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19 Feb 2021 09:25:

jackt - Can I just point out that Spanish bank accounts are designed for Spanish people and not for British immigrants to Spain therefore to the Spanish people they are not rip off. I 

At one point when I was an immigrant to the UK, I thought the British bank accounts were not good compared to the country I came from.

If you meet certain conditions for various Spanish bank accounts then you will find they do not inccur charges but most British immigrants in Spain do not meet these conditions. We did our research like you have done and found Openbank to offer us the most functionality & variety of options (eg. investment tool, discounts on purchases, competitions etc)

If you read the N26 account conditions you will find that you can't do much with the free account (eg. limited atm withdrawals per month), check the comparison function on the their website of what the various accounts they offer in order to see just how little you get.


Thread: Bank Charges

16 Feb 2021 09:23:

Hi nicbax

We have not transferred money directly from the UK to Openbank, we have always done it via Revolut as we get a better exchange rate and no fees. (below the value of €6000.00 per month)

I can only assume that post brexit there will be fees for transfers from UK direct to Spain.


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Thread: Bank Charges

13 Feb 2021 16:09:

There is a online only bank called OpenBank (part of Santander). I do all my banking via an app on my phone or via my laptop. There are no charges. 

You get one free debit card with the account which we haved used not only in Spain but without charge in the rest of the EU euro areas to make payments.

You can use Santander ATMs for cash withdrawals free of charge.

We are happy with the service we have received, even goit some issues sorted via whatsapp in english.



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Thread: Bank Charges

11 Jun 2019 14:43:

Hi acer, VPN would stop this but a simpler fix is to clear all your cookies after each visit to the airline's website. The inconito page is also an option.

What is happening is that these websites use a programme that through using cookies knows that you are continuely looking at a flight therefore it will start raising the price in order to emtionally "blackmail"/ coherece you into buying.


Thread: VPN

06 Jun 2019 20:49:

Hi Jinxy

The problem with VPN services is that UK TV service providers (espicially the BBC) soon notice that they have a lot of viewers all on the same IP address and then they block that IP address. Hence why you loose UK TV. You get it back when the VPN switches to a new IP address and then the circle repeats. The VPN only works if not too many subscribers watch UK TV at the same time and therefore it isn't picked up by transmission monitoring systems.

So you will probably have the same problem with other VPN services. It will be hit or miss.

Thread: VPN


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