Problem with Endesa gas contract

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28 Jul 2021 3:52 PM by harry365 Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

I am trying to contract my gas supply with Endesa but am finding it impossible to make progress.  I filled in the online form on July 16, got an enquiry about my exact address a week ago to which I responded, and have since heard nothing.  Not a sausage.  No one at Endesa is responding to any of my messages.

Does anyone know the number for the Endesa customer support in English?  When I try the number on their website (900 906 848) there is no option for mutilingual support, despite their website saying they offer support in English and I'm getting nowhere with email.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


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28 Jul 2021 5:21 PM by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1196 posts Send private message

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Hello Harry

We are all here to help, but if you do not speak Spanish or intend to learn Spanish whilst living in Spain you are likely to struggle solving everyday problems. Perhaps consider using a translator who has the ability to problem solve.

Endesa website may say English, buses may have HP bake beans on the side of them, and both can be meaningless, it’s the way of the world.

Good luck

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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28 Jul 2021 9:47 PM by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK and Sucin.... 758 posts Send private message

Try this 

Customer Support

800 76 09 09

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28 Jul 2021 10:58 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1863 posts Send private message

Why not just use Google translate .

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29 Jul 2021 9:01 AM by harry365 Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

Hi guys...

Kavanagh - I can manage in Spanish (if only I can convince people to talk un poco mas despacio), but when it comes to explaining a complicated issue to do with setting up a gas contract, I think you're riight and I would still need an interpreter.

Jarvi - thanks for the number.  I have finally managed to get through to a help desk staff who spoke English and I think I managed to sort out my contract.  But you never know, so thanks again!

windtalker - I did leave lots of messages in Spanish with the aid of a dictionary and Google translate, but after talking to an actual person yesterday, I got the impression I was talking to some kind of bot at the other end - the guy I spoke to yesterday said that so far my online application had not been processed in any way!

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29 Jul 2021 12:02 PM by baz1946 Star rating. 2294 posts Send private message

If this helps you harry, some time ago for an unknown reason I was about 50 € overdue on a bill even though paid via direct debits, water or electric can't remember, went into the local office and got the run around, went to another office, same, went into the invoices bank, no luck their, went into my solicitors and asked them to speak to who ever and sort it out, did it straight away in moments, might help you to save stupidness which the Spanish seem to have the monopoly on.

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02 Aug 2021 1:32 PM by financer Star rating. 24 posts Send private message

good luck with Endesa, they have got to be the worst company to deal with in spain.

I used to try and get hold of the english speaking service, but they seem to only operate for about 2 hours one day a week. I only ever spoke to them once.

In the end I could only solve it by getting my cleaner who looked after the apartment to visit the local endesa shop/office to sort it face to face. 

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03 Aug 2021 9:35 AM by harry365 Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

Hi baz1946,

Getting the runaround seems to be the order of business in Spain -- I've lost count of the number of times their call centre staff give me a number to call instead of transferring the call themselves (or dealing with the problem internally). In Spain the customer does the running around and the supplier just sits around waiting for customers to do their work!


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03 Aug 2021 9:37 AM by harry365 Star rating. 9 posts Send private message

Hi financier,

Endesa hasn't covered itself with glory so far, but I did speak to one representative who was extremely helpful.


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