Renting a Car for 1.65 Cent a day....

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20 Oct 2017 10:59 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Hi Guys, I have a Car rented from doyouspain for 2 Weeks for €56.00 amazing price, they were trying to sell me there Insurance to cover the Axcess for €18.00 a Day a rip off. Now I have my own Axcess Insurance from a company called AIG which are really huge for €56 for the whole Year, Do You Spain blocked my Credit Card for €1200 that is the axcess so now if I have a tip or accident I must pay the first €1200 out of my card then when I go home I must claim the €1200 of my Axcess Insurance Company question is No1 the car company are loosing money on my car rental because €56 for 2 Weeks there is no profit there,and No2 will I be able to get back the claim from AIG......Have anyone out there done this or would you do this...............if everybody does what I am doing all the rental companys will go I right or wrong what I am doing

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21 Oct 2017 14:15 by Jarvi Star rating in Halifax UK and Sucin.... 755 posts Send private message

I too have an annual excess policy for car hires. The car hire company are not losing money on your deal. The way they will make a profit is the price you will pay for the full tank of fuel, which will be considerably more than if you filled it yourself. They also in some circumstances charge a fueling fee on top of your rental price. As you point out they charge a fortune to take out their insurance, and some people pay it, which subsidises the rest of us, and stops them going broke. With regard to claiming the excess back, I have not heard of anyone having problems getting their money back.

So to answer your final question, yes you are doing exactly the right things.

BTW - Your hire works out at 4 euros per day not 1.65cents


This message was last edited by Jarvi on 21/10/2017.

This message was last edited by Jarvi on 21/10/2017.

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21 Oct 2017 19:01 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Orihuela Costa, Spai.... 2417 posts Send private message

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I use the same system for UK and Spanish cars and luckily have never had to claim

There are  a couple of thengs not covered for examp;e, windscreens and tyres so check these carefully on collcetion as they weill charge well over the odds for replacements

Also try to get full to full fuel and not only do they overcharge for fuel but also an admin charge

Watch people like Dickmans as they don'r block the card but actually debit your card, not block the amount on the card, then it is a nightmare  to get a refund

Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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21 Oct 2017 21:29 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 182 posts Send private message

Thanks for your views in this matter.... so I am not the only one paying Axcess Insurance sounds that it is ok to do what I am doing.....

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21 Oct 2017 22:33 by David W Star rating. 199 posts Send private message

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I have used an excess policy for many years now 

I claimed for a windcreen a couple of years ago no problem

We had our bag stolen in Ibiza first week in Sept replacement car key paid for no problem

Then a week later dubious dent in the door on return for a hire in Prague again paid out no problem

My point is they do work but of course take all precautions on delivery 

Interestingly I returned a car to Dickmans today I hired through car hire Spain full/full and they have an arrangement that they only block the card, €46 for 11days !!

For information my excess policy is with Questor


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