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19 Feb 2015 09:19:

While I am aware that many ex-pats return to the UK when they either become homesick or more importantly worried about third age help from the medical authorities here in Spain when they need it.

My wife and I decided, probably wrongly, to continue to enjoy our life in this beautiful country and worry about help later.

We felt, because we were fiscal permanent residents, that when the time came, things would work out. Wrong!!

Spanish people, enviably in some ways, have  very strong family ties. So illness and care, with the help of the medical people here, for whom I have the greatest admiration, work with the family as needed.

While we have some savings, we are not millionaires and it looks like the costs for a care home, if you can find one, I understand, are exhorbitant!

Does anyone by chance know of any facilities in the Murcia region, that cater for people with chronic illness, that does not charge the proverbial arm and a leg?

I would be grateful for any help or observations.

Thank you in advance. 


Thread: Elderly care?

29 Nov 2014 13:02:

Mickeyfinn, Chavez did almost nothing right. Yes he was democratically elected the first time but people became so disillusioned with him, after much cadjoling by the media, etc., he grudgingly agreed to a referendum.

I was there for my wife to cast her vote. I have never witnessed such collusion and corruption in both lines of people outside the voting booths and also those inside. It was a machine vote, with ex-President Carter supposedly overseeing the procedures. He turned out to be a rather insipid person, unfortunately. Complaints that "si" and "no" had been transposed in some machines fell on deaf ears!

It turned out that allegedly, Chavez had part ownership of the machines used for the referendum. It was resoundingly agreed that a total fraud had been committed.

But as someone on this forum has stated, it is almost impossible for the man in the street to question practices! 

Chavez was adored by the shanty town population. He gave them a T-shirt, a cap and some food, so they voted for him.

So you see, things are not always as they are reported. Worth thinking about!

Thread: The Future in Spain?

29 Nov 2014 08:15:

Mickeyfinn, the ideology you state sounds like a utopia!

Let me explain something, just in case people are not aware, Venezuela has a very strong tie with Spain. Briefly, when Spanish people found the grind of Franco too much to bear, many thousands emigrated to Venezuela. That country enjoyed a very good standard of living apart from the inevitable corruption.

Then this Hugo Chavez appeared that promised an end to all that corruption, with an open people-minded system that would suit everybody!! Hooray, they all said and for a couple of years all seemed OK. Then the Bolivarian Communist system started to bite! Chavez had as his mentor, none other that Fidel Castro and we all should know how that country is fairing? Now, with the country on its knees, thousands of Spaniards are coming back to Spain because the fabric of the country has broken down.

Look at the difference between east and west Berlin, when the wall was there. That may be a dramatic illustration but again, Communism and the devastating effect it has on people and possessions.

Mickeyfinn, would you care to state your feelings about that particular political order?



Thread: The Future in Spain?

28 Nov 2014 18:12:

Mickeyfinn, I could not agree with you more that Spain HAS to change and somehow get away from this endemic corruption that has created such a lousy state of affairs in Government, for year after year after year.

It is disgusting, that when confronted with their thievery, they always seem to adopt an arrogant attitude, as if to say, "How dare you make comment on my activities!!"

I note that you have made no comment on the fact that Iglesias has been funded by Chavez whose Communist regime has brought a beautiful country to its knees. I have lived there, so I know what I am talking about.

So, YES there has to be change but not from someone who has been trained in the wrong form of politics.

Whatever name it is given and there are many, Communism does not work for the people, only those that govern.


Thread: The Future in Spain?

28 Nov 2014 08:08:

I forgot to mention, probably the most important fact of all. Communism was the rule in Venezuela!!!

Thread: The Future in Spain?


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