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02 Jul 2021 10:39 PM:

Having just received my June bill, I have made a comparison between the new and old rates etc. I am with one of the offshoots of Iberdrola at 5.75kwh in the north Costa Blanca. I post this for information only.

In May I used 229 Kwh and was charged for power etc, €64.30 which is 0.280786 per Kwh

In June I used 202 Kwh and the charge is €57.35, which gives 0.283911 per Kwh (taxes included)

Usage was somewhat regardless of time of day, so attention to timing may be worth it,or not.


This message was last edited by marcbernard on 02/07/2021.

This message was last edited by marcbernard on 02/07/2021.
Thread: Comparison of new versus previous electricity rates

05 Feb 2021 6:37 PM:

Probably, but I know only 1 which offers freedom of charges or other restrictions, and that is BBVA on line account. Google it and take a view.

I am assuming you are a resident of Spain, else perhaps not suitable?

Thread: Bank Charges

20 Jan 2021 9:12 AM:


Looking at your recent posts, I have to say that the last time the interbank mid rate hit €1.15 was way back in early spring 2020, but you were merely making an example of course.

Thr problems with having payment of the state pension or other funds, directly into one's bank here on the day of issue is the lack of control of the rate used, although the DSS uses World Bank and the rate is very good, relative to others, at the time. I prefer to transfer at a rate of my choosing, and thus I keep a beady eye on the rate via XE.com. I have been using Currencies Direct for many years and find them invariably friendly and effecient. They also have two offices close to me, so could have face to face discusions if need be.

It would have been so much easier had the UK joined the Euro back in the day. We will have to wait for the rejoining, when we will not have the chance to demur. 

Thread: bank charge for money transfer

16 Jan 2021 9:58 PM:


Everything in your email is absoltely correct.

I have just written a firestorming email to BBVA customer services which explores the problem and seeking clarity, also giving warnings!

I will return to you if a get a reply from them.

Thread: bank charge for money transfer

16 Jan 2021 7:23 PM:


Hmm! That would annoy me intensly. The only moneys coming directly from UK is the DSS pension, so I may find out next Monday.

I use Currencies Direct for my main pension and they assure me that they have organised things within the 27 nations to avoid brexitisms. I may reorganise my DSS pension the same way, but the FX rate with DSS is the best!

Thread: bank charge for money transfer


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