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23 Oct 2017 10:21:

Acer, thank you for your disturbing reply. If what you say is correct then all the more reason to do your own Modelo 210, if you can.  It is one of the simpler forms to tackle.

Johnx, thank you for your reply. You are one of the most helpful people on this website and are always willing to give posters the benefit of your experience.

Steve C:  odd comment?  People come here for information and help all the time and what may seem 'the same comment' could be welcome new information to a recent or infrequent poster or viewer researching a topic,

Neatrees:  thanks also for your reply giving information on where to get Valor Catastral.  However this was not my problem.  I needed to find out when the VC had last been reviewed in my area and was having great difficulty in finding the information.  Since last year this is part of the criteria for doing the calculation for the Modelo 210.  Ie. x 1.1% if VC has been rewiewed in last 10 years, but x 2%, if not.  x 2% almost doubled the amount of tax to be paid so it was important to find out. 

My Spanish is not brilliant so was reticent to phone the Town Hall.  I also have a hearing problem which makes it doubly difficult.  I have been trying to find an email for our local Town Hall without success.  This may have solved the problem.  That will be my next quest!


Thread: Modelo 210

22 Oct 2017 16:38:

Thank you for your replies.  Acer:  I am a bit wary of anyone other than my solicitor doing this sort of thing for me.  Apparently anyone can set themselves up to do these forms and there is no comeback if it is wrong. In the end it is your responsibility that the correct tax is paid. The problem with asking my solicitor is she charges much more than the tax to be paid and that is why I decided to learn to do it myself.  it is a very simple calculation once you have all the correct information and the form, once you get used to it, is easy to fill in.

I have found a website which I think gives dates of revised Valor Catastral.  Portal de la Direccion General del Catastro > Ponencias de Valores (not allowed to give web address) - unless someone tells me it is not what I think it is?

Thread: Modelo 210

21 Oct 2017 12:53:

Can anyone point me in the direction of a webiste where I can find out when the Valor Catastral of the area I have a property in (Los Alcazares) was reviewed/re-assessed?

I need this information to complete Modelo 210.  We are in England at present so not able to go to Town Hall and afraid spanish very limited to attempt a phone call.

Grateful thanks for any information you can give.


Thread: Modelo 210

14 Oct 2017 14:20:

We have owned a property in Los Alcazares, Murcia since Dec, 2015.  We did own a property in Almeria before this which we had for 15 years and I prepared our Modelo 210 (non-resident tax) for several years for that property, but have run into a problem this year.  Upon looking at the internet to check calculations it seems that the goal posts have changed.

From AEAT:  Applicable percentage: Accruals up to 31 December 2014  • - Buildings whose property register value has been reviewed or changed with effect from 1 January 1994: 1.1%.  Other Buildings: 2%,

Accruals from 1 January 2015:  Buildings whose rateable value has been reviewed or changed and has come into effect within the tax period or within the ten previous.periods: 1.1%.  Other buildings: 2%,

It will make quite a difference on the amount of tax we pay and I am hoping someone can tell me how I can find out if the Los Alcazares area has had a review of ratable values (valor catastral) in the past 10 years so I know what percentage to apply?

We are in England at present so not able to go to Town Hall to ask.

Thread: Modelo 210 for Los Alcazares, Murcia

25 Oct 2014 15:28:

New member here and in need of help.  I know it is a little early for Modelo 210 for 2014, but have just looked at my IBI receipt for 2014 and horror of horrors it does not state the Catastral value on it.  I have been relying on this information from the receipt for the last 10 years so I can fill in my forms.  Is there any way I can find it out besides going to the Town Hall.  Is there a website somewhere?  We are non-resident and do not receive an invoice from the Town Hall only an e-receipt attached to our internet bank account.

Thread: Catastral value not shown on IBI receipt


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