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05 Jan 2017 10:11 by kifaru Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi all

I would appreciate some advice. I want to complete my own Modelo 210 as I'm fed up with being ripped off by my solicitor. He charges more to do it for me than the actual tax. I've managed to get all the info I require apart from one thing which I'm not too sure about.

If I'm not mistaken the tax is based on 1.1% of my catastral value/base imponable.

If there are two of us then this calculation is halved.

Can anyone confirm that this is correct.

I know that for 2015 the tax rate was 19.5% and for 2016 it was 19%, and I'm also aware that the tax (payable by end of each year) is for the previous year.

Thanks in anticipation for help/advice

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05 Jan 2017 10:26 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1757 posts Send private message

This has been discussed at great length many times on this forum

suggest you do a search on here

we seem to get the same question time and tiem again then hey presto the same people provide the exact same answer

If you are concerned about yoru solictyor then suggest you find another one and get a 2nd professional opinion. Or go to the local tax office yourself - many speak english

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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12 Jan 2017 11:03 by antonio1 Star rating in UK Chester. Spain, C.... 54 posts Send private message

I used

£29.50 for the property but if it is in joint names they do both for that price

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12 Jan 2017 11:46 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5185 posts Send private message


The form 210 for 2016 can be submitted any time during 2017  (1st Jan until 31st Dec) but you will need to know the catastral value for that year, so maybe you will need to wait intil you have paid the IBI for 2016.  It is shown on the payment form.

As you say very simple to complete the 210 which is done online and can either be paid online or downloaded and paid at your bank.   So, if your time is less valuable than the charges made by a gestor give it a go. 

However, be aware that if you are doing returns for than one owner for the same property (e.g. say husband and wife)  you need to reload the page and enter the info afresh,  as each completed form gets a unique bar code.

If you search EOS you will find many threads on this. 

You can also find any info you  may need here:-


But it takes a bit of searching as it is covers all aspects


Good luck



This message was last edited by johnzx on 12/01/2017.

This message was last edited by johnzx on 12/01/2017.

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