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26 Jan 2012 12:00 AM by El alamillo Star rating in Nottingham & El Alam.... 221 posts Send private message


Here we go again
Channel 4 is at it again. A Place in the sun. Not repeats of years past (unless you watch many of the satellite channels that do) and the so-called good times.
I think it is great to see how it was or is. Then to watch the end credits only to see that the programme was first shown in 2002/4.
Still without these programs there would be no sequels (Homes from Hell) where are the same presenters and producers? Who gave us the good times.
Buy Promoting properties on urbanizations. Will they be telling it as it is or in the eyes of the presenter.
Some of the Urbanizations mentioned are not without their problems.
A Lot of urbanizations built in the past 10 years are still very much an issue.
With lack of support by local Town Halls.
Also Construction companies who no longer exist. Or are in liquidation.
Many owned by Banks.
Are they going to put everything right? I think not!
I for one purchased my property off plan 10 years ago.
Happy with my all. You bet I am!!!
Perhaps one of the lucky ones.
I really feel for those that have spent there hard earned cash for a place in the Sun and still live on Urbanizations with builder’s supply of water and electric if you are lucky.
Empty swimming pools, No Golf coarse or no street lighting just to mention a few.
Please don’t think I am promoting doom and gloom. I want everyone’s dream of a place in the sun to come true.
Why should I be happy and hundreds not.
I think Spain is a great place. I hope to enjoy for many years to come. Then pass it on to my children to enjoy.
Viva Espania

Ready with my flack jacket on


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31 Jan 2012 12:50 PM by Eva2008 Star rating in Reading. 152 posts Send private message

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 I hate to say it but A Place In The Sun was one of the programs that got me into buying in Spain in 2003.

I cant believe that Channel 4 are still showing property programs from 6 or 7 years ago!

Other channels are doing the same with Homes Under the Hammer etc etc.


Whats sad is that I still watch the bloody programes just to see the sunshine!! (as I moved back to the UK)

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31 Jan 2012 7:32 PM by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4015 posts Send private message

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I blame "A Place in the Sun", "Living in the Sun" and all those glorified programs for everything .  Well, not quite everything but they certainly did play a massive factor in people rushing to buy in Spain and other countries.

I believe the "A Place in the Sun" magazine is still running, although I can't imagine it's anywhere near as popular as before.  Or am I totally wrong on this?



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