Thread: Poltergeist

15 Jul 2011 22:52:

 Cheers Mark, I'll give em a go. Not sure about the rats though!


Thread: HiFX to charge

15 Jul 2011 20:04:


Just to let those of you who are looking for a cheaper way to send over small amounts(less than £3k). I have just tried out  https://www.currencyfair.com/  Firstly i'd like to make it clear I have no connection to this company, just trying to avoid the charges that my usual brokers(HiFX) have seen fit to introduce!

The CurrencyFair model is like Betfair, in that instead of dealing with banks, brokers, you are in fact dealing with other people like you who are trying to get the best deal. You deposit funds into your CF account and when cleared you offer a deal at a rate selected by you! If you ask too much for your money you get no takers, however if you pitch it right your sterling is snapped up very quickly!

Now to tell you how I did. Just to try it out I deposited the smallest amount £100 on Tue. By Thur this had cleared and I offered it for exchange on the site and received a match at 1.13ish(the bank rate at the time was 1.14ish). Allowing for the 3euro transfer charge I sent the 110euro on to my Spanish account the same day Thur, the money arrived the next day!! So from paying in to arriving in Spain took just 4 days.

I know where I shall be going to transfer my money in future!


Thread: HiFX to charge

12 Jul 2011 14:57:

 Hello Mark,

Thanks for your input. Well I'm a client, where was my feedback form? Nobody from HiFX bothered to canvas my views! Oh thats right I don't transfer thousands of pounds at a time!! I'm just the little guy but someone who has put quite a few thousand though your company. At a time when money is tight I found HiFX to be a convenient method of sending enough to cover morgage payments, bills etc. I liked the online ease with which you could transfer.

As to being competitive a quick look at your rate to send £200 euros gives me 1.10ish(bank rate of 1.14ish when I checked, so 4 cents mark up!). Over at Travelex I get roughly the same rate but the charge is .99p! Sure it might take a little longer for it to get through but hey whats the rush. So you see I take your £9.00 charge to be, lets say excessive! But the real idea behind this charge as I see it is to get rid of people like me who don't send enough for your liking. So as I said to your lady on the phone I shall take my business elswhere!


Tony Naulty.

Thread: HiFX to charge

12 Jul 2011 00:00:

 Just had an e.mail from HiFX informing me that from 1st Aug 2011 there will be a £9 charge added to transfers below £3000!! This according to the girl I spoke to about it is what their "feedback" from customers told them we wanted??? "So let me get this straight" I said to her, we, the customers have asked to have a £9 charge levied? "Yes" was the reply!! YCNMIU!! 

I informed her I would be taking my business elsewhere!! Has anybody had any dealing with the new "Currency Fair"? I'm tempted but it looks a bit complex to me!

Thread: HiFX to charge


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