Contracting for overseas employer as Autonomo

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16 Oct 2019 15:47 by theline Star rating. 83 posts Send private message


I have been given an offer, in principle, to work for an overseas company (also based within the EU) from Spain. However, they are unable (or more specifically, unwilling) to offer me the position as an employee, but on a contract basis.

So my question is, as this would be my sole source of income, is there be a "legal" way to achieve this arrangement as an autonomo (either as a regular Autonomo or a TRADE autonomo)?

The other option would be to set up a company here, but there's no way I want to go down that route just yet.

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20 Oct 2019 18:51 by windtalker Star rating. 1719 posts Send private message

It sounds like you have been offered a none job and when required a self employed contractor what you need to do is go and see a Spanish account...if it was me I would keep on looking for a  permanent job.. especially if you have rent or a mortgage and €250  N.I to pay at the end of every month..+ vat on every euro you make.


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21 Oct 2019 16:29 by Kavanagh Star rating in Oil Drum Lane Newcas.... 1009 posts Send private message

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There is nothing stopping you registering as autonomo in Spain providing you meet the criteria and accept all the rules and regulations that apply to that status. If you have been offered a contract as opposed to a normal employee employer arrangement, only you can decide if that contract is worth agreeing to. It may well be a case of what is on offer, what your skills and qualifications are, what financial rewards the contract offers, how long the contract is for, and how desperate or not you are.

There is enough in the world for everyone, but not enough for the greedy!

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