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21 Oct 2017 12:53 by TILLYX Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Can anyone point me in the direction of a webiste where I can find out when the Valor Catastral of the area I have a property in (Los Alcazares) was reviewed/re-assessed?

I need this information to complete Modelo 210.  We are in England at present so not able to go to Town Hall and afraid spanish very limited to attempt a phone call.

Grateful thanks for any information you can give.


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22 Oct 2017 11:34 by acer Star rating. 1365 posts Send private message


Johnzx - may have a reply for you, if you prefer the more demanding route.

But if you don't gt a better reply you might try Spanish Tax Forms (google job). I've used them for many years and they do the who job for £25 ish a year.  Including sending me the completed forms.  I then just have the task of taking the forms to the bank to arrange payment.  I can cope with that.

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22 Oct 2017 11:42 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

If you do not attract a reply here, from someone who lives in that municipality, a simple call to your town hall will give you the answer.


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22 Oct 2017 16:38 by TILLYX Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Thank you for your replies.  Acer:  I am a bit wary of anyone other than my solicitor doing this sort of thing for me.  Apparently anyone can set themselves up to do these forms and there is no comeback if it is wrong. In the end it is your responsibility that the correct tax is paid. The problem with asking my solicitor is she charges much more than the tax to be paid and that is why I decided to learn to do it myself.  it is a very simple calculation once you have all the correct information and the form, once you get used to it, is easy to fill in.

I have found a website which I think gives dates of revised Valor Catastral.  Portal de la Direccion General del Catastro > Ponencias de Valores (not allowed to give web address) - unless someone tells me it is not what I think it is?

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22 Oct 2017 18:15 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

Tillly. as you say it is pretty simple to complete the forms, especially now that there are instructions in English on-line.  

One does not actually sign the 210’s. 

I have been completing them for a number of years for a couple of properties my son owns.  I show on the forms, in the space for it, that I have completed the forms.  So I would assume if you had them done by someone (paid professional) that they would show they had done so.

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22 Oct 2017 18:53 by Steve C Star rating. 66 posts Send private message

How many times has this been covered and it always comes back to the same comment by the same poster that we all know


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22 Oct 2017 19:05 by acer Star rating. 1365 posts Send private message

TILLYX, with the greatest respect your trust in Spanish solicitors is misplaced.  Perhaps I've been unlucky but I've dealt with many over the years and whilst the current firm I use are reasonable, none of them come close to the standards expected in the UK. 

It is common practice in Spain for many in the firm giving advice not to be qualified.  Sometimes this can include the practice principal.  I only discovered this when I made a complaint to the Spanish Law Society a few years ago.  It transpired that only one person in the firm, a youngster, was legally allowed to call himself a solicitor. 

Perhaps you have identified one of the few exceptions.  But invariably you only discover any weakness of solicitors work several years after the event.  It pays to remain diligent and confirm everything in writing.

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22 Oct 2017 23:11 by neatrees Star rating in Vera Playa. 62 posts Send private message

Greetings All

My wife and I just completed our 210 and we did it online, which we have been doing this way for a couple of years now. We got a pesron (who is not a lawyer but does legal conveyancing) to do our first online tax form and then we just copied it, only changing the Valor Catastral percentage calculation amount as apropriate.

As for the VC amount, we get it from two sources. 1) It was on the IBI Urbana payment notification we got from our Spanish bank. 2) We email our Ayuntamiento and they email us back our IBI Urbana statement which shows our VC.



Regards Neil

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23 Oct 2017 10:21 by TILLYX Star rating. 6 posts Send private message

Acer, thank you for your disturbing reply. If what you say is correct then all the more reason to do your own Modelo 210, if you can.  It is one of the simpler forms to tackle.

Johnx, thank you for your reply. You are one of the most helpful people on this website and are always willing to give posters the benefit of your experience.

Steve C:  odd comment?  People come here for information and help all the time and what may seem 'the same comment' could be welcome new information to a recent or infrequent poster or viewer researching a topic,

Neatrees:  thanks also for your reply giving information on where to get Valor Catastral.  However this was not my problem.  I needed to find out when the VC had last been reviewed in my area and was having great difficulty in finding the information.  Since last year this is part of the criteria for doing the calculation for the Modelo 210.  Ie. x 1.1% if VC has been rewiewed in last 10 years, but x 2%, if not.  x 2% almost doubled the amount of tax to be paid so it was important to find out. 

My Spanish is not brilliant so was reticent to phone the Town Hall.  I also have a hearing problem which makes it doubly difficult.  I have been trying to find an email for our local Town Hall without success.  This may have solved the problem.  That will be my next quest!


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23 Oct 2017 11:00 by Steve C Star rating. 66 posts Send private message


no problem but not really an odd comment 

Yes people come on here for info and that is great however some just repeat repeat and repeat some things that are simply not relevant to the question and it happens everytime this subject is raised 


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23 Oct 2017 11:30 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4495 posts Send private message

Roberto´s avatar

If you have a recent IBI bill to hand, I would think it has on it somewhere the last year the valor catastral was revised (something like Año Ult.Rev. V.Catastral, for example)

Failing that, since the contact page for your ayuntamiento's website doesn't work (typical official Spanish website rubbish), maybe try contacting them through their Facebook page:



"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason"

Mark Twain




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23 Oct 2017 15:18 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5241 posts Send private message

Tadd   people come on here for info and that is great however some just repeat repeat and repeat some things that are simply not relevant to the question


Is this a case of pot and kettle ?

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23 Oct 2017 15:24 by Steve C Star rating. 66 posts Send private message


Yes people come on here for help but they don't need people's life story

Why do you call everyone Tadd

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