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09 Aug 2014 10:37 AM:

When you go to the town hall, I suggest you make a direct debit, that way it will be collected every year.   It is advisable to carry a copy of the payment receipt in the car.

Just thinking, if your bought the car at the end of the year, say December 1913, and the paperwork was put through in January 2014, then maybe you would have paid 2 years circulation tax.    Can’t think of any other reason that could happen.


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Thread: Road Tax

09 Aug 2014 10:31 AM:

When I complete the form I show the surname, followed by first names, i.e. all first names. BLOGGS Mary Anne

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26 Jul 2014 6:16 PM:

Jarvi   If Spain says Gibraltar belongs to them, who does Ceuta belong to?

And I believe the Canaries are about 200 miles off the coast of Morocco,  whereas the Falklands are about 350 off Argentina.  So maybe for those who say the Falklands should be handed to Argentina, mayvbe that woud apply to the Falklands too.

Thread: Spanish/Gib border control not illegal.

24 Jul 2014 1:28 PM:

You have lost me, must be some sort of male logic. 



Thread: Spanish/Gib border control not illegal.

24 Jul 2014 12:03 PM:

But you still don't welcome them to live in the Uk

What has that to do with the Gibraltarians and/or their right to decide their own future ?  

I am not British and I live in Spain  (where I pay my way).

Thread: Spanish/Gib border control not illegal.


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