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02 Sep 2013 12:32 by elraso Star rating. 34 posts Send private message

Does anyone have the details regarding Prescriptions as from September2013, i have been told that you go to the local Farmacia and they dispense what you need.

 1). what information will they have regards your medication.

 2). How often will you have to return to the doctors, to update ,add somethings, take off others.


Anyone with info on this would very much appreciate their help

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02 Sep 2013 13:44 by scubamike Star rating in Murcia province . 221 posts Send private message

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I understand that not all areas will be subscribing to the new arrangements You do not state in your profile where you live

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02 Sep 2013 14:17 by Plantagenet Star rating in Jaen. 32 posts Send private message

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Here in Jaen my doctor takes my social security card (with a chip in it) and programmes one years supply of medication into it.  I then take it to the pharmacy whenever I need a renewal of medicine, they plug it in to the system and then dispense whatever I need, or am entitled to bearing in mind that I cannot have prescriptions if I have more than 10 days of a previous supply at home.

It works very well.

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02 Sep 2013 14:33 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message

Here in Jaen


That applies in Andalucía and I believe everywhere in Spain.


In Andalucía ( maybe elsewhere but not everywhere) the computer is linked  with one's tax returns , so it knows what percentage you must pay towards the cost of the medicines and what is your maximum charge per month.


In my case  my max is 10% and 10 euros total per month.

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02 Sep 2013 16:08 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

"That applies in Andalucía and I believe everywhere in Spain."

Not here in Lorca it doesn't . We've only had computers in the consultorios for barely 2 years. Chips in cards ? Now you are joking. just a sticker on ours with the phone number.


All repeat prescriptions are done by dropping off your card + what is wanted & picking up later. If you need a repeat when the normal doctor is on holiday then an appointment has to be made as thereceptonist is also on holiday at the same time.

The Farmácias  know who pays what but the surgeries are not linked to the farmácias.


Todos somos Lorca.

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02 Sep 2013 16:18 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message

I believe in the areas where it is not in operation one has to pay for prescriptions in full and then claim back the excess each year. 


Does anyone have to do that ?

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02 Sep 2013 16:21 by marcbernard Star rating in Marina Alta; Alicant.... 241 posts Send private message

The new system seems to be working well in Marina Alta (north costa blanca).

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02 Sep 2013 17:16 by bobaol Star rating. 2260 posts Send private message

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I think the original question was about having the rx for a year and not going to the doctors every month rather than paying for them. And I assume elraso is near Guardamar.
My wife was given a sheet of paper with the prescribed medication on it for the year. However, when we took it to the pharmacy we were told we still had to go to the doctors for a proper rx. She was given the normal 2 x 1 monthly rx at the doctors so this annual repeat thing hasn't come into effect around here (yet). She has to go to the GP once a year to get them reauthorised but the med centre every 2 months to get them printed.
The amount you have to pay (different topic) is printed on the prescription whether from the GP or from the hospital. Hers is 10% and mine is 40% (1 pensionista and 1 beneficiario). Maximum she pays in a month is €8 and if it goes over that there is no further charge at the pharmacy. No idea if there's a cap on mine as I've never used one (touch wood).

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02 Sep 2013 20:49 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

No you don't have to pay in full now or before. I pay , & always have done, 40%.

All long term medication prescribed here is for 3 month supply.

You have to remember that the " Health service " is not nationwide but regional & it would apper that they all have different policies.

I.E. Here in Murcia the health card is renewable every 4 years for evryone. Which is one of the reasons they've never had a major problem with "dead " people continuing to use cards , unlike Andalucia !


Todos somos Lorca.

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03 Sep 2013 08:09 by steone Star rating in Santiago de la Riber.... 391 posts Send private message

I also live in Murcia region. Here you see your doctor and they decide how long you will need each item on your script. As most of mine are permanent my doctor has marked on the computer about 4 years. I am given a paper which sets out the medicines and dosages which I hand into the receptionist every month and then collect the actual 'script next day. This goes to the farmacia who dispenses it. I should then keep one part of the script and also the till receipt and after about 6 months send them all into Murcia to reclaim any amount over the National €8.00 per month as I am a pensioner (if I can be bothered). My doctor will only allow 1 month at a time unlike some other posters who can get 2 months supply at a  time. I actually pay either 5% or 10% of the script price.

FYI if you are a resident here and have your EHIC issued by U.K. you can go to any E.U. country, except Spain, and see a G.P. there and get your medicine, so long as you have a copy of it. Be aware that in the U.K. some doctors will say you have to become a temporary resident to get the meds. This is not true. In fact you MUST NOT do it as if Spain hears that you are temporary a resident in another country they will strike you off the list and you will have to reapply which is a major headache. Also if a 'foreign' doctor has prescribed a certain medicine for you but the U.K. health service  do not give it you can and must insist that they give you a script for it. The U.K. doctor is not allowed to alter your medication and if they try, insist that they telephone Newcastle, not their NHS Trust for instructions.

Keep well


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03 Sep 2013 09:22 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message

Maybe this will clarify it for some:- 


Anyone with an income greater than €18,000 a year will have to pay half the cost of the medication. Those below this amount will pay up to 40 percent. Pensioners with an income of less than €18,000 who have made a tax declaration will pay 10 percent with a maximum payment of €8 per month. Pensioners with an income greater than €18,000 will pay a maximum of €18 per month.

If you have not made an annual resident tax declaration in Spain there will be no indication on the prescription of how much you must pay. Instead, blanket charges will be made of 40 percent for non-pensioners with low incomes and 10 percent for pensioners. However, it is important to note that no income information means no cap on your monthly contribution.

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03 Sep 2013 14:48 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1413 posts Send private message

I live in Murcia and pay income tax here; My cap for prescriptions is 8euros, but due to expensive medications the charge is usually 15-20 euros per month;it varies because not all prescriptions are monthly. I have heard that expats  have an automatic charge of 18 euros anyway, and if a couple make joint tax returns, if one is entitled to the 8 e cap and the other to the 18 e, they are both charged with an 18 e cap!

Methods of reclaiming the excess paid involve taking copies photocopies of prescriptions, receipts, the town hall. I haven't got around to it yet, as it sounds like a right pain, and I'm sure the authorities hope I don't. The whole system of reclaiming overpaid prescription charges is a mess;It's yet another thing that should be state ruled and not subjected to various inefficient methods by regional councils.

The method used in bobaol's neck of the woods sounds the most sensible so far.The tax office have our details so why not link up with the health authorities and pharmacies.It would be a good way of flushing out those not making tax returns in Spain, too!

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03 Sep 2013 17:03 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message


          I have a friend who has 4 injections a year. Each costs he says several hundred euros.  He pays max 8 p.m.

Maybe you declare an income in excess of 18,000 euros a year in which case your max is 18 pm  or it could be even more depending on your income over all.


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04 Sep 2013 13:58 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1413 posts Send private message

My cap is 8 euros as mentioned before, as my income is below 18,000. I pay income tax in Spain.The problem is, there is no communication between the pharmacy and Hacienda, as there appears to be where bobaol lives.The pharmacy has no idea of a person's  income.It seems that, to claim overpaid charges, there is a nightmare of bureaucracy to go through. If one region can work out a convenient system, why not all?

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04 Sep 2013 16:07 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

" It would be a good way of flushing out those not making tax returns in Spain, too!"

Some are not required to make a tax return. People who have made a 'nil' declaration & nothing has changed. People with no income, etc:


Todos somos Lorca.

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04 Sep 2013 16:14 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message

 Gus everyone tax resident in Spain, with even the smallest income,  is required to make a tax declaration unless they are employed by one employer and earning, I believe, no more than 22,000 pa.  Everyone else makes a return albeit may they do not have enough income to pay tax. This for sure includes all UK state pensioners.

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04 Sep 2013 16:50 by Pilgrim Star rating in Costa Calida. 234 posts Send private message

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Well, I live in the province of Murcia.

The arrangement I have is a typed listed, stamped by the doctor, which I deposit into a letterbox at the clinic once a month.

Two days later, I can collect the prescription forms, which used to be red but now are various colours, allegedly pending changes to the system. I take them to the pharmacy, who dispenses the products against the printed percentage amounts at the bottom of each form ( I am a taxpayer ). I then pay whatever is demanded. Certainly more than 8€. More like 14€ each month. Some of the medicines are not on the subsidised list anymore.

My income is less than 18,000€ a year but when I made inquiries about the procedures necessary to allegedly recover the funds paid, I decided that providing they can keep me alive, I will forfeit the application procedure. Far too time consuming.



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05 Sep 2013 16:13 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1413 posts Send private message

Pilgrim I am in the same position as you;I agree it's too time consuming and frustrating to reclaim money-that's exactly  the reaction they want!  must be making a fortune out of us. If other regions can find a system whereby the amount is capped according to your income why can't all?

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14 Feb 2018 16:51 by vivabehnam Star rating in belgrade. 1 posts Send private message

live in the province of Murcia

 It would  good way of flushing out those not making tax returns in this country

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