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12 Feb 2017 12:13:


You are (again) incorrect. It is true that only 37% of the total electorate voted out. What is untrue is your assertion that "most people want out" How did you calculate that? I did not suggest that ALL those who didn't vote were remainers, although I would hazzard a quess that now that the reality of the process going ahead is so much worse, there is a fair tranche of buyers regrets . Read the post again! As for Farage, the quote was widely made on the media at the time when the initial view was against him. I was in front of the TV at the time.

Thread: BREXIT

12 Feb 2017 10:31:

Hugh-man (11 Feb) claims that "The majority of people in the UK want Brexit."

The total of those who voted Out was 37% of the total electorate. Where is your maths?

In any review of choices made on a wide basis one can determine that those who are rabid devotees (of any change suggested) turn out in their maximum. Those who are content with the status quo often sit on their hands and fail to record their view. From this it can be observed that had the "idle non-voters" bothered to turn out the result of the referendum very likely would  have been different.

The true failure of the wording of the call for the referendum was that no minima were set either for the total voters nor the majority required to be valid. Arrogance personified by Cameron (typically)

It was interesting in the extreme that Farrage claimed that a majority against him of the actual magnitude would not be acceptable; but of course he kept his mouth shut once he realised it  was in his favour.


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Thread: BREXIT

11 Jan 2017 17:07:

Without trying to make any funny remarks, is it not possible to get out of the car, go round the front to the left hand side and deal with whatever needs doing? OK so those behind him in the queue will not be pleased but so what?


Thread: Driving to Spain and paying tolls!

11 Oct 2016 21:33:

Oh well if it is in the Daily Fail it must be correct???????

Thread: BREXIT

22 Sep 2016 14:27:

Can anyone explain the disparity encountered when receiving a packet of printed papers from the USA? The packet is in a USPS "Flat Rate envelope"

We regularly have these items delivered and the packet has a customs declaration CN22 and the contents are always the same, weight 4lb value $50. Every now and again we are charged by the Correos around €20 customs duty. Other times not (for which I suppose we should be thankful!)


Thread: Customs duty


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