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13 Mar 2020 8:34 PM:


I can not offer any specific advice however there are some things you need to be aware of:-

If you decide to draw the pension this is usually by way of an annuity. The way they calculate the amount you receive is basically based on two things, i) your age and ii) the interest rate at the time of buying the annuity. Therefore at your young age, 57 and female the life expectancy will be quite long and therefore the amount you recieve per month will be low PLUS with the recent drop in Bank rate it is certainly a very bad time to take the pension. As a rule, if possible, leave the fund within a pension fund as long as possible and use your other cash/investments to fund your everyday/annual income.

With regard to where to place your existing pension maybe SIPP can be considered so long as you are not tempted to take too much out too early. It is imperative to see an INDEPENDENT financial adviser and not one tied to a bank or insurance company. You also need to understand the tax implications of each and every option.

As a thought did you know that if you are a resident in the U.K. you can still invest, I believe, £3600 p.a. gross into a pension fund? This means that you only put in £2,800 but £3600 is invested for you.

Good luck

Thread: Pension Advice

16 Jan 2018 11:57 AM:

On the road from San Javier town to Murcia on the right hand side just past a petrol station and just before the camp site there is a motor spares shop. It is actually on a corner by the petrol station They are fairly helpful and sell good products

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19 Nov 2017 1:24 PM:

You are certainly not daydreamers. They are the ones who get on a plane and buy the 'first' property they see because it seems a bargain compared to UK prices. As posted before the best idea is to come over to rent for 6 to 12 months to get a feel for whichever area you decide on. Most posters on here will say that the area/region they live in is the best. Well it might be for them but not necessarily for you. I would suggest that you look at most of the Costas with the possible exception of the Costa Brava because of the policital problems at the moment.

When I came out many years ago I drew up a list of things that are important which include but are not limited to and in no particular order

Distance from airport

Established area so that there are medical facilities

Nearness to hospital

Local transport

Train station if needed

Distance to town etc.

Am I prepared to do up a place or must it be ready to walk into.

Is it easy to get around without a car (for when you get too old to drive)

And lots more.....you need to draw up your own list of priorities.

Other things to consider are do you really want to buy or just rent because of the different taxes here to the UK.

This research is endless.

You are correct that once you are away from the usual expat areas then it is imperative that you speak Spanish fluently.

Good luck in your hunting and keep us all informed

Thread: Are we just dreamers.....

12 Nov 2017 11:54 AM:

Just a question on the way monies are allocated here in Spain. As an example if one has not paid their water bill last month but then pays for the current month the water company allocates the money to the current month and leaves the previous month as overdue. Therefore although one is paying regulary (now) they still have a month outstanding and the service can be cut off. If we now look at the community charges for someone who is several years in arrears and they now pay something, does this get allocated to the overdue amount or does it get allocated to the current period? As stated above the 'normal' practice in Spain is to use the payment to cover latest debt and then work backwards. However in the U.K. the usual practice is to allocate the money to the oldest debt and work forwards. Anyone have a definitive answer?

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03 Nov 2017 3:24 PM:


I have just looked on the Ryanair site and for the flights you showed they are only asking for £25 each way for  a 20 kilo case.. Looks easier and probably cheaper than sending by snail-mail. Good luck

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