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16 Nov 2019 20:36 by suejat Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

I've been banking with Deutsche bank for many years, but now they have introduced a 20euro per quarter management charge on my account. It's only a little account that I use for ebay, amazon purchases etc. but always is well in credit. Anyone know of a decent cheaper account--- preferably in english speaking bank??   I'm in northern Catalonia


Thhank guys

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17 Nov 2019 11:32 by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 900 posts Send private message

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I doubt there is such a thing as a Spanish English speaking bank. It is probably the luck of the draw of what staff you engage with on the day and that can change on a daily basis. You are in Spain where Spanish is the national language.  There are now many translation aids available from a phrase book to voice translators on a mobile phone.

Do you really need a Spanish bank? Do you have a UK bank account that you could link up to paypal and use for ebay, Amazon etc.

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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17 Nov 2019 13:04 by suejat Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Thanks for your reply Kavanagh. I do understand that I live in Spain, and have done for more than 20 years. As a Spanish tax payer, I do need a Spanish bank, and yes, Deutsche bank, and Banco Sabadell pride themselves on their multilingual approach to banking. The English speaking bit is not actually the most important bit----- for me the free bit is the most important bit, but both these banks charge between 20, and 35 euros per quarter, and as my account has a turnover of only between 2, and 3 thousand euros per year, and never has a balance less than a thousand euros, I think it's a bit too much!!

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17 Nov 2019 13:35 by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK and Sucin.... 725 posts Send private message

Sabadell now offer a basic account for 36 euros a year. They dont advertise it but you will find it on their website. I am going to change my Sabadell account to this one next time I am in Spain as I too am paying 32 euros a quarter at present

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17 Nov 2019 13:50 by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 900 posts Send private message

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You have done well to receive so called ‘’free’’ banking for many years with Deutsche bank, but unfortunately in life most good things come to an end. Banks nowadays don’t make much profit from client account surplus funds, hence that is why it is difficult or impossible to now find free non charging bank accounts in Spain. We have in the past and still do get tempted by so called ‘’free’’ this and that offers on all sorts of products and services, but in truth they are mainly to just suck you in or have hidden clauses in the small print that you need binoculars to read.

Normally €20 a quarter would not be the worst deal in town, could you please explain how you live on between 2 and 3 thousand euro’s a year. I’ve just cut my wife’s housekeeping back to €38 per week and that includes all utility payments.

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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18 Nov 2019 14:55 by suejat Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Idon't live on 2-3 thousand a year. This is MY account--- for spending on non essentials.  We live from my husbands account- (also with Deutsche bank)---- which incidentally is free as long as he imports 600 euros per month, and uses his debit card several times each month. Sabadell do a very similar account, which also is free with similar conditions. 

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